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341 The Real Reason

 "Oro, can't you be calmer?" Kanae looked at Jason with a dark expression. Ever since she came to his ship, he was walking here and there restlessly. As he couldn't really help her in treating her wounds, she was giving herself first aid while he guarded the area.

"No, you're too reckless, Rei. Just a bit more and you might not be able to walk again forever," Jason replied in an annoyed tone.

Kanae smiled wryly. "I'm not that stupid. The location is far from my tendon. It won't affect my speed too much after it heals."

"Still, you're too reckless."

"You're worrying too much, Oro. You know that I have been living a life like this for nearly three years. Every day is a battle and we didn't know what the result will be," Kanae pulled the bandage calmly. Her hand was working speedily to cover up her wounds.

Jason watched as Kanae treated her wounds with a sigh. They already arrived back in his large cruise. The small ship would be too conspicuous, so he brought her here to treat her body and protected her from their search. There were not many people at this kind of time, but he worried that someone might see her here.

"Even without you protecting me, I can sense the people around us perfectly, Oro. There is no one around us," Kanae looked towards Jason. She leaned back on the wall. "Is there anything you want to know?"

"Last night, why did you let them know your appearance? Don't you want to keep it a secret forever?" Jason asked.

"I do. Don't you see how I dress up?"

"What?" It was at this time did Jason realize that Kanae looked different. She was wearing thick clothes, making her looked fatter than usual. In addition, her skin seemed darker and brown, which was not really obvious right now because of the dust around her. In addition, her shoes made her looked more than 10 cm taller than usual.

Wait, 10 cm?

Jason picked up the shoes with the high sol near Kanae's foot. "I don't think you wear this kind of shoes on daily basis."

Kanae rolled her eyes. "If I wear this normally, I won't be as short as I usually am. When I wear these shoes, I'll be nearly at the same height as Tom and Shin. Well, still slightly shorter, but I guess it's pretty similar. Do you understand why I show my appearance?"

"You... want to mislead them?"

Kanae nodded her head. Her name was already famous from a long time ago as the legend of the street. Only a handful of people knew her real appearance, and those people always gave the description of her being short and thin. This appearance would mislead them further to avoid them knowing that it was her.

"How do you fight with these clothes?"

"I train a bit. My sis wanted me to use shoes with high heels for the next party since I don't have to hide my appearance anymore. She forces me to train using them at home. I can use the thick one just fine, but those that as thin as needles are too annoying to more around," Kanae frowned.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jason recalled Laura and secretly laughed to himself. If there was someone whom Kanae couldn't refuse, it would be Laura. Whatever this little girl wanted, Kanae always tried her best to fulfill the girl's demand, with only a few exceptions.

"You're going to separate yourself from the Nali Family?"

"It's already official," Kanae answered. She took up her phone. "I got the confirmation message a few hours ago. From now on, I'm no longer part of the Nali Family."

"Finally," Jason laughed. "You have waited for this for a long time already, Rei. You get what you want."

Kanae smiled brightly. It was a long three years struggle for her to achieve what she wanted from the Nali Family. A simple wish, yet it took her a long of time to get. At the same time, she was glad that she finally got it. Now, they could register all of their belonging under her name, and the Nali Family wouldn't be able to take it again.

"It's only over after Laura's matter finished. I'm afraid the ripples started from this event in the Ryukalin Clan will affect the other families too. I doubt the Nali Family is going to let me off that easily," Kanae's eyes glinted with ruthlessness. If they dared to harm her sister, she would not hesitate to finish them off.

This time, she would not mind using the prowess she had gathered over time in the underworld. Even though they were not actually directed for Nali Family, she didn't mind using them to teach this family a lesson should they continue to bother her.

Until she could guarantee the safety of her sister, her fight with Nali Family has not been over yet.

"Whatever you want to do, we'll support you," Jason laughed gently. He stood up. "You should try to live a normal life too. Laura is worrying about you almost every day."

"Laura is worried?" Kanae raised her head in surprise. She had made sure that she always presented reason and others before telling her sister of her plan. Of course, every dangerous thing she did was not included.

Jason nodded his head. "I don't know what you feed her with, but all she thought every day is you. You're always the first priority for her in her every decision, which I guess you don't know."

Kanae nodded her head. She always tried to protect her sister from everything she did because they were always dangerous. With Laura being her only family member who cared about her, she could not bear to lose that little girl. Never did she expect that Laura thought the same about her.

Jason watched as Kanae contemplated. Because he has been visiting Laura a few times to help the girl, he came to know that Laura always tried to help her big sister by doing her best in everything she did. These two sisters didn't let each other know, but they were doing their best for each other.

Their bonds were something he envied as they completely wished for the other party's wellbeing.

"You two are truly enviable. I truly wish I can have a sibling who cares about me so much and I care about," Jason interrupted Kanae's thought. "Rest well. We're going back to the mainland this evening. You better be healthy when you meet with Laura or that girl is going to be worried again."

Kanae nodded. "Thank you for your help, Brother Jason."

Jason waved his hand. "You saved my life in the past. This little help is nothing much. What you give to me is much bigger and precious than this amount of money."

Kanae rolled her eyes. She glared towards Jason. "Stop spouting nonsense. I don't do anything in the past that requires you to help me back so much."

This time, Jason didn't answer as he walked out. She might not realize it, but his meeting with her changed his entire life. It was a change that he didn't expect it himself, but it gave him a completely different path. Without that one coincidental meeting, he would not be the same as he was right now.

'For her, it might just be an accidental lucky meeting, but for me, it worth everything.'

There was nothing really special in their meeting in the past. However, it was a meeting that should have never happened considering their difference in status and life. But they still met on that day.

Jason's lips curled up. He was glad that he decided to walk around the street on that day.

One single decision led to a fortunate meeting.

The real reason the three of them stayed in this group was none other than their leader. Other things mattered after that. However, it was precisely the very person who mattered the most that didn't know about that.