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354 Aida Family Situation

 Aida Family Place

"Miss Vena, this is the report of the recent business," a servant handed a stack of paper to Vena.

Taking the paper, Vena read it while she walked into her mansion. Seeing the rising graphs, a smile made its way to her lips. As she had expected, taking things this way would make her profit increased tremendously. No one would be able to compare to herself anymore.

Reaching her workplace, she saw Jon was already inside. Her good mood instantly dropped several stages.

"Jon, what are you doing here?" Vena asked coldly.

Jon glanced up to see his older sister. He smiled sheepishly. "Sis, I need to borrow more money."

"What for? You already took a lot of money for your marriage party a few weeks ago," Vena replied coldly. It not because of this man uselessness, their family wouldn't lose so much money in a short time frame. The marriage party was a grand one, but only those who were close with them were invited. After all, she didn't want to see any clashes in that party.

Thankfully, everything went without any problem. The only problem that sprouted later on was how this man became even lazier because he spent more time with his wife.

Jon rolled his eyes. "I need more allowances now that I'm already married."

"You need more allowances? I think it should be the opposite. With your ability in making money, it won't be long before you drive the company into a pitfall," Vena crossed her arm. Having a useless brother was always a headache for her. If not because her father wanted this man to become the second successor, she would surely kick him out of the house.

He was simply a disgrace!

"Sakura needs more things to take care," Jon gave his excuse.

Vena shook her head. "Sakura can earn more than enough every single day because she has her own companies in the Nali Family. Don't try to fool me, Jon. You won't be getting any penny from me."

Jon's face darkened. He had spent more money lately because he brought more drinks and the likes. Aside from spending time with his wife at night, the only thing he could do was drinking. As for his work, it would be better to not mention it at all.

"You can't restrain my allowance forever, Vena. I'll take them back from you!"

Vena watched with cold eyes as her younger brother stormed out of the room. She picked up her phone. "Freeze Jon's account and don't let him spend any of my money."

"Yes, Miss."

She put the phone on the side as she sat down. Taking care of an adult like that was surely a big problem. She hoped that Jon would be able to fend off for himself after he grew up, but it seemed to be close to impossible.

"It doesn't really matter," Vena pulled out several other documents. "As long as I can convince my father that I'm more capable than him, the entire business of Aida Family will belong to me completely."

She didn't care who they were, if they didn't stand on the same side with her, she would crush them completely. No one shall stop her from being the best out of the four big families. When the time came, she would surely make her way towards the Wells Family and destroyed them too.

Her slender finger tapped the table lightly. She looked towards her assistant. "Did Sakura come over again?"

"Yes, Lady Sakura says that she'll come here in a few minutes."

"Inform me when she comes. I want to meet with her."

"Yes, Miss."

Vena's eyes glinted with determination. The first step to overcome her opponents was by gathering information about them. Since she had decided to make the newly built Kara Company crushed into smithereens, she would need complete information about them. Of course, the best source of information will be the one who came to her.

Her assistant was standing by Vena's side carefully. If she had to say, this young lady always scares her because of how she acted. Vena never hesitated to do any kind of thing just to achieve her goal. This made her opponents feared her very much. Whenever they got into her bad side, they have to be prepared to deal with a very troublesome opponent.

It didn't take long for Sakura to arrive in the mansion. Per Vena's instruction, Sakura was brought to the room quick enough.

"Sister in law," Sakura greeted with a smile. "It's nice to meet with you again."

If Kanae saw Sakura again, she might find herself in disbelief. Sakura's appearance didn't change much, but her disposition changed completely. If previously Sakura was someone who relied on her father completely as the pampered princess, right now she looked like a true princess.

Her movement was refined and her conduct was extremely proper that one might question if they were the same person. The time from that incident to now was merely four to five months, yet the changes in this little woman were not limited to that short time frame.

"You come again, Sakura," Vena greeted coolly.

Sakura nodded her head slightly. "I heard that the Aida Family managed to snatch another business from Doha Family again, so I come to congratulate you, Sister in law."

"You're very kind. It's nothing big to celebrate about," Vena answered calmly. Her eyes landed on Sakura's flat stomach. "We should celebrate when something happens on your side instead."

Sakura's face reddened slightly as if she was embarrassed. "Don't tease me, Sister in law."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Alright, alright, do you have anything that you want?"

"I need your help in deciding my company partner. There are two new emerging companies. They're pretty good, but they're rivals, so I'm not sure about whom should I choose," Sakura replied.

Vena pointed to the nearby seat. "I'll help you if you give me the information that I want."

"What is it, Sister in law?" Sakura asked excitedly. Terms like business were always something foreign for her. The only thing she could do was bothering her sister in law in hope that she could get help. Of course, their relationship was merely partner in crimes as they only exchanged information.

"Do you remember the interesting branch member that you mention to me a few days ago?"

Sakura racked her brain to recall what she said. It dawned to her that there was only one interesting branch member that she mentioned to Vena. It would be Kanae and Laura. A smile was threatening to make its way to her face, but she held it.

"I remember, is it Kanae?"

"Yes," Vena nodded her head. "I want all the information about her."

"I'll tell you what I know and later, I'll send you the rest," Sakura nodded her head in agreement.


Inside her heart, Sakura was cheering loudly. She had been trying to drive this sister in law of hers to become the enemy of Kanae. Now that this Princess of Aida Family was going to make a move, there would be no other way out for the two of them.

'I'm sorry my dear cousins, but you'll be hindering me in my quest to conquer the entire Nali Family. If you want to blame someone, blame your parents for giving birth for you with a direct connection to the core family. Even though your father comes from the branch family, your mother is my mother's sister.'

As she hid her wicked smile, Sakura delightfully told Vena all she knew about Kanae and Laura.