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346 Dark Thoughts

 "Rei, you better hurry, this place is going to tear down soon enough," Shiro said in a displeased tone.

"I'm heading there as fast as I can, how's your situation?" Kanae asked.

"I'm pretty good. There's no camera in the infirmary, so I'm doing my work well," Shiro answered. His gun was placed right near the window as he aimed towards the leaders of the one who attacked. There was no guest today, so he locked up the infirmary and focused his attention to attack the others.

"You should watch your back."

"Don't worry, they're making a huge ruckus in their movement. From their crude ways, I think they come from a rather large gang."

Kanae frowned as she still sprinted towards the school. Her legs were screaming because of the torture she gave herself, but she simply didn't have any choice. If she stopped, she might be late. The life of her sister was at the stake right now.

Shiro could hear the sounds of wind from Kanae's side. He knew that the girl must be worried about her sister, yet there was nothing she could do to help.

"I can't get out, now, Rei. I'm sorry."

"It's fine, I know you can't fight them barehanded."

Even during practice, Shiro could barely fight back using a weapon, what more with bare hand. It would be the same as courting death if he tried to get out of the infirmary and clashed with numerous men.

"Where's Tommy?"

"Captain..." Tommy's voice quivered. "I'm skipping school today too."

He wanted to cry so badly. He didn't know that Kanae was also skipping school, thus putting the two girls in perilous situation. Today, he was not feeling too well, so he chose to rest by loitering around on the street. His distance to the school was simply too far.

Kanae's face darkened. There was only one ranged fighter in the school right now. There might be other people from other clan, but she was not naïve enough to believe that they would help out the others. Prioritizing their own safety would be the best.

"Do you know where they are, Rei? The second-year classroom is empty."

"Student Council Room," Kanae answered immediately. When the alarm in Laura's phone triggered, it would connect to her special phone. She secretly arranged this from the time Laura came back to the city because this was a dangerous place.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The alarm was quite simple. Whenever there was a loud voice around, it would turn on. When it was turned on, Kanae would be notified immediately as the voices that Laura heard were transmitted to hers.

This was the very reason she knew their location was. From the conversation that Laura had with Alice, she knew that Alice was starting to tell Laura about the hidden clan.

'What a long explanation. Can't you just say that hidden clans are clans that can't be made known to the world?'

Shiro smirked. "Roger that."

Series of gunshots could be heard from Shiro's side. They knew that this man had started to eliminate those who stayed close with the Student Council Room using rapid shoots.

Jason finally spoke up. "I have turned off all the cameras in the school. You can enter freely, Rei."

"Thank you, Jason."

"Mr. I'm always late, can't you help?"

"I can't," Jason eyed the numerous documents in front of him. He was staying in his father's company today because of several matters. His father didn't allow him to leave until he finished, so he wouldn't be able to get out of this place at all.

If he tried to break out without permission, the situation might be perilous for him. In addition, the distance between the company and school was too far. It would do him no good to get out of this place right now.

"You're always so annoying," Tommy grunted.

"What about you?"

"I'm heading that way, but I'm not sure if I can arrive in time," Tommy answered. He was sprinting to Nolen School C as fast as he could. His feet were already tired as he didn't have physical strength as well as Kanae, yet he forced himself.

"No need, I already arrived," Kanae suddenly answered.

Her feet stopped her movement right near the school. As she was still dressed as Rei, she quickly stepped on the gate and leaped in. The moment she came in, several men looked towards her direction. The next thing they knew was they couldn't feel anything anymore and their vision turned dark.

No one managed to react.

Forcing her legs to move faster, Kanae made her way to the second year's building. Those from the gangs that attacked the students were killed on her way towards the building.

"Rei, you're a monster," Shiro murmured. He saw how Kanae moved so quickly that only afterimages were left. It was the same speed she showed on the island. But seeing it by close distance was far more terrifying than from a large distance.

Kanae paid no heed to the voices from Shiro's side. At this time, she heard the loud sound from Laura's side.


Her heart fell for she hoped that they were still alright. She wouldn't be able to keep her calm should something happen to her sister. Taking out her sword, she used the pillar to jump upwards. The knife was pierced at the outer side of the first-floor ceiling. Kicked the inner part, she used the force to twist her body and jumped to the second-floor balcony.

Her feet arrived right near the edge. Balancing herself, she rushed forward. The Student Council Room was located on the second floor, so she could reach the place faster this way.


As she heard the loud clash again, she knew that the one in danger would be Alice and Laura. For a split second, her mind was thinking about letting them hurt Alice. If she was not here, Kevin wouldn't have a fiancée anymore, right?

Right? NO!


Kanae slapped her own cheek. How dare she think about it? Alice is her friend, and she would never let them hurt her. Even if that sudden arrangement caused pain to her heart, she would keep her friend safe.

"Stay behind me."

"No way, you might get killed if they decide to shoot right away."

"Can you fight?"

Listening to their conversation, Kanae steeled her resolve. She saw them not far from her, cursing at the door. The loud banging was clear on her ear.

Stomping on the ground, she accelerated towards the group of men. Her hand made a nice trajectory to the closest man, killing him right away. Before the second one could realize, she already attacked.

The other man was talking while looking inside the room when he suddenly felt pain. The last man behind him looked in terror as his friend fell to the ground. A loud scream came out of his throat, filling the hallway with a scream of horror.

In the next second, it was his turn.