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352 Not Ordinary

 "If I'm afraid of the obstacle in front of me, I'll never be able to move forward, right?"

Vena looked towards the girl in front of her with an expressionless face. The guts and bravery that Kanae showed her made her rather admired this young lady. Although Kanae was merely a few years younger, the two of them seemed to stand in the same platform.

This girl was simply too interesting. However, Vena couldn't take the risk. If she couldn't get Kanae to her side, the only option would be crushing her completely. This was the only way to ensure her own plan could be successful.

'I have to thank that Sakura for telling me about this girl.'

If not because of Sakura nagging, she would never pay any attention to this small company. Although she didn't like her sister in law, at least, for this matter she felt rather thankful.

Before this company grew up, she would be the one to crush them!

"I think I understand that we can never stand on the same path. We shall see who will stand between the two of us in the end, Kanae Nali," Vena stood up. Her blue iris was looking towards Kanae with a combination of respect and dislike.

Kanae nodded her head. She looked back to the woman's eyes directly. She knew that she would surely clash with the Aida Family sooner or later. Never did she think that they have to clash this early. This would make her have to be more careful in her movement. This new opponent of her was not one to be trifled with.

The door by the side opened and Laura walked out. Her eyes were looking towards Vena with curiosity. In the next second, her gaze hardened as trace of fury could be seen from within the green iris.

Vena's smile turned brighter when she saw Laura. No wonder she felt that this plain-looking woman seemed rather familiar. So, she was the sister of this young genius.

"Laura Nali, I didn't think that I can meet with you soon enough," Vena greeted calmly.

"Neither do I, Vena Aida," Laura answered through gritted teeth. If the person she hated the most was her uncle and Sakura, the next in line was surely this person before her.

Vena crossed her arm. She recalled the document her men sent to her just a few days before. Because of their clash in the past, she kept track of Laura's record. To her surprise, this girl managed to finish her study overseas. Even though it was merely Junior High School, it was already good enough because the school was acclaimed as the best school.

"Laura Nali, the previous genius and the hope of Nali Family. She gets the invitation to learn in one of the most prestigious Junior High School overseas, but almost unable to go because of the problem in the family. Now, she enrolls in Nolen School C, despite having the qualification to directly work."

Vena paused for a moment. "What a waste of your talent, Laura."

"It's not your business, Vena," Laura replied coldly. Her usual playful and cheerful disposition had disappeared completely. Replacing them was a cold and unfeeling young lady. With a single look, it was easy to say that she was one of the most dangerous people right now.

"You always try to beat me, little girl. Haven't you seen enough that no matter how many years you study, you can never catch up to me?" Vena spread her hands. "What I have is more than 1000 times more valuable than what you have in this small place."

Laura's expression turned even colder. In the past, she often clashed with Vena. Even with their difference in age, they always clashed with each other. Everything started because of a simple incident, but it lasted for years as Vena always wanted to get Laura back for what she did. At the same time, Laura didn't want to let Vena has the upper hand.

These two already like cat and mouse as they never let each other go. It was only because the Nali Family got into trouble did their clash stopped because Vena had to focus more on her business too. At that time, she was 20 years old, so she was given the task to take care of the family business.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I'll surely beat you, Vena. Just you wait."

"This will make it more interesting," Vena's smile turned brighter. "I'll be having fun crushing this place again like in the past."

"Don't you dare!"

"Can you stop me, little Laura?" Vena shook her head lightly. This girl was always an eyesore for her because she hated those with guts and bravery. No wonder these two were sisters. They were the kind of people she wanted to have by her side the most. If she couldn't she will crush them completely.

"Besides, you only manage to finish your study because someone is giving her own life to you. How do you feel for taking the chance of someone else for yourself?" Vena mocked.

Laura's body was filled with rage at the mention of Kanae by Vena. She always tried to do her best because she knew that her sister sacrificed a lot for her. Even without Kanae told her directly, she knew that her sister gave up a lot of things just to provide her enough money for her tuition.

She didn't want to be the burden for her sister. It always bugged her that her sister gave up so much for her. Was it worth it? Yet Kanae never told her the pain and struggled she had to go through. All she did was giving a reassuring smile that everything was going to be alright.

"You don't know anything."

"What do you think I don't know? To pay for your tuition, the only inheritance from your family is sold. Working in countless places just to earn enough for living every single day," Vena recounted. "Even a dog lives better than that."

That's it!

Laura stepped forward with her hand raised. She couldn't stand anyone talking bad about her sister. So what if this person has great power behind her? She would surely give her a good punch.

But before she could move, her hand was restrained from behind.

"Sis?" Laura was startled.

Kanae was standing in front of Laura with calm expression. Her hand was holding Laura's hand gently yet firm. She smiled towards Laura. "There's no need for a pointless fight, isn't it?"

"I...." Laura looked towards Kanae's expression as she calmed herself down. There was no need for her to fight so suddenly like this. It was truly pointless as it would only give a little satisfaction for her with a big price behind it.

"I understand, Sis."

Vena looked at the two of them with interest. It was still the same as in the past, Laura was still an emotional person that could be easily moved with words. On the opposite, Kanae would be clear headed and thought about things clearly. With Kanae around, it would be harder to lead Laura around.

She could never understand how Kanae would be able to stay calm under all the mocking directed at her. Even though it must have been unbearable, Kanae didn't try to fight back and merely stayed silent most of the time. But whenever she opened her mouth, Sakura would be the one to suffer the most.

The clear and deep gaze on Kanae's eyes seemingly to tell her how unfathomable this young girl was. She never wasted her movement, but every time she moved, it would be a clear win.

It was extremely interesting.

She took out her glasses. "Since you already decide to be my enemy, see you later, brats."

Laura glared towards Vena coldly as the latter walked out of the company calmly. Beside her, Kanae was still as calm as ever, yet deep within her eyes, she was thinking about things that Vena could possibly do to them.