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344 Targeted

 Nolen School C

"Sis is so annoying, she skips school again," Laura complained as she put her books on the table. She purposely picked this school so that she could stay with her sister, but in the end, she still rarely met the other party in the school lately. Her sister's schedule changed so greatly that it was hard for her to spend time with her sister.

Alice laughed lightly. "I'm sure she's just busy because of other matter. She doesn't really need school too."

"I know," Laura pouted. She just wished to spend more time with her sister rather than alone like this.

"Misae is skipping today too."

"I heard that she's still on a holiday?"

Alice nodded her head. She chatted with Misae a few times using their cell phone, so she knew that Misae was still away on a trip. "Her father brings her to a new place to ease that girl's mind. For the time being, she won't return back to this city."

"I hope she won't pester me when she returns."

"That's already a given, right?"

The two girls looked at each other as they recalled Misae's expression when that girl came to look for them to help in her lesson. It was rather hilarious and funny.

Laura looked towards the other seat. "What about Tommy? Have you heard anything from him?"

Alice shook her head. She was not that thick skinned enough to spend her time chatting with Tommy using her phone so openly. The last time she met with him was before the vacation, so she was unsure about that boy current condition.

"Maybe he's in the infirmary again?"

"Really? He barely passes the minimum score last time, right?"

"He spends more time practicing on the field rather than studying," Alice smiled warmly.

"You're right," Laura giggled.

Suddenly, they heard loud voices from outside the classroom. With a frown, they turned their head to the door.


The door was flying open. The frame was destroyed by that single kick, making the students froze in surprise. They turned their head to the door as two people walked in with a big gun on their hand. Because of the black mask, the students were unable to see their face, but they knew, these guys didn't have a good intention in coming here.

Laura gripped Alice's hand tighter when she saw these men. Her eyes showed a sharp glint as she stared at these men.

The first guy to come in raised his gun towards the student. "All of the students in class 2-A have to die."


His words caused the students to be extremely shocked. Who in the world did they offend to have the entire class subjected to a death sentence in the very first day they came to school in this semester?

Alice's eyes glinted with ruthlessness when she heard their words. The only possibility they came to this classroom was because of her identity as Kevin's fiancée. This new title she got would surely bring her numerous troubles as many people aimed for this seat.

Internally, she regretted coming to school today. She only came because she was tired to hear her father subjected her to train. He wanted her to be the perfect leader of the biggest clan in this city.

"Why?" one of the students couldn't help but raise his voice.

"Why?" The man crooked his neck. "Because I say so and you all are too weak to fight back."


As the gun started firing, the students screamed and hid under their seats. They crouched down, holding their head in hope that they would be fine. It was a complete nightmare to have them coming to school.

Alice crouched down and took out a small ball from under her sleeves. When the shooting ceased for a moment, she threw the ball towards the men. By the time the ball reached them, it glowed for a moment and disintegrated into dust, which covered them all.

Taking out a different ball, Alice smashed it on the floor, making dusts scattered around the area.

"RUN!" raising her voice, she pulled Laura's hand and sprinted towards the door along with the other students. They were frantically trying to run away for their lives.

"You..." the man was startled by the sudden attack. He wanted to move, but he found his body unable to move around. In the next second, his legs went limp. He dropped down to the floor with disbelief all over his face.

His friend was not any better. He was struggling hard to move, yet he was unable to do anything. "Can you reach your terminal?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I can't move my finger..." he found it harder to speak.

"We.... Need to tell them..." his friend said through gritted teeth. "The Ainge Princess is here."

By this time, the students scattered around in the corridor. They were stunned to hear the sounds of fighting from other places. The entire school was under attack from someone.

"Alice, where should we go?" Laura asked in a panic. From the window, it was apparent that the guards were also busy fighting. It was hard to say what would happen to them if they stayed in the open.

Alice's face darkened. "I don't know."

She couldn't fight. Hell, if she could fight, she would surely kick them out of the window. The only option they have was hiding. If they were lucky, they would be able to survive through this alive, but if they don't, they would be dead meat.

"Die!" a man ran towards them with his sword ready.

Alice pushed Laura back and took out another ball. Throwing it to the man, she quickly pulled Laura towards the other way.

"What's that?"

"Paralyzing and sleeping poison," Alice answered in a low tone.

Laura's eyes widened when she heard the word 'poison'. Who this girl in front of her exactly is? How could she use those poisons with ease like it was nothing?

"I'll explain later. We need to find a safe place," Alice noticed Laura's inquiring expression and her heart fell. She knew that it wouldn't be possible for her to hide this matter forever, especially in a dangerous situation like this. There was only one thing she hoped, Laura would be like Kanae and accepted the matter well.

Laura nodded her head. Her eyes noticed the familiar room near them. "Student Council Room is by our right. Let's hide there."

"That's a good idea."

With that, the two of them slipped in.