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356 Meeting

 Neo opened the gate and saw Tommy standing near the pillar. From the way Tommy dressed, he looked like a normal person compared with someone from the black street. Of course, that was only if they looked at his outer appearance.

"As I thought, you're the one coming, Tom," Neo smiled bitterly.

"Is that so?" Tommy shrugged. He knew that it was easy for them to guess given by the fact that they already knew his real identity. It was not like he tried to hide it again in front of them since he knew that it would be useless.

Neo sighed. "I was hoping that I can meet with other member like Oro or Rei."

He had heard their names pretty often because of Tommy in the past. Their codenames were not a secret, so he knew them. Even though he only met face to face with their hidden member once, he wanted to see the other two too.

The mystery surroundings this group was simply too intriguing for him.

Tommy could guess that Neo was rather disappointed. He smirked internally and pointed to the other side of the gate. "That's Rei."


The moment Neo heard that, his eyes widened. On his back, Mike hurriedly shoved Neo out of the way as he turned his head to the direction Tommy pointed at. His eyes were locked firmly to the person who stood not far from Tommy nonchalantly.

Rei was standing with the air of indifference. This person was wearing black uniform with a dark brown cap covering most of his countenance. His face seemed similar to the one he saw in the island before, though he couldn't be sure. From the height, it seemed like he was around the same as Tommy and only slightly shorter.

What made him stunned speechless was because he couldn't sense this person at all. When the Old Man mentioned about there was a guest in front of the gate, he could only sense one person. This thought made him felt respect from deep inside his heart as he knew that Rei had better martial arts than him.

If not for seeing by himself that Rei was standing here, he would never know that there was a person here.

"Rei," Mike mumbled.

Rei turned her head for a moment and that one gaze was filled with indescribable feelings. Even thought Mike didn't do anything, he could sense faint danger coming from Rei alone.

Inside the clan, the Old Man was also looking with solemn expression. It was easy to detect Tommy's presence, but when he saw Mike's stunned face, he knew that there was someone else around. With his martial arts, he never thought that there was someone young who could possibly hide his presence before him.

'What kind of monster are you trying to rope into the clan, Boss?'

The old man rubbed his chin before retreating his steps. In any case, he didn't want to meddle in the youngsters' matter. Right now Rei appeared as the answer for their call in mission.

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He should warn Neo after the mission was over that they needed to watch their budget. If they used a lot of money just to invite this person for an ordinary meeting, he would surely give them a harsh lesson when they returned.

Kanae raised her head and looked at the two of them. Her nonchalant attitude made her seemed detached in their eyes. Right now, she was trying to make her looked disinterested in the clan.

Kanae wore a difference face mask today, but it was rather similar to the one she used before. This was to make sure that she didn't look too different than before.  She returned her attention back to the front as she ignored them despite the fact that her senses were working at full power.

"Is he a mute?" Neo asked curiously.

Tommy shook his head. "He won't talk in front of you all. Don't try to make him talk."

"Why?" Mike was confused.

When he heard about that, Neo's lips curled up to make a smile. There was no other reason for Rei to not talk near them aside from worry of being exposed. If he was only guessing before, now he was pretty sure that they had met with Rei before.

The question would be, who?

There were numerous people who fit with this young person's description. Thinking that he would have to review countless number of documents again, Neo sighed to himself. He truly wished that they could give him some clear hints to make the search easier.

Should he make the move himself?

Neo passed a glance at Rei. At that moment, he suddenly felt invisible pressure crashing down to his body. His heartbeat increased as sweat filled his face.

He swiftly turned his head to the other side.

'That was dangerous.'

It seemed that he underestimated the young person's sense. It was extremely hard to detect the miniscule interest that he showed, and yet, Rei noticed it right away.

He had to act more covertly if he really wanted to investigate Rei.

Kanae's eyelids flickered for a moment. She had sensed Neo's probing, so she retaliated strongly. Right now, she didn't wish for them to find out her identity. Which was the reason she put more effort in putting her disguise compared to her usual self.

"When will we depart?" Tommy asked, unaware of the silent confrontation between the two people.


The answer came from behind them as they saw Kevin walked out. This time, he was wearing a black suit, which perfectly fitted his handsome face and complimented his dark hair. Seeing his appearance, Kanae's eyes nearly sparkled. It was rare to see him this handsome.

Uh....Why did she become similar to Misae in this field?

Thankfully, it was only directed towards one person and not too many. After all, she barely paid any attention to anyone's appearance.

This man was the only exception she made.

"Tom, you and Rei are going to follow using the other's car. Is that fine?" Neo asked, his tone turned proper.

Tommy nodded his head. "We don't have any problem."

They were merely talking when two people walked out of the building once again. Seeing the two ladies, the other members quickly made a way. Tommy's smile froze on his face when he saw them. He clearly recognized the two of them.

The first one was Alice. She was wearing thick clothes because the weather was still rather cold. Her long and straight hair was left open with only slight accessories. Even without makeup, her beautiful face looked extremely

Beside her was Celine, the woman who chased after Kevin during the gathering. From her appearance, it seemed that the cold couldn't affect her much. Although it was more like sports clothes, they were rather quite open.

"Tom?" Neo called as he sensed that Tommy stopped talking right after the two girls appeared.