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335 The Clash between Two Geniuses

 "We come here because in this gathering, we'll decide who will be the clan head," Neo spoke out. "All hidden clan heads, please gather in the middle as they voice out their opinion."

The men gathered in the middle, leaving the youngster on the side. Seeing their massive number, Kanae was rather stunned. If each of them was experts, they would surely able to overrun the entire city with their number and power.

"There are more than 20 people there," Shiro commented.

"There are around 30 to 40 hidden clans in Ryukalin Clan as the result of several generations' separation," Jason informed. "Not all of them are experts, but most of them have the same skill as Tom, at the very least."

Tommy was looking at the group of men in front of him rather speechlessly. If each of them has the same power as him, it will be a death sentence if he tried to fight with them. Not to mention, there might be those with higher power hidden among them.

Lou gave them the paper, and they wrote on top of it. It was a rather traditional method that was invented long ago. They only kept doing it as it was the tradition of their clan.

'Master, do you need to have scorn on your face?'

Kanae was looking at Master Rudy. The latter has scorn on his face at the sight of this tradition being held again. It was clear that Master Rudy hated coming here just to do this simple gathering. Of course, there would be a hearing should the result was not more than 50% chose Kevin.

Master Rudy looked towards the paper on his hand. There were only three options available:

1. Support

2. Disagree

3. Abstain

As someone who hated this kind of thing, his answer was obviously (3). There was no need for him to think so much as he picked his answer and collected the paper back to Lou.

"Even without counting, I'm sure that more than 50% will disagree."

The voice of a young man caused the hidden clan heads to turn their head in curiosity. They saw a young man, around the age of 20 stood with his hands inside his pocket. He was standing leisurely with one foot as the pivot and the other one stayed near him. With a mocking expression, he looked towards Kevin.

"Even you know that the result is unfavorable, right?"

Kevin looked towards the young man without any change in his expression. This young man was the biggest competitor for the clan head position. Even if this young man was not from the direct lineage, he was showing his potential in the fight to be rather high. When these two clashed, their prowess was always about the same.

"Megara, we need to wait for the result, aren't we?" Kevin answered calmly.

The young man, Megara, sneered. He had been waiting for a long time for this gathering to happen. Now that it was already in front of him, he couldn't wait to see how this would go.

"Sure, as you say, Clan Head," Megara purposely stressed out the word 'clan head'. It was apparent that he wanted to take over Kevin's position using his own prowess and so on.

"It's time to count," Lou announced as he started to count. They were waiting for Lou to finish with anxiousness. Several elders were standing by Lou's side, ensuring that this young man didn't cheat in the counting.

By the time it was finished, they were already impatience with the result. Lou turned his head to the people. "37% agree, 21% abstain, and 42% disagree."

The crowds roared in surprise. They never thought that the number of people who disagree would be more than people who agree. This was rather a huge blow as it meant that the majority didn't support Kevin.

On the other hand, Kevin's eyes narrowed. It was not the best result, but it was already good enough. With Megara snooping from behind, he had to work harder to make sure that it was not above 50%. Thankfully, he still has time to reclaim his authority.

Half a year.

In half a year, he would show Megara that he had the power to unite the clan. It was the time to fully focused on the clan's matter now that he had reached the age and no longer preoccupied with other matters.

Megara's lips twitched a bit. A dark and ruthless glint appeared in his eyes. He had bribed most of them to disagree, but it seemed that Kevin managed to pull more people to his side.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Not bad.

This meant that this young man would prolong his time for another half a year before the next gathering. It was only if they all agreed to it.

One of the hidden clan heads laughed. "Clan Head, this means you're going to step down, right? There are more people who disagree with you being a clan head. It's to be expected from a young man who can't do anything aside from inheriting his father's hard work."

Another one chuckled. "Indeed, you're too young. You should just leave it to someone more experienced."

Lou's eyes sharpened greatly when he heard the insult. He knew that the result was unfavorable, but insulting Kevin was the same as asking for a death wish. There was no way they would be forgiven if this was the usual time.

His hand was already shaking from the anger he held. Anyone who showed disrespect to Kevin was unworthy to be here.

Megara raised his head. "Oh? Should we pick a new clan head right here and right now?"

"I agree. This result is too embarrassing."

"You should just step down, Clan Head. The position is not for someone like you."

"You're right."

More and more people expressed their thoughts. Those were people who disagreed with Kevin as they had received a lot of money. For those small hidden clans, the money worth very much. They couldn't resist the temptation.

"We can just nominate an elder to replace him."

"It's very much suitable."


The loud sounds silenced them all immediately. At the center of the hall, a part of the floor was wrecked, showing the ground beneath it. Near the breaking part, Master Rudy was standing silently.

"You're all ridiculous. The rules are 50% and if it's not reaching that point, we have to wait for another half a year. So, shut your mouth. My ears are buzzing with your pointless arguments."

The majority of people shut down immediately. They all already heard about Master Rudy infamous name as a scary martial artist. This man was a complete maniac that didn't care about anything other than power. Things regarding money and others mattered too little for this man. Even this gathering might be a troublesome thing for him.

"Since Master Rudy has spoken up, we shall follow," Megara cupped his hand and bowed politely. His eyes turned slightly cold as he knew that to win the heart of the people in the clan, he needed power. Only those who were strong have their say in this matter.

Master Rudy snorted. "You, youngsters are too arrogant. You all should train 10 more years if you want to surpass me."

"..." why did it change this way?

Those who already knew Master Rudy personally secretly facepalmed. This man was the most arrogant among them all. However, he did have the right as there were only a few people who could match Master Rudy in strength. Even those who were stronger than him didn't necessarily want to fight with this cunning old man.

"I admit that I'm weaker than you, Master Rudy, but I'm sure that I'm stronger than him."