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348 Sisters

 Nali Family's Mansion

"Sis, are you at home?" Laura walked into the house slowly. The light was off, but she knew that her sister rarely turned the light on. After all, their house was a bit big, which made it hard to maintain if she used too much of the electricity.

Kanae showed her head from the living room. "You're already back, Laura. Is there anything wrong?"

Laura shook her head. She stepped forward and hugged Kanae tightly. It was scary to think that she almost got hurt just now. Staying by her sister side always made her felt comfortable no matter where she was.

"Laura, are you alright?"

"Just let me stay like this for a bit, Sis."


Kanae stood silently. Because of the phone, she still heard Laura threw up after she came out. It was a mistake on her part. She had completely forgotten to clean up the mess of the corpses outside the room. All she could think at that time was eliminating them to avoid her sister got hurt.

Her hand rubbed Laura's head tenderly. She would not make the same mistake in the future. It would be best if Laura could just live a normal life and not get involved in this kind of matter.

Laura backed down after a few seconds. "Thank you, Sis."

"Do you feel better?"

"Yes, I'm feeling much better now."

"That's good, I have already ordered some food for us to eat."

"What is for dinner?"

"You'll see later."

The two of them headed to the dining room while laughing. Since the two of them didn't have to go to school tomorrow, they planned to spend their time doing something else.

Early in the morning, Kanae woke up earlier. She didn't practice with Master Rudy yesterday because she didn't want to leave Laura alone. After experiencing something like that, it would be better for her to accompany that young girl.

"Laura, why are you up so early in the morning?" Kanae looked towards the sleepy Laura who walked out from her room.

Laura yawned. "I plan to go to the company today. There's an advertisement deal that I need to finish."

"Oh yeah, you have started to make a lot of new products, right? How are they going?"

"They're still in the early stage. I try numerous recipes, but only a few of them succeeds. The rest tastes awful. Even Brother Jason throws up in one of the occasions when I ask him to taste my new recipe."

Kanae could perfectly imagine Jason's face getting ugly when he tasted something weird. When Laura was in excited mode, she would surely try to create a lot of recipes. In the end, only one or two were edible. Right now, she felt rather grateful that she didn't have to be the guinea pig for her sister.

'I'll compensate Brother Jason a bit later.'

For his sacrifice in her place, she would try to help Jason a bit in the future. As for what kind it would be, she didn't have any idea right now.

"Oh yeah, what do you want for breakfast, Sis?" Laura recalled that the real reason she woke up early was not only because of the deal but because she wanted to cook.

"Just rice and omelets then," Kanae answered.

"I'll cook rice now. As for the omelets, I'll make them when the rice is ready. It's better to have them warm."

Kanae nodded her head in agreement. "It has been a long time since we train martial arts, do you want to have a little spar, Laura?"

"Sure! Let's train in the hall."

It took Kanae a few minutes to prepare herself. Seeing how the hall they used for the party would be used for training made her amused. She already cleaned up the table and others, so this place was quite empty.

There were supposed to be several hanging lamps on the ceiling, but she removed most of them. There were only three left for the lighting in this place.

"Sis, why haven't you warmed up?" Laura asked with confusion. Kanae was just staring at the hanging lamp without moving.

"I already finished my warm up," Kanae replied. "You should prepare yourself."

Laura nodded her head. She started to warm up her body before doing some light exercise. Meanwhile, Kanae spent the time to close her eyes and stood in the same place without moving.

'Let's surprise her.'

Sneaking in, Laura made her way towards Kanae. She lightly punched up towards Kanae, yet Kanae raised her hand to block it. Slowly, the girl opened her eyes and stared back. The dark iris seemed darker and seemed to suck her into the endless abyss behind it.

"Your movement is too apparent, Laura," Kanae said.

Laura nodded her head. Her eyes were looking towards Kanae's iris with confusion. Did she see things right? Why did it feel as if her sister's eyes seemed to be very deep?

"I'm just trying to surprise you, Sis. You have been standing here for quite some time."

"You won't be able to surprise me if you step like that," Kanae chuckled. She was training her sense by sensing everything around her. Her sister movement was crystal clear inside her mind, so she could clearly perceive when Laura attacked her in that very moment.

"Then teach me how to move sneakily."

"What? Do you want to sneak into a boy's room?"

Laura blushed hard when she heard her sister's tease. "Sis! Don't joke around, why would I train for that reason?"

Suffering angry hits from Laura, Kanae just laughed. Her sister's face was simply too funny to see. It lasted for several seconds before Laura calmed down and pulled Kanae to the middle of the hall.

"Come on, Sis. You're better than me in the past, so I want to see your skill now."

"Alright, you can start to attack me."

The moment Kanae said that, Laura stomped her feet and accelerated to Kanae in a split second. Her fist was directed towards Kanae's face, yet Kanae merely stepped to the side lightly.

Laura changed her fist to the side and Kanae moved back. She used the momentum to pull a spinning kick towards Kanae, which the girl blocked with ease.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Sis, my attack can't faze you at all, can it?" Laura rolled her eyes.

Kanae smiled wryly. They were all too slow for her, so she could handle them with ease. Unfortunately, Laura was dissatisfied with that.

"You should attack me too, Sis."

"Why are you evading me again?"

"Sis! Don't tease me!"

The two of them trained and played around for the next hour.

Laura panted with a red face. "You spend more time practicing lately, right Sis?"

"You can say that," Kanae laughed. "By the way, won't we be late if we don't hurry to eat and prepare ourselves?"

"AAAaaah! We're going to be late. Sis, hurry!"