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338 Gentle Tone

 "Master, have you known that she's an awakened from a long time ago?" the young man asked when they returned to their room. Master Rudy had personally cleaned up the room to avoid anyone hearing their conversation. There was rarely anyone who dared, but he didn't want to take the risk.

Master Rudy sat down on the chair. "You know about the awakened, right?"

"Yes, Master. They're people who already awaken their potential to the fullest."

"How well do you know about this so-called potential?"

The young man frowned. This potential was something that was hidden very deeply from the people in this city. Those who knew the information about them was very rare and scarce. Luckily or unluckily, he was part of those who knew about them.

"Everyone is born different. They will inherit genes from their parents, and these genes can be categorized further into stronger genes and weaker genes. Sometimes, some incredible genes will be passed to their children, giving them higher potential than ordinary people.

Normally, those potentials won't hinder them from living normally. Many of them will be slightly more talented than other people, but that's all. There's nothing abnormal from them.

But potentials are not only limited to this. They can achieve greater things based on how much one person inherits it or get it from an external factor. Even when their parents are ordinary, it's possible for their offspring to show greater potential because of several other factors."

The young man stopped for a moment. He looked towards Master Rudy with expectation.

Master Rudy sighed. "You're not wrong, but it's incomplete. Do you know that normal people don't usually use their fullest potential?"

"Yes, they can't use it. Some of the potentials are too great for their body to handle. It can even lead to craziness because there is too much information in their head. At the same time, many people become cripple because they try to push themselves for more than they're capable off."

"Your knowledge is not bad. But it's not fully complete because you should know that some of their special ability might make people term them as a monster and not human anymore."


The young man had heard the possibility of some special rare case when they would awaken special kind of power that was out of the norm. These kinds of people would never be accepted in society where everything should be based on science.

Their power would only cause them to be ostracized.

"I have heard of them, but I never see one."

"Really? Then your eyesight is really bad."


"Among them are awakened people, who manage to jolt their potential awake and force it to give them more ability to learn faster," Master Rudy added. "They can develop faster, but at the same time, they have to train their own body to match with their surge of newfound potential released."

The young man nodded his head. When one's potential was opened up, it would give them much more power. They could easily learn things, they could become stronger faster, they have higher perception, or anything else that was their real potential.

"When one awakens their potential, if it's only ability in terms of learning, there's no need to worry so much. The only thing that they have to do was practicing and using the power to make their body used with it. But if it's a potential related to their physical body, they have to match up with the increase of power since the day they awaken their potential might be their grave if they're not ready to accept it.

Of course, there are a lot of other ways. Even without training your body directly, they can still survive as long as they endured the pain. The growth for each person would differ, including the effect and process.

Some of them would get a leap of strength each year on the date that mark their awakening date. It could last for several years until the growth became steady or practically nonexistent."

The young man shuddered. If Kanae was not ready, did it mean she would die?

"Are you worried about your little junior?" Master Rudy laughed.

"Master, it's not funny," the young man frowned. "What if something truly happens to her?"

"Nothing will happen."


"Her potential might be one of the greatest I have met so far," Master Rudy heaved a sigh. "Those who can get stronger on the date they awaken their prowess are the real monsters. When the potential is fully released, the only one who can stop her is those who have the same height of potential with her."

"She can get stronger even without training?"

"Yes, but it's a slow process," Master Rudy laughed. "I think, in a few months' time, you will have to tell her your real name."

The young man showed a bitter smile. Their potential would limit their achievement. It might sound unfair for those who had lower potential, but that was just how things work in this world. Not everyone was born with the same potential. The only thing they could do was work harder to match with those who born with a silver spoon.

"Master, I envy her now."

"Don't be," Master Rudy closed his eyes. "The burden of those who awaken their power is bigger than those who don't."

"Master?" the young man was startled to hear the sad tone from his master. How the awakening process was to make him showed that sad expression?

Kanae returned to her room calmly. No one tried to block her way as she walked. Seeing how they were respectful, Kanae sighed internally. She would never wear the same face mask again after this. This attention was too much for her.

As she walked to her room, she noticed that the camera had disappeared. They seemed to make it clear that they wouldn't snoop into her business.

"Rei, how's the feeling of being famous?" Jason joked.

"It's weird. I don't like it at all," Kanae answered. She sat down on her bed. "Oro, do you think they'll still make an attack after I show them my prowess?"

"Adding one person won't change their plan too much. If they plan to attack, they will surely do that tomorrow."

"I see," Kanae nodded her head. She closed the special phone as she put it on the side. The battery wouldn't hold that long if she kept them on all the time, so she decided to put it on rest.

Time passed swiftly as she spent them to rest in the room.

When it was near midnight, she took her real phone out and made a call.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


"President, how are you today?"

"It's good," Kevin answered in a gentle tone. As he was staying in his room alone, no one could see that he had a smile plastered on his usual cold and unfeeling face.

Kanae smiled as she listened to his gentle tone. Having the chance to hear this tone after suffering from his cold aura made her felt rather refreshed. She pushed the scene from before to behind her mind as she didn't want to disturb her own mood.

"Kanae, happy birthday."

"Happy birthday to you too, Kevin."

It was nearly midnight, so saying it right now was rather appropriate. Kevin smiled as he listened to her voice. Even though only several days passed, he had missed her tender voice.

"Do you want any present, Kanae?"

"There's no need to prepare expensive gifts, President. The necklace you give me last year is already good enough."

"That's last year."

Kanae thought about it. "Then I want to meet with you again."

Kevin didn't immediately answer. He couldn't come to the school anymore as he had to focus on his lesson completely. "I'll make time for you in the future."

"What about you, President? Do you want a birthday present too?"

"I'll accept anything you give me when we meet."

Kanae frowned. "Are you sure?"


"Okay, I'll think of something."

The two of them chatted for a few more minutes before they ended the call. Having the chance to talk with the other person again made them felt calmer and satisfied.