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337 Stealing the Limeligh

 "Amazing," Alice muttered under her breath as she saw the man fell to the floor. Her hand was gripping her father's clothes as she wanted to stay close with him in fear that she might get hurt.

Nico was also looking towards Kanae with a solemn look. That one attack already told him a lot of things. Even if he was the one who fought against Rei, he might not win against her. It was simply too fast and precise.

"She improved once again," the young man by Master Rudy's side grumbled. He thought that he could finally catch up to that girl, yet the fact proved otherwise. She just kept on staying further and further away from her.

Still, he felt that it was rather weird. Her speed has grown so much again even though her growth should have slowed down. It was only a week or two rest for Kanae, yet she kept on improving.

"There's no need to be so vexed. Martial art is not your focus too."

"I know, Master."

Although it was not Kanae's position to attack the man again, she still did it swiftly. Considering the man's attitude, she knew he would kill himself before they could extract information. The best way was to knock this man out to ensure that he wouldn't run.

Lou arrived by Kanae's side. His eyes were scanning the small person beside him. From built alone, one wouldn't guess that this person was the famous legend from the street that many people hailed for being a genius.

"Thank you."

Kanae nodded her head without any intention to answer. Lou knew her real voice, and she hadn't mastered the technique to completely change her voice. To be safe, it would be better for her to not talk at all.

Megara lowered his rod and walked towards Kanae. Mike was still standing on his position as he didn't know what to do. Seeing how Kanae moved to protect Kevin so swiftly made him compared to himself. Against Rei, he didn't even hold a chance to fight against her.

"You're quite great, Rei," Megara stood before Kanae. "How much they pay you to protect him?"

Kanae looked back at the man before her. His height made her has to look above, yet she didn't even care about what he wanted to offer to her. If it was a mission to go against Kevin, she would never want to do it.

"Are you a mute?" Megara frowned.

Kanae shook her head and turned around. Seeing her disregarded him like that, Megara felt annoyed. He swung his metal rod straight to Kanae's head.

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The rod was caught firmly by Kanae. She turned her head slightly and looked towards Megara with a pair of cold eyes. Seeing that chilly expression on her face, Megara could feel a chill running down from his spine.

'I'm not even using my full power, why do I feel afraid of this person?'

Megara frowned as he inspected himself. He tried to pull back his rod, only to find it stuck in Kanae's hand. The power behind the grip was much stronger than what he thought, making him understood that the person before him was not to be underestimated.

Kanae opened her palm and walked back to her post nonchalantly. Seeing her calm attitude, the others were rather perturbed.

The one who assigned the servants felt cold sweats were pouring out on his face. 'It's over, if he wants to take my life, I can do nothing about it.'

How could he know that one of the people he treated arrogantly was one of the best fighters on the streets? This realization caused him to feel deep fear for what Rei might do to him if he bore grudges.

"Let's end this here," Neo spoke up. He expected the gang to show up, but the one who appeared was instead the very leader of Fiore Group. No wonder the letter was delivered without anyone detected him. With this person prowess, there was no doubt that he could do it without any problem.

"It's a good show, Clan Head," Master Rudy laughed. "Since it's still evening, I would like to have a spar with this young man first."

Kanae rolled her eyes secretly. This master of hers truly didn't know self restrain. However, she liked his personality very much. It was rather refreshing to have him like this.

Kevin nodded his head. "Those who are busy can return back to their house. The others may stay here to attend the discussion tomorrow."

The people dispersed one by one. Their attention was no longer on Kevin nor Megara anymore, but Kanae. At this time, the previously inconspicuous young person has become the center of attention.

Megara watched the development with a grim expression. This was rather unexpected. He wanted to have their attention to him by showing off his fighting power, but a random person stole the limelight instead. Thankfully, that person didn't have much relation with their clan.

As he walked to his ship, he took out his phone. "Make a complete search about Fiore Group. I don't want them to side with Kevin."

"Yes, Boss."

Megara frowned as he thought about the previous clash. It was unexpected for a person who only grew up on the street to be as strong as him. The legend of the street proved to be rather true this time as he realized that there were more experts around.

"The other two legends from Hunter Group and Lore Group, I wonder if I can poach them."

Inside the hall, Kevin finally stood up. He looked at Kanae and walked towards her slowly. Stopping before her, he examined this young person. Although she was shorter than him, he could feel the emanating power from her rather clearly.

"Thank you for today and the previous time."

Kanae nodded her head slightly. She didn't want to talk to him at all.

After saying that, Kevin turned his body and walked out. Neo already kept the cloth inside his clothes as he followed Kevin outside the place. Mike held a complicated gaze, but he also followed suit.

"You're growing faster, little brat," Master Rudy laughed as he approached Kanae.

Kanae nodded her head. "It's all thanks to your guidance, Master."

Master Rudy pondered a bit as he inspected Kanae. It was rather true that she experienced a huge leap in her prowess rather suddenly. Just a few days ago she was still far from the current her. What has happened during this time?

"Little brat, today marks the date you awaken your potential, am I right?" Master Rudy suddenly asked.

Kanae was stunned. A smile made its way to her face. Her master was too sharp.

The young man's eyes narrowed when he heard Master Rudy's claim. Everyone was born with different potential. An ordinary person with slightly higher potential can do some things easier. For example, they might be able to memorize things faster, learn faster, or something similar.

Those with higher potential would be able to progress faster. These people were what they usually called as a genius. Some of them were at the level where they could be accepted in the normal society with slight rumors here and there about his ability. But those who were at the level beyond the normal might face the opposite; they have to bear with people fearing them.

Lastly, there was one more type of rare people: people with awakened potential. Although it might sound ridiculous, there existed a few people with special kind of potential in this city. Only those who had awakened their potential would be able to utilize their ability to the fullest. As their potential differed with one another, their ability might even be something that society couldn't accept.

Their ability and potential would be linked greatly with their bloodline and gene. This was the very reason that some people tried to keep their family bloodline closely linked to one another in hope that they would be able to produce someone with the possibility to awaken their potential.

However, this awakening process didn't happen to everyone as it would depend on their own mentality and environment.

Besides, this matter was kept a secret from other people with only several of them knew about it.

"Master is correct," Kanae admitted willingly.

Master Rudy sighed. "I don't know if I should congratulate you or not. Anyway, you should keep it a secret."

"Yes, Master."

Even without him saying it, Kanae already knew. Those with awakened potential might be chased for her entire life because many people coveted her prowess. It was exceptionally true to those people who already made the move decades ago to gain the power from these special people.