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 Wells Family Cruise

"Young Master, Old Master is looking for you," a servant bowed deeply in front of Jason.

"Father is looking for me?"

"Old Master asks for your existence in his place in an hour."

"I understand. I'll head there."

As the servant walked away, Jason turned his body around. He made sure the door was locked before he sighed to himself.

"Rei, can you go home by yourself?"

"Don't underestimate me," Kanae rolled her eyes. "You should focus on doing your job as the young master of Wells Family. The future of the family is in your hand."

Jason smiled wryly. "You should go home. Laura must be worried about you."

"I know. Don't worry."

The ship slowly made its way to the deck. Kanae slipped away when there was a chance. With light steps, she quickly made her way back to the mansion. Standing before the mansion, she looked at the gate in front of her.

Home sweet home.

Taking out the key, she walked into the mansion calmly. Her feet brought her to the living room where her sister was sitting. Upon seeing Kanae, a bright smile appeared on Laura's face.

"Sis! You finally come home," Laura jumped off from the sofa and leaped towards Kanae, hugging the girl tightly.

"Hey, hey, don't be so clingy."

"I miss you."

"I'm only going for several days. You don't have to worry so much about me," Kanae laughed out loud.

Laura pouted as she inspected her sister's appearance. She has complete limbs and there was no apparent scratch on her body. That's good.

"I'll make dinner for you."

"Let me help."

"No! How many times should I tell you that the kitchen is forbidden for you, Sis?"

"Come on; teach me cooking skill a bit."

The two of them argued before Kanae backed down. She sat down on the sofa as her hand reached for the TV remote. Turning the television on, she was startled to see the news about the island.

"...Behind me is the island where a battle against Ryukalin Clan happens. For those who don't know, Ryukalin Clan is the biggest clan in this city. As they're the biggest one, they also have the most numerous enemies over their reign years. Today, one of their enemies makes a move and launches a full-scale attack on this island.

From the reporters, we have the report of their members. Today is the gathering day for Ryukalin Clan, meaning there are a lot of people who come here. Those are experts..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Sis, what do you want for dinner?" Laura popped out her head.

Kanae immediately lowered the volume of the television. "You know that I'm not picky about food."

"You used to be a little picky."

"Don't worry, I can eat a lot, so you can freely cook."

"Okay, I have a new recipe I want to try. Just you wait, Sis."

Laura disappeared to the kitchen. Kanae turned her attention back to the television and increased the volume once again.

"...Ryukalin Clan has posted a hidden mission in the Black Market, which attracted quite a lot of experts. There are two missions, one is to protect the Clan Head and the other one is to kill him. Apparently, the first mission was accepted by Fiore Group, the current strongest group in this city. Their leader makes an appearance for the first time and showed his face to a lot of people.

According to the witness, this legend of the street was rather small for a guy. He has average height and average face, sorry for those who aim for him. However, his fighting skill is just like what the rumor says. There was a saying in the street about the leader of the three strongest groups.

Moving like a ghost,

Leaving no trace except bodies of the enemies,

No one ever notice him as his movement is too fast,

When you see him, you should just run because he's the legend of the street.

I believe that this is the famous saying about them, and the witnesses say that this is true because when they see his fight, he can move faster than what ordinary people can do..."

Kanae listened to the news with a frown. It might be good for ordinary people to be famous but not her. Her fighting skill that they acclaimed as great might become the one that brought her down if she gained the attention of the government.

Their description for her matched with what she showed off not long ago. Even though it was under the guise that she wore higher sole, it was still considered rather small for a guy. There shouldn't be anyone who took her picture, but it would be better for her if she didn't get out for mission for the time being.

'Oro, you better do something to suppress the news soon. I can't possibly get out as Rei if this keeps on.'

"Sis, you like to watch news now?" Laura walked in holding a tray. She placed it on the table. "Here are some apples as the appetizer."

"When did fruits become appetizer?"

"I just make it up since I don't have anything else," Laura shrugged. She murmured to herself. "If I know you'll come back today, I'll surely fill the refrigerator with foods."

"I need to know the latest news about this city," Kanae gave her excuse.

Laura nodded her head. She looked at the television in annoyance. "I feel like I'm hearing the name of Ryukalin Clan and Fiore Group a lot lately. They're getting very famous in this period of time."


"Yeah, recently there's news about them getting caught up in an accident in a hospital. I don't know the detail, but they say that it's an intense fight with each side nearly equal."

Kanae smiled wryly. She remembered that fight very well because she nearly late to help Kevin. Come to think about it, their strength rose up several folds in a matter of weeks. It was not even a month yet, but their strength has soared so much.

Their growth might attract more attention if she didn't tone down a bit.

The thought of the government paid more attention to her scared her. If they knew that she has awakened her ability a long time ago, they would surely aim for her. It was not something she wanted with the current power she had.


She needed more time to make sure that she could protect herself.

"There are some important matters lately," Kanae pushed down the thoughts in her head. It would be better for her to just enjoy the peaceful time she had with her sister. Other matters like this should just be pushed to the back.

"I heard about them as well. I just hope it won't affect us."

"I hope so too."

Laura looked rather worried, but she smiled again as she thought about their dinner. "I'm making chicken soup for dinner. Don't leave any leftover, Sis."

"Don't worry. I'll sweep the plate clean!"