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340 Disappeared Without Any Trace

 "This should be the last one," Mike kicked the man in front of him. He sighed with relief when everything was over. He loved fighting, but not when they were being ambushed like this.

Neo nodded his head. "Boss, we need to treat your feet."

"Rei, you too," Kevin glanced towards Kanae's feet. It was bleeding quite badly as she got shot from the pieces of bullets before.

Kanae shook her head. She turned her body.

"Don't be ridiculous, you'll be dead if we don't treat you!"

As Neo attempted to catch Kanae, she already moved away from them. Her swift movement would make them question whether she was wounded or not. There was simply no sign of her being wounded. Neo's expression turned grim. Even when Rei was wounded hard, he could not catch this person.

"Don't touch him," Tommy panted as he dragged his tired body. He glanced at Kanae. "Can you return back first?"

Kanae nodded her head. In the next second, she already disappeared from her position into the dense forest on the island.

Seeing their interaction, Neo frowned. "He's wounded badly. Do you want him to die?"

"He won't die," Tommy sat down. His voice gave away his identity at once, so he was not worried about that. "For us, our real identity means everything. It will determine whether we can live an ordinary life or not in the future."

"I won't tell anyone."

"You won't, but your men will," Tommy added. "I'm fine because you already know, but I can't let you know Rei's real identity."

If they knew, he doubted that they would let her go. He knew that Kanae didn't want to live in the underworld forever. This was the very reason he had to protect her real identity from leaking out. Should someone know about it, her peaceful life would disappear, and she wouldn't be able to stay with her sister anymore.

It was something that Kanae would never want to happen.

"Neo, first aid box," Kevin ordered.

"Yes, Boss."

Kevin moved to Tommy's side. He sat down near the boy calmly. "Can you speak with the others now?"

"I can."

"Then tell Rei, I want him to meet with me when he recovers."

Tommy frowned. "That's impossible. He's not a free person."

Kevin looked straight to Tommy's eyes as he pondered his option. It was clear that it would be hard for him to meet with Rei so easily since the latter was adamant to protect his identity. Although he already knew his built, how many people have the same build with him?

It would be ridiculous to search for him based on that. Besides, the face was faked.

"I have another mission for him."

"I'll relay it to him later," Tommy answered calmly. Neo already arrived back with a box on his hand. He quickly opened it and searched for medicine as he got wounded quite badly.

"You should treat your wound first too."

"I know," Tommy was busy wiping his blood when he recalled something. "Right, where's Alice?"

"She returned yesterday."

"That's good," Tommy murmured to himself. His gaze was directed to his feet, making people unable to know his real feeling.

Neo has a complicated expression when he saw how Tommy behaved. Right now, he wanted to tell this young man about the truth of Kevin's engagement with Alice, but he was not in the position to do so. His eyes traveled back to Kevin, but the young man didn't even think about it.

Their men quickly arrived one by one as they cleaned up the mess on the island. Seeing the island changed so much, Neo sighed with sadness. He would miss this place very much.

"Tom, can you walk around now?" Mike asked.

Tommy nodded. "My wounds are not that bad. What about yours, Mike?"

"I'm pretty good."

Tommy nodded his head. He watched as Kevin directed his men to clean up the mess as he thought about Jason. This young master already slipped away when the fight started to cease. His sudden appearance and disappearance made them wondered if this man was truly here.

"Tom, tell me the truth, how did you manage to make face masks like that?" Mike asked curiously.

"It's a secret."

"Face masks are one of the most advanced weapons you have been using so far. I think, one of your members must be quite well off financially to fund all of these types of equipment," Neo walked with a smug smile on his face.

Tommy's face darkened. There was indeed one man who was well off financially, which was Jason. However, he would never say that to them.

"That's weird, wasn't a group is made because they lack money?"

"It can be like that at first, but things can change after two to three years, right?" Neo replied. He has finally gotten more leads about this group. This made him felt rather excited.

"I think, the biggest change that happens is a young man named Neo become much more annoying," Tommy sighed.

"What is your point, Tom?" Neo took out his gun with a dark expression. This brat was the most annoying one.

"Boss, they seem to be fine," Lou smiled as he looked at the three bantering boys. They acted as if there was nothing to worry about. It was rather refreshing to see after a series of hard battle just now.

Kevin nodded his head. "Can you find Rei?"

"The camera on this island is blocked off from the moment they attack us. There are no traces of him anywhere. It is as if he disappeared from this island," Lou answered with a weird expression.

They have been trying to find Rei's trace after the battle. However, they couldn't find any kind of trace. Even among the servants, there was no person with the same face as Rei. It was possible that he took off the mask, but they didn't find anyone suspicious.

Kevin thought about the matter as he recalled the way Rei disappeared. He walked away swiftly, using light step to head out of the place. Although it was quite reckless to go while having wounds all over his body, Kevin didn't try to hold him back.

"Any ship gets out from the island?"

"No, there are no nearby small ships," Lou thought about it. "There are several big ships nearby, though. Those from the four big families placed their ships not far from here."

It would be rather conspicuous if a large ship got near this island, so Kevin didn't want to think much about that possibility. Four big families?

At this moment, a conjecture was born inside his mind. But it should be impossible for someone from the four big families to spend their time in the underworld, isn't it?


"Lou, give me the list of people on the ships around here."

"Yes, Boss," Lou didn't understand why Kevin suddenly gained an interest to the four big families. As an underling, he would just follow what Kevin wanted.

Kevin gazed towards the ship. If Rei was not on this island, he should have gone out using one way or another. Those ships around here were the most suspicious one.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He wouldn't try to chase after Rei, but he would try to narrow the possibility of his identity. Someone at his level might become a huge threat in the future if going against him.