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333 Dispute over the Sea

 As Kanae was still shocked by the sudden revelation, Alice walked forward with a gentle smile on her face. She looked towards Kevin respectfully and bowed down formally.

"Alice greets the Clan Head."

Kevin looked towards Alice. "Do you have any disagreement with the arrangement?"

"There's none, Clan Head," Alice answered. Her demeanor was calm and collected as if she truly wanted this to happen from the very beginning.

Seeing his daughter's response, Nico was very satisfied. This would be the time he could get higher position with his daughter being Kevin's fiancée. In addition, if he helped Kevin through this dark moment, it would be very beneficial when Kevin won.

In a way, this was a bet.

As Alice was standing calmly near Neo, Kanae was trying her best to suppress her emotion. Ripples appeared underneath her eyes. Kanae lowered her gaze to the ground. Years of suppressing her feeling caused her to be able to calm down in mere seconds, hiding her real emotion behind a mask.

At the same time, she felt that something was breaking loudly inside her. It felt hurt even when she was not hurt physically. She didn't understand. Why did it feel hurt so much just from the realization of Alice being the fiancée of Kevin?

Because she still turned the special phone on, Tommy and the rest could hear what she perceived too. Compared with the calm Kanae, Tommy was shocked senseless. He nearly dropped his tray if not for a table near him.

Using his other hand to support his weight on the table, he tried to sort out his feeling. While it was true that he didn't want to get so hung up on a woman, he still felt that it was rather heavy. The realization of Alice having a fiancé broke him faster than when he knew about her status.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

'I can't possibly contend with him, can I?'

Compared with Kevin, what could he do? Kevin was better than Tommy in nearly every aspect. Family background, money, capabilities, named it and he would surely have to admit that he was not a match. Facing with this reality, Tommy closed his eyes and pushed his feeling far away. He didn't want to let this affected his work.

"Clan Head, I disagree!"

The shout of a woman caused the other members to turn their head. They tried to make it as inconspicuous as they could because they could guess who shouted.

A woman in her teens was walking forward in large stride. Her red and black gown flowed gently around her as she walked. Her appearance was extremely beautiful that she could clearly match Alice. However, she looked like a charming mature young lady rather than the doll-like Alice.

"Who... is that?" Tommy spat out words slowly.

Sensing Tommy's tone, Jason frowned a bit. He didn't want to meddle on his teammate personal matter, but he couldn't let it affect his work.

"Her name is Celine, she's another hidden clan head's daughter. From the news I collected, she's quite famous as a beauty in the clan. Many people do their best to protect her thoroughly," Jason read the content of what he searched. "She's 15 right now, so her age is quite suitable if she wants to be Kevin's fiancée too."

Kanae was stunned speechless. 15? With that build this girl has, she wouldn't be surprised if she heard that this girl was already 20, but 15... was clearly out of the question.

While the two of them were shocked by the woman's appearance, she already arrived in front of Kevin. Her father was standing beside her with a smug smile on his lips.

"Celine greets Clan Head," the beautiful woman, Celine, bowed down formally.

"Stand up," Neo was the one doing the talk. He looked towards Celine with an unfeeling gaze. "Why do you disagree?"

Celine didn't like the harsh tone Neo imposed since she wanted to talk with Kevin. But knowing that Neo's standing was still higher than her, coupled with him being stronger than her; she didn't try to fight back. With a bright smile on her face, she answered.

"We all know that Alice is incapable to fight due to her weaker constitution since youth. Since it's the case, shouldn't a woman who can fight by your side be the one to accompany you, Clan Head?"

Hearing this woman's claim, Alice just smiled gently. The insult that was thrown to her face didn't affect her in the slightest. Her hand moved to her side, preparing her for a battle if it was needed. "I'm sure that Miss Celine already knows that I'm already growing stronger for the past couple of years?"

Celine sneered. "Even if you're slightly stronger than ordinary people, even an outer member will be able to beat you just fine."

"I believe that's not the case," Alice replied in a calm tone.

"Would you like to try?"

The two girls were staring at each other as sparks ignited inside their eyes. They were ready to have a bout right here, right now, should it be needed. Their action showed how the position as Kevin's fiancée was of great importance in this clan.

"There's no need to fight, I won't change my decision," Kevin interrupted. His cold voice caused the people around them to quiver. It was mere words, but it carried on his authority as the Clan Head.

"Why?" Celine was rather dissatisfied. She couldn't believe that Kevin would choose this young woman rather than her. She was stronger and greater compared with this young lady.

"My father already made the promise when I'm young. It's my duty to follow what he arranges for me as his only son."

Kevin threw a lie out of the bat without any hesitation. Even though he knew that it was merely an excuse, it was already more convincing than no reason. Besides, there were several girls in the clans who were capable of fighting other than Celine. If he wanted to, he could just make the announcement for them to clash with one another.

The excuse of promise with his father would be the hardest to break in front of the others.

As Kevin had guessed, Celine didn't know how to refute to this one. She sent a death glare towards Alice before bowing down unwillingly. As the future Clan Head's wife, Alice would be able to receive much more than ordinary hidden clan head's daughter. In addition, the respect she earned was much more than before.

"Celine understands, Clan Head."

"You're dismissed."

With a gaze filled in hatred, Celine turned her body. Her father was standing near them, but he didn't have any intention to help. After all, he had no say in this matter. He calmly walked behind his daughter.

"Celine, be patience. It's better to wait for the clash to happen."

"Dad, he's far stronger, isn't he?" Celine pouted. She was destined for greatness. How could she accept only become an ordinary hidden clan head daughter? She wanted much more.

"It's not known yet. You should just wait," Celine's father said in a low tone. His eyes were showing ruthless glint. If Kevin lost, they would just take the advantage to switch side. It wouldn't be too late.

Celine nodded her head. "But I'll still pursue him."

"Father understands."

"Thank you, Dad."