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347 Their True Targe

 Kanae stood in front of the door of the Student Council. From the device, she still could hear their strained breathing. Her lips curled up to make a smile. At least, they were alright.

She raised her hand towards the broken door. Her hand was stained red with blood, making a rather scary sight. As she was busy fighting, she didn't realize that she was already drenched in their blood.

'I can't see them.'

Kanae retracted her hand. There was no need to make them scared by this appearance of hers. Her hand was already stained with the blood of numerous people, there was no way she would be able to greet them normally like usual in this appearance.

In the next second, she made her way to the other side. There were still a lot of people around them.

"What happened?" Laura asked in quivering voice. She heard the man screamed in horror, but she didn't know what exactly happened.

Alice shook her head. "I'm not sure myself."

"Do you think help has come?"

"Do you call for help?"

Laura nodded her head. She picked up her phone. "My Sis tells me that whenever I'm in a bad situation, I have to call this number."

Alice recognized that number. It was directed to the police for emergency situation. The police would not answer the phone when this number was called, rather they would trace the location and send officers immediately. This system was implemented because there were many cases that the one who called couldn't make any sound.

"You did well."

"I hope they will come quickly," Laura hugged her feet tighter.

Alice nodded her head. Her eyes were watching the girl in front of her carefully. Although Laura was only a year younger, the sight of this young girl made her want nothing but to patted her head and eased her worry. It was as if she couldn't bear to make this girl got hurt at all.

'What's this feeling?'

Alice carefully analyzed her feeling. There was as if an invisible thread was pulling her to care about Laura. It was strange, yet at the same time, it felt extremely natural to care about this girl.

When had she felt this way before? She recalled that whenever she heard about the grievances her friends suffered, she would feel the urge to help them out. This feeling called care was something rather new to her, but she didn't dislike it. It meant, she already placed them near her heart, and she cared about them very much.

"Rei, have you finished cleaning up?" Jason suddenly asked.

"Not really, there are still a lot of men around me," Kanae answered as her feet brought her near a man in front of her and killed him.

"You have to hurry, the polices are coming in a minute."

Kanae's eyes sharpened when she heard about them coming. She quickly traveled to the other place and kicked one of the leaders. With the blade placed near his neck, she looked towards the man coldly.

"Speak, who's the one behind this attack?"

"Who are you?"

SLASH! The man felt tremendous pain as Kanae made a deep wound on the man's arm. Her brows furrowed slightly as she hated this interrogation process the most, but she didn't have any other choice.

"You better speak if you don't want to feel any more pain."

The man gritted his teeth. He did know who asked them to attack, but he couldn't possibly tell this person, could he? In the next moment, Kanae already attacked him again. It seemed as if she was impatience for the answer.

"Megara.... The one who issues the command is Megara," the man finally couldn't hold on as he spat out.

Kanae finished the man cleanly without any pain. Her brows furrowed. The name Megara was familiar to her because she knew about this person quite well. What she didn't think was why would he issue the command to kill Alice?

'I nearly make their plan successful, didn't I?'

She hated the feeling she had towards Alice before. It was a dark feeling that she didn't wish to appear anymore, especially towards her friends. The thought of she wanted to harm them made her rather perplexed.

The siren grew louder. Kanae chose to stop fighting as she sprinted outside the school. Leaping out of the wall, she traveled back to Black Street.

"Shiro, you have to keep your guns."

"Don't worry," Shiro answered calmly. "It's not that hard to hide them. The police won't suspect me anything."

"If they find it, just say that it's not yours."

"My fingerprint is all over my gun."


The police filled the place very soon. The rest of the members flew out of the school, leaving the school ground as fast as they could. Some of them managed to run away while the rest didn't manage to escape and got captured.

"it's safe to come out now," Alice peered from the window. She jumped off the table and pulled the table that was blocking the door. Although the door was ruined pretty badly, it still could work. Well, aside from the large hole in the middle, it was pretty much fine.

Laura nodded her head. She looked at the hallway with large eyes before turning her body and vomited on the spot. The sight of numerous dead men in front of the door made her felt nausea.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Alice raised her hand and covered Laura's eyes. Slowly, she guided the latter to a cleaner place.

"Thank you."

"It's normal for you to be unable to stand the sight. The life of those in the underworld is pretty scary if you think from your perspective," Alice put a wry smile.

Laura nodded her head in agreement. She could stand the sight of people fighting well, but the sight of numerous corpses placed in front of her... she might have trouble sleeping later on if this continued.

Her eyes looked towards the incoming police. "They have only come here now, who help us before?"

"I'm not sure," Alice answered in a low tone. The wounds were made by a thin and small blade. In this city, there was only one person who fought using the small blade that she knew.  She had her conjecture about who helped her, but it sounded impossible.

After all, why would the city best group help out the fiancée of the biggest clan? They barely knew each other as she has only met with the latter once at the party.

Little did she know, this 'impossible' conjecture was, in fact, the truth. As it was hard to believe, Alice just erased the matter from her head completely. It was only later in the future that she knew that the one who helped her was indeed Rei from Fiore Group.