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355 A Trip to Doha Family

 Kara Company

By the time they finished the work, time has shown that it was quite late at night. Kanae stretched her body slightly. "It has been some time since the last time I spend time this long in front of my laptop."

"Don't you work at Kale Company too?" Jason asked.

"I haven't gone there for quite some time. I just don't feel like going there right now."

"I see," Jason nodded his head. From Kanae's expression, he could guess that she didn't want to come over to the company because Kevin was no longer there. It was pretty obvious from her rather lonely and sad expression.

He sighed to himself. If only the one she missed was him, he would spare double effort just to accompany her. Unfortunately, the one she wanted to stay by her side was someone else.

"Kanae, do you think you should head home first?" Jason pointed to the sleepy Laura.

Kanae smiled wryly. "Let's go back home. Do you mind giving us a ride?"

"Not at all, instead, it'll be my pleasure."

Using Jason's car, they reached the mansion in mere minutes. Kanae brought Laura back to the latter's room. She didn't forget to pull the blanket for her before returning back down.

"What do you want for a drink?" Kanae asked.

"Water is fine," Jason looked towards the nearby tape. "I can see that you're still using that trick to make sure they can't hear anything. Why don't you just destroy the device?"

"If I destroy it, they're just going to plant another one. It's rather annoying since I can't pay attention to the mansion all the time," Kanae put the glass on the table as she saw on the opposite of Jason. "So, is there anything that you want to tell me?"

"The mission from Ryukalin Clan, do you want to accept it?"

"Why are you so adamant to have me accepts the mission?" Kanae frowned.

"Because if you accept the mission, you can meet with him again," Jason answered calmly. "Don't you want to stay by his side?"

"There's no need for that," Kanae retorted back. Although it was true that she wanted to stay near him, she wanted to see his smile the most. There was not much point with her staying near him as Rei. In addition, if she did, she would expose her built to them.

Jason picked up his bag and put it on the table. "There is a more comfortable thicker clothes and higher shoes for you inside the bag. With this, you can partially hide your appearance better than before."

Kanae looked at the bag with hesitation. She glanced back to Jason. "Why are you helping me? Don't you want me to stay as Rei for as long as possible?"

Jason smiled. "I do want to have you stay as Rei for a long time because it's really fun to stay by your side. You're already like a little sister for me. However, as an older brother, I want my sister's happiness too. You should try to grab on your chance."

Towards his statement, Kanae didn't know what she was going to do. It was true that she too wanted to stay by his side and if possible, not for a short time. However, she feared that once she delved into his world deeper, she would not have the chance to return back to her usual life.

Living her life in danger every single day would only make Laura worry about her. Besides, betting with her life just to earn little money was not worth it.

"It's just a simple mission. You just have to accompany them to Doha Family for a few hours. There shouldn't be anything wrong," Jason persuaded.

Looking at the sincere look on Jason's eyes, Kanae sighed to herself. She knew that Jason cared for her a lot and wanted her to be happy too. After a few seconds, Kanae finally nodded her head. "Fine, tell them that Rei is going to come."

"That's good."

Jason walked out of the mansion as he made the arrangement for Kanae to go with Kevin in a few days. It was only a simple mission, so he was not worried. Besides, having Kanae stayed low again was truly a waste. It was only because they didn't want to attract the attention of the government that they chose to not take any big mission.

Since this was only a small mission, there was nothing wrong to accept them.

'Having a little sister like Kanae is sure troublesome,'

It might not be official, but for Jason right now, Kanae was already like his little sister. He harbored some feeling for her in the past, but he no longer has any other thoughts for the young girl.

They are comrade in arms and most importantly, brother and sister.


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"Boss, the Fiore Group finally accepts the mission," Neo reported with a smile on his face. Finally, he was waiting for this to happen. They had purposely waited quite some time because of the wounds they sustained and approached the other party several times. This time, their offer finally reached the other party.

Kevin nodded his head. "What is their demand?"

"They want the one who represents them to mix into our men as an ordinary member to hide the fact that he comes from Fiore Group," it would be very easy to do that. After all, there were several other members they could bring along on this trip.

"You arrange them, Neo."

"Yes, Boss."

Mike was looking towards Kevin with uncertainty. "Boss, do you think it's necessary for us to meet with the Doha Family? Is it not enough to talk with the underworld's member?"

"I need to confirm something," Kevin replied.

"Can't your subordinate be the one to do it, Boss?"

This time, Kevin didn't answer as he directed his attention to the laptop in front of him. There were numerous hidden clan heads who didn't accept him as the successor. He was still trying to show himself worthy in front of their eyes.

Mike sighed silently as he didn't want to disturb Kevin from his thoughts.

Time passed swiftly and soon, it was the time for their trip to the Doha Family. They agreed that they would meet with the Fiore Group's member in their headquarters.

"Who do you think will come with us this time?" Mike asked curiously.

"I think it's Tom," Neo answered. The most plausible one would be Tommy since they already knew his identity. As for the others, so far they have only seen Rei a bit closer. Truthfully, the one he wanted to come the most was Rei, but they couldn't possibly ask the Fiore Group to send their strongest member in a simple mission like this. Or could they?

Mike smiled wryly. "Your father is already searching for you."

"He wants me to have a practice before our mission?" Neo's face turned sullen. That annoying father of his would never let him go easily whenever he skipped the training. It would prove to be difficult for him to sneak away when there was no mission.

Old Man walked over to the two of them. He glared towards Neo. "You're safe today because there's a mission, you brat."

Neo grinned. "I guess I should just do mission every day."

"You brat!" Old Man rolled his eyes. Suddenly, he stopped moving as he looked towards the entrance. He could feel someone was waiting outside the gate. "Do you have a guest today?"

"Fiore Group will tag along," Neo answered.

"Why are you taking them along?"

"It's Boss's instruction."

Old Man frowned. There was no need for them to bring an outsider for a simple meeting, right? This leader of theirs started to act rather weird right now.

"Let's meet with him first."