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351 Aida Family Princess 2

 In the lobby of the sweet company, a young lady was sitting with a man watching from behind her. Her clothes were that of a high class one. With a glance, it was easy to guess that she came from a well-off family. In contrast to the alluring Sheila who wore revealing clothes or beautiful Sakura, who wore a princess like dress, this woman dress was pretty simple. It was a v-neck fitting black dress that covered her body perfectly.

If one should say, her taste in clothing made her looked rather elegant. Her appearance didn't hurt anyone as they would feel drawn to her, either it was men nor woman.

Kanae walked out of the stairs as her eyes locked to the elegant woman in front of her. She had prepared her heart to meet with this person as she wondered what made this princess came here.

Vena Aida

In contrast to her useless younger brother, Vena was acclaimed as the indisputable successor of the Aida Family. With a flick of her hand, she could easily crush numerous companies. With a single glance, numerous men would bow down to her and do whatever she wanted. With a single word, money flew to her like a magnet.

That was how the media always described her: the perfect successor of Aida Family. She was just like Jason Wells, but from a completely different family and gender.

Normally, a person this caliber was always busy here and there, so Kanae never expected to meet with this woman so early. Even though they did have some meeting in the past, her parent's death caused them to be unable to meet again. As their relationship was not that great, she didn't really have any intention of meeting with Vena again.

Besides, the other party would have forgotten about her since the one that Vena met a lot in the past was Laura.

Calmly, she approached the woman and smiled politely. "Miss Vena, it's a great pleasure for us to see you here."

The woman, Vena Aida, looked towards Kanae in an unhurried movement. Her pale blue iris was looking towards Kanae with an inquiring gaze. This was not the first time she met with people who came from small companies, but this was the first time someone dared to look back at her directly.

There was no trace of fear inside Kanae's eyes. It was as if she didn't know the consequences of offending her.


"It's nice to meet with you, too. I believe you should know my purpose in coming here?"

"My apologies, I don't know, Miss Vena," Kanae answered calmly.

Vena's eyes narrowed in displeasure. She had to make time in her busy schedule just to come to this place because she heard from Sakura that there was an interesting branch member in the Nali Family. At first, she wanted to ignore them, but coming from her sister in law, she decided to check on this girl.

Probably, there was something more behind what Kanae showed to her so far.

"The advertisement deal, I want you to use the one that belongs to Aida Family."

Kanae sighed internally. As she thought, this person was as arrogant as ever. Did she think that this was her territory where she had to do everything the other party asked? Even if she knew that the best advertising company belonged to Aida Family, she never has any intention to use theirs.

"My apologies, we already make the deal with another company."

Vena smiled back. "This is not a request, but an order."

Kanae looked towards the woman in front of her calmly. "Miss Vena, may I ask why do you want us to use your company?"

"My company is the best in advertising," Vena answered as a matter of fact.

"Yes, Aida Family's advertising company is indeed the best. However, we don't have the sufficient fund to use them, so we're going to use the other company who gives us a lower price," Kanae smiled back.

"You're coming from Nali Family, what's the problem with using their money?"

Kanae tilted her head slightly. "Miss Vena might not know, but I'm no longer part of the Nali Family. I already ask the government to erase my name from the record."

Vena Aida's eyes narrowed when she heard about this. Sakura didn't tell her anything about them not being part of the Nali Family anymore. On the basis that they were from the four big families, she could coerce the other party. But if the other party no longer part of the Nali Family, the matter wouldn't be so simple anymore.

"Oh, I heard that the one who owns this company belong to Nali Family, is there any mistake?"

Kanae nodded her head. "The one who owns the company no longer belongs to the Nali Family. However, the one who runs the company belongs to the Nali Family."

"Then I want to meet with the owner," Vena stated.

"She's standing before you, Miss Vena. I'm the owner of this company," Kanae smiled brightly.

Vena looked towards Kanae in disbelief. She thought that the owner of this company would be someone of old age. To think that the owner was merely a little brat, did Sakura gave her wrong information?

"What's your name?"

"I'm Kanae Nali."

Kanae Nali

Vena carefully thought about this name as she recalled that Sakura did say to her that the owner was someone who has the surname of Nali. Could it be, this girl throws herself out of the family? That was ridiculous.

"You're no longer part of the Nali Family?" Vena asked for confirmation.

Kanae nodded her head. "I was part of the Nali Family in the past, but I get out of the family not long ago. Even though I still use the 'Nali' surname for the time being, I'm no longer part of that family."

Vena stayed silent for a few seconds before bursting into a laugh. This little girl was surely interesting. Numerous people wished to be able to become part of the four big families, yet she just threw up the matter completely. No one was courageous enough in the past to do something like this.

"You have guts, Kanae Nali," Vena nodded her head. She liked courageous girls who have guts. However, she didn't want them to stand on opposite sides of her. Because if they did, she would crush them without any mercy.

"Many thanks for your compliment, Miss Vena," Kanae smiled.

Vena looked towards Kanae for a few seconds, thinking about what she should do. "I just want to ask you one thing, if I give you a lower price, will you use the Aida Family's advertisement company?"

Kanae shook her head slowly. "Even if your company is the best for advertising with numerous offers that you can give us, I don't think we really need it. This company is still in the development period. It'll be better for us to take a step at a time."

It was not entirely the reason, but Kanae wanted to distance herself from the Aida Family as much as possible. This was because she knew that this woman in front of her was too dangerous to have as a business partner. The way she looked at Kanae and inspected her told her perfectly how dangerous this woman could be.

Her instinct that was honed from countless fights told her the danger behind the seemingly harmless woman.

Vena tapped the glass table in front of her with her long fingernail. "Even if it means that you're going to make us your enemy?"

Kanae smiled lightly. "If I'm afraid of the obstacle in front of me, I'll never be able to move forward, right?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.