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345 Knowing Will not Erase the Pas

 Panting, the two of them pushed the table to block the door. After that, they hide underneath the farthest table and used the chair to make a formation in front of them to block the vision of them.

"This should be enough," Alice sat down when she finished. She didn't bother turning on the lamp. She feared that they would know that someone was here if she did that.

Laura nodded her head. She sat in front of Alice and hugged her feet. The sounds of fighting outside the room hadn't ceased. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do to help them. She was not a skilled fighter.

"So, Alice, who are you?"

Alice looked back with a wry smile. "My name is Alice Ainge, I'm part of Ainge Clan, a hidden clan under Ryukalin Clan."

Laura looked towards Alice suspiciously. She heard a few strange terms today that made her rather confused. She knew Ryukalin Clan because it was a famous clan, but Ainge Clan?

"What is a hidden clan?"

"Hidden clans are those who were actually part of the clan, but they stand by themselves. They were created centuries or even more because of the rift in the clan. At that time, there were more than one people who were suitable to be the clan head, but only one person could succeed.

In the end, they chose to create hidden clan. It was a different clan, separated from the main clan it came from. However, this would not be the same as the usual division of clan. The hidden clan's territory would stay under the territory under the main clan. Or in other words, they didn't really have power.

Over the past centuries, the number of hidden clans has soared as they increased every time there was someone capable enough to be the clan head, yet the position was taken by others. Creating a hidden clan needed the approval of the main clan, and they needed to be present when the new clan head was chosen legally.

As of now, there were already more than 30 hidden clans in Ryukalin Clan. Many of them only have a handful of members as the clans never bothered to recruit too many people inside. They have to stay hidden from the real world.

Ainge Clan, my family clan, is just one of the many hidden clans in this city. We're not that big and strong. As we're part of the hidden clan, we never tell outsiders about our real identity," Alice explained.

Laura nodded her head. She could partially understand them as she had learned a bit here and there about the history of this place.

"Why are you telling me?"

"You ask, right?"

"You don't normally tell people just because they're asking, right?"

"You're my friend. I don't want to hide things from you," Alice answered slowly. "Do you hate clans?"

Laura frowned. It would be a lie if she said that she didn't hate the clan. After all, her parents died because of a clash of clans. Even if she didn't know who they were, she still didn't have that good of opinion towards a clan.

There were numerous clans in this city and Laura always tried to not be too prejudicing about them. Although she didn't like them, she still mostly treated them well as she didn't know who the one responsible to her parents' death were. When she found them, she would surely drag them to hell!

"My parents die because of clans," Laura answered truthfully.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Alice's eyes turned larger when she heard that. She never expected that Kanae and Laura have such a past. From the way Kanae behaved when the latter found out about her being part of a clan, she never expected for Kanae to hide a rather large secret.

"I'm sorry, I..."

"It's not your fault," Laura smiled wryly. "I don't know who's the one fighting that day and involve my parents, but I don't want to treat anyone differently just because of their background. After all, we have spent time together just as ordinary friends, right?"

Alice was surprised to hear what Laura said. A smile made its way to her face as she nodded her head. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me," Laura laughed. "I just learn from my sis to not be too prejudiced towards other people."

"Kanae is really amazing."

"Sis is obviously the best!"

Alice giggled when she saw Laura's eyes shone. There was no need for them to test it over again, it was too apparent that Laura has a sister complex. For this girl, Kanae is the most precious person in the entire world.

"You're really strong."

"I'm not," Laura shook her head lightly. If it was not because of her sister, she wouldn't be like this. It was Kanae who taught her not to blame everyone for their loss because blaming them wouldn't bring their parents back from their grave.

If not for Kanae repeated shower of warmth to her, she would have never been like this. It was not a secret that the Nali Family hated them to the bone, so she hoped from the bottom of her heart that she could stay with her sister like this. It was the presence of her sister that allowed her to accept the past and move on towards a better future.

Hatred and revenge could make them feel satisfied, but it would never change the past.

Her sister told her to not bear hatred to those who involved their parents because it was only an incident. However, Laura couldn't completely accept it. Even though she tried not to hate the clans too much, she just couldn't help but hate those who killed her parents.

The two girls smiled towards each other. Alice was exceptionally glad that she could stay as friends with Laura. Those who knew that she was part of the clan often moved away from her. They were too afraid to get involved.


The two of them closed their mouth. Their eyes were watching the door nervously. If the door couldn't hold them off, they would be big trouble.

"Stay behind me," Alice said as she prepared her balls.

"No way, you might get killed if they decide to shoot right away," Laura hissed her disagreement.

"Can you fight?"

Laura closed her mouth unwillingly. She couldn't fight, but she also didn't want to see her friend got hurt right in front of her. There must be a way out.


"The door is locked."

"Just smash it."

"I have been trying to kick it a few times."

"You're too weak!"


The door was shaking once again. Every single time the door shook, Alice's body tensed up. Her fingers were shaking as she knew that she would only get one chance. Should she miss, the one who might get hurt was not only her, but also Laura.

She didn't want that at all.


"You're too weak!" the door barely opened. They saw a table blocking the door. "Oh, there must be someone inside. Let's con... Aargh!"

Suddenly, the scream of horror filled the hallway.