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350 Aida Family Princess 1

 "It's not impossible. You never know what's in their head."

Kanae clicked her tongue. She knew that anything could happen in Black Street, but she didn't really want to get involved in them. Whatever their dispute was, most ordinary people would not get affected.

Unless they were extremely unfortunate or the battle escalates to the level that it would affect the entire city.

"I don't want to accept any of them," Kanae tapped her fingers on the paper. Their offer might be tempting, but she was no longer the poor little girl from before. Her earning might not be much, but it was enough for her and her little sister's living.

"It's just a conjecture," Jason answered back. "Besides, I don't think that they really worry about each other invading their territory."

"If it's just that, they won't be this anxious," Kanae shrugged. The battle for territory was pretty common, but it was usually because of large dispute if it was between large clans. Except they were arrogant and greedy, they would not start a battle out of nowhere.

"They might be worried."


"Worried that the Ryukalin Clan would claim the indisputable ruler above them again," Jason replied. "It has happened in the past because of their overall fighting strength and talented people, so there's no telling if this is not going to happen once more."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Kanae shook her head. "It won't happen. The current condition of Ryukalin Clan is too complicated. I don't think an outsider like me would be able to interfere as I believe that it is an internal dispute."

"Don't you want to help him?"

"I don't think he needs my help," Kanae retorted back. "With the help of the little princess, he has everything he needs for the internal battle."

After the matter in Ryukalin Clan, Kanae did her homework to find out more about them. From them, she found out that Alice's status in the clan was truly special because of the latter's father.

There was nothing special that she found on the internet, but it was more than enough to tell her that Alice was kind of the little princes. She might not have the capabilities to fight on her own, but it didn't mean that the little girl was completely useless.

She has a completely different talent.

Jason realized that Kanae was deep in thought, so he raised his hand and hit the girl's head using the paper lightly. "Stop thinking too much. If you want to accept the mission, just tell us. We'll arrange everything."

"Nah, I don't think I will," Kanae rolled her eyes. She returned the paper back to Jason. "Let's go back to the room and start discussing the company again. I have a lot of things to ask about."

"Feel free to ask. I'll help you as much as possible."

With that, the two of them walked towards the room once again.

Following behind Kanae, Jason told her about the recent business this sweet company had. It was mostly Laura trying to create more recipes and expand their business. So far, they have been quite successful.

"Oh right, what kind of advertisement are you working on?" Kanae recalled that Laura wanted to expand the business, so they have been working on trying to gain more exposure for the product.

Jason smiled. "It's just a little advertisement to increase the sale of our sweets. If we can make the deal go through, it'll surely benefit us very much."

"Do you sign with a big company?" Kanae frowned. Their price for a single advertisement might take the entire money out of this small company. Their earnings were not too many as of now.

"No, I'm searching for a trusted small company. They're not too expensive."

Kanae nodded her head. She thought about the matter carefully as she recalled something. In this city, the best advertising company belonged to one of the four big families. She didn't remember which one, though.

"Will there be a problem?"


"Because the company is owned by someone with the surname of Nali," Kanae smiled bitterly. She was pretty sure that the other big families might look at it and wondered if she didn't use their service.

Jason was stunned to hear that. He knew that the four big families always tried to use each other's company as the first priority. This was to maintain the little friendship they had with each other. Now that he thought about it, will this create a problem later on?

"You're no longer part of the Nali Family, right?"

"I'm not part of the Nali Family anymore," she had finished the paper to deal with this, "But the co-owner is part of their family, right?"

Laura was still part of the Nali Family because she was not an adult yet. There was no way Kanae could possibly try to adopt her sister given her age. Besides, she was not married yet. People would see her as a crazy person if she tried to adopt someone barely one year younger.

Well, there might be some ways, but Kanae couldn't deal with it. After she had gotten out of the family, her uncle has been paying close attention to them using his connection in the government. It would be hard for her if she wanted to try adopting her own sister.

"I'll try to hide our track," Jason smiled bitterly.

Suddenly, the door opened. An employee was looking nervous. "Sir, there's someone from the Aida Family come over."

Jason's expression blanked. He had completely forgotten that the matter regarding four big families would always create numerous troubles. Behind him, Kanae sighed as she wished to bury her face on her palm. Nothing seemed to go according to her way.

"Laura is still busy with the meeting. I'll be the one to greet that princess."

"How do you know that it's the princess?"

Kanae smiled. "That princess might not be the head of Aida Family, but she's the one who takes control of their business. I'm sure that simple knowledge like this is within your scope, right?"

Jason recalled that young lady as his expression hardened. Among the four big families, there were two remarkable youngsters that the media was familiar. One of them was Jason Wells and the other one was from Aida Family. Their achievement albeit their young age made a lot of people adored them and praised them to the high sky.

If one should say, the Aida Family was thriving lately because of a single person:

Vena Aida, the princess of Aida Family.