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339 Protecting and Be Protected

 Kanae was lying on her bed when she heard the sudden loud sound not far from her place. Her expression turned grim as she realized that Jason was correct. Showing the mere prowess of her wouldn't make them halt their movement.

She stood up abruptly and stepped out of her room. Several men suddenly attacked her. She twisted her body and avoided them all before attacking rapidly. Her swift movement caused the men to felt rather grim. She was too powerful for them.

"Rei, they're aiming for the hidden clan heads!" Shiro warned.

"I get it."

"Tom, where are you?"

"I'm on my way to their place. My compound is closer to them compared with Rei," Tommy answered. Sounds of slashing could be heard from his side as the young man made his way towards the place.

Seeing the large number of men attacked the hidden clan head's place, his expression fell. They were too many for him to handle by himself. All he could do was trying to protect them and battled with them.

"Shin, is there any other people who sneak in?"

"Ryukalin Clan didn't only hire us, but also other experts. I believe some of them protect Kevin while the others are against him."


Shiro aimed at those powerful men. With the current distance and their rapid movement, his accuracy dropped drastically, but he still managed to wound most of them fatally. His assistance proved to be rather useful as he managed to turn the situation favorably toward them.

"I already reach the island," Jason declared.

"It's rare for you to arrive so quickly."

"I'm on my speedboat," Jason defended.

"You're on your speedboat at dawn?" Tommy was rather speechless. This rich person simply didn't know that he had broken the heart of this poor person over and over again.

"I'm preparing myself. If they want to attack, today is the best time because many of Kevin's followers are going to stay for the gathering. After today, they'll return back to the mainland and attacking during the day is ridiculous, so the only option is between midnight and dawn."

"Kevin's followers don't stay here," Kanae suddenly spoke up.


"Those who stay here are mostly those who get the bribe or abstain. Kevin ordered them to go home yesterday and convince them that he will be the one to face against the enemies."

"If it's like that, why they still attack the hidden clan heads?"

"I'm not sure, but I guess this is the miscalculation on their part since the one who hires these men might not be the same with the one who arranges the clash with Kevin on the hearing."

Jason was looking towards the group of men before him with a frown. He truly didn't understand, how could Kanae know that they came from a different person? Did she know their plan beforehand?

Contrary to what the others' thought, Kanae didn't head to the hidden clan heads' place, she was heading to Kevin's place. As she had expected, there were more people who attacked this place too.

"Boss, move back!" Neo reloaded his gun and aimed at the men before him. Mike was holding them off while he would finish them using his attack.

Kevin frowned when he saw the unfavorable situation. He glanced to the others. "Where are the experts?"

"They're protecting the hidden clan heads."

Lou was busy fighting outside as there were more people who attacked them. Suddenly, he noticed that they were not as overwhelming as before. From the corner of his eyes, he saw someone else was fighting.

Kanae moved to the middle of the men. Twisting her feet, she made circular movement and slashed forward, eliminating those who stayed near her. In the next second, she stepped forward once again and avoided the attack. Her hand thrust forward as she killed more men near her.

Her efficacy in the movement showed just how much she had trained her body. There were not even any useless movement as she moved passed the men. Just then, she heard a loud blast not far from her.


"Lou!" Neo was shooting towards one shadow rapidly. The movement of the man was too fast for him to handle. It was simply too fast that only afterimages were left. If this continued, this man would reach Kevin first.

Lou was about to move when another man blocked his way. The power of the block was much greater than an ordinary person. His face turned grim, he knew that he had to face this person head on before reaching out to Kevin.


Kevin unsheathed his sword and used it to block the advance of the man. The man leaped back and attacked again, clashing to the sword that Kevin held rapidly. Firmly blocking the man's movement, Kevin analyzed the man's movement.

The two of them clashed with one another, each strike was stronger than the one before. Kevin noticed that the man was faster than him, so he held his ground firmly and made sure that he has more than enough power to contend against this man.

As the man jumped around to create afterimages around Kevin, Kevin focused on the real one. When the man charged forward, Kevin sidestepped and made a slashing movement to kill the man.


Neo's smile turned wider as he saw Kevin's movement. "Boss, you're growing much stronger!"

"I can see that."


They heard a loud explosion as the wall crumbled. The three of them quickly sprinted towards the door and windows. They have to make it out before the building collapsed.

Dust filled everywhere as they got out of the building. Because of their momentum, they fell to the ground. Kevin looked at his legs with a cold expression. His legs were stuck on the one of the stones. He could barely move from his position when they heard rapid gunshots.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


"Boss!" Neo yelled in panic.

Kanae already stood beside Kevin, using her sword to block the gun. Trail of blood appeared from her lips.

'I got shot.'

It was only pieces of the shoots, but it was big enough to harm her. Forcing the feeling of pain down, she took Kevin's gun and aimed to the man. The man was moving exceptionally fast, but in her eyes, he was slow.


With one shoot, the man was killed immediately.

Neo crouched down and helped Kevin to move the boulder. His heart was racing loudly. Why was there no information that Rei could use a gun? That perfect shot startled him very much.

"Thank you," Kevin said calmly. He moved to Kanae's side swiftly and fought alongside her to face the others who still attacked them. During the time Kanae held on, he managed to free his legs. Despite the pain, his cold expression showed none of them and only the indifference and ruthlessness were left.

This time, there were no more experts, so their fight turned much easier.