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349 Little Discussion

 One way or another, they managed to reach the company on time. Well, they were nearly late, though. Thankfully, the other party was talking with the employee first, so they could be said to arrive on time.

"I don't want to do that anymore," Laura said while panting for breath. She was running with her sis to come here.

Kanae laughed. "You should just rest and fix your appearance."

"I can say the same to you."

Kanae used her fingers to tidy up her hair. Her hair was easy to maintain, so she never bothered to bring a comb in her bag. In addition, she barely wore any makeup right now, so it was not hard for her to fix her appearance.

Laura rolled her eyes. "Show off!"

Kanae laughed. "You should head inside to make sure the deal is going smoothly. I'll head towards your room to check on them."

"You can help me sort them, Sis," Laura's eyes were glittering at the thought of someone helping her. If it was Kanae, there would be no need for her to worry about it so much. Her sister could be trusted, and she has a lot of experience from working as a secretary.

There would be no one more suitable for the job other than Kanae.

"You lazy brat," Kanae flicked her sister's forehead. "I'll see what I can do."

"Hehe, I'll cook you your favorite food later, Sis. As thanks for your help," Laura winked one her eyes in a seductive manner.

Looking at how Laura behaved, Kanae truly wondered what this brat learned overseas. Was the difference in culture caused this little girl to be a bit different? Well, it was not too bad of a difference since it just made Laura more easygoing and cheerful.

"Brat, do you really think that you can tempt me with food?" Kanae crossed her arm.

"Oh," Laura arched her eyebrows. "There'll be smoked beef coming today because I ordered them last night. I also order another stack of fresh milk bottle, which I'm sure will be delivered at the same time. There are still a lot of eggs left, and I plan on making egg scramble..."

Hearing Laura listed out her plan on their dinner, Kanae had to say that this little sister of hers truly knew her favorite food so well. Meat, milk, egg, they were all exceptionally delicious.

"Uh, you're annoying, Laura," Kanae muttered.

Laura showed a smug grin. "How is it, Sis? I know you love to eat a lot, so I have prepared many types of food that you like."

Kanae smiled wryly. "I can hear that."

"For tomorrow, I plan on roasting duck since there will be a new one delivered to the market..."

"Stop, stop," Kanae raised her palm. "I'll help you, little brat. I don't really have anything to do too right now."

Her original plan on coming here was also to help Laura in the latter's work. She might didn't know much about sweet except for the fact that they tasted good when they melt on her tongue, but she could help with the paperwork. Thanks to Kevin, she had gotten used to deal with them.

Still, the important decision needed to be discussed with both Jason and Laura. Jason because he had much more knowledge compared with her. Laura because this company would be held completely in the girl's hand.

"That's great, Sis!" Laura smiled brightly. "I'll be going now to the meeting."

"Good luck, Laura."

The two of them walked separated ways as Laura had a meeting. Kanae headed to the stairs as there was no lift. The building itself was not too big, only three floors, so it didn't take long for her to reach the place. As they had just started, there was no need to buy a big building because the maintenance cost and tax would be too much. This place was rather perfect for the two of them.

"Laura, there are some problems... oh, it's you, Kanae," Jason stopped his sentence midway when he realized that Kanae was the one standing before him. He smiled and handed the paper to Kanae.

"What is it?" Kanae asked.

"It's from the developing department. They found a problem with the recipe when they try to make it, so they want to ask Laura for another screening," Jason answered with ease. This has happened a few times because Laura's recipes were not perfect.

"I see," Kanae took a look at the paper. "I can barely understand anything, are you sure you want to ask me?"

"I guess not," Jason shrugged.

Kanae looked around with curiosity. There were several hidden cameras in this place, it seemed that her sister was preparing for things quite well. With them, anyone who planned to steal something from here would need to think twice.

Well, of course Laura didn't tell this to anyone. Kanae only knew them because she was quite sensitive to a camera thanks to her effort of evading every single one of them in the past. One way or another, it has become extremely easy for her to spot a camera even when no one told her.

"Shall we talk outside?"


The two of them walked to another place. In this part, the camera couldn't see them. This was one of the blind spots that Jason found out after he checked the camera they installed.

"How's your condition after the fight in school?"

"I'm pretty much healed," Kanae answered. "They barely give me any wounds with their lousy skill. Is there anything else?"

"Ryukalin Clan contacts me again. They want to know when you can have some free time because there's going to be a meeting not far in the future. For this meeting, they hope that you can tag along."

"I'm not part of their clan, why are they asking me continuously?" Kanae rolled her eyes in displeasure. She didn't have any plan to get involved too deeply in the matter of the clan because it would affect her daily life.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jason took out several papers that he prepared on his pocket. They were all documents that could be considered as secret.

"Ryukalin Clan is not the only one who shows interest to us. Merion Clan asks us to do some tasks with them too. Besides, the other groups have started to join many of the clans, especially the big ones."

The paper Jason gave to her contained a lot of information regarding those clans and their activity. To gather this information alone, Jason must have worked hard for quite some time. Seeing how popular her codename was, Kanae didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

She had never expected that she would become famous like this.

"I see, it's the preparation for the clash between clans. What about the Souhon Clan?"

"They're doing the same because they need to strengthen their people. It will do them good to be prepared with experts."

"You're saying this like there's going to be an all-out battle," Kanae shook her head.

"It's not impossible. You never know what's in their head."