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332 Fiancée

 Many more people started to come into the hall. Kanae finally noticed another person she recognized: Alice.

At this time, the Alice she saw was completely different compared with the one she used to know. Alice was wearing a finely red dress embodied with gold vines engraving. The style was such that it perfectly complimented Alice's body, making her looked far more attractive than usual. Compiled with her extraordinarily beautiful doll-like appearance, she was exceptionally stunning.

A gentle smile was plastered on her face as she stood behind a big man. Seeing how the man was respected all over, it was clear that Alice's status in the clan was rather big.

This time, Alice didn't act like usual. She put on a gentle front and refused the advance of the youngster around her gracefully. One might question her if she was the same person with the one they met on the daily basis. The contrast was too much.

"She's really beautiful."

Tommy murmured unconsciously. When Alice appeared, his eyes were locked into her immediately. The beauty that Alice showed to him far surpassed what he usually saw on that girl. Without knowing it, he had stared at her for a couple of seconds.

"Earth is calling for Tom," Jason interrupted.

"Ah," Tommy snapped back to reality. He quickly moved back to the kitchen in embarrassment. That was truly embarrassing. To think he would lose himself when staring at a girl.

Jason laughed silently. "Tom, you can't possibly get close to her right now."


"Alice is the daughter of a hidden clan head. She would become the next clan head if she didn't get married, and if she did, her husband will be the one to become the clan head," Jason explained.

His fingers were busy typing on the screen as he enjoyed lying on his bed. It was rare for him to take days off, so he stayed in his room to complete his work as part of Fiore Group and also, experiencing the peace without his men asked him to work over and over again.

It was easy for him to find information about Alice as he had full attention. Previously, he didn't bother searching any as they didn't have any relation with her. However, right now they have to know a bit about her because she was part of the Ryukalin Clan.

"Hidden Clan Head's daughter," Tommy murmured to himself. His hand was busy taking the plate on top of the tray as he recalled his meeting with Alice. No wonder he always thought about Alice to be a rather protected girl, yet she has much more knowledge than normal people.

"If you think you're qualified to be a clan head, you can continue pursuing her," Shiro interjected. He yawned as he looked towards them through his lenses. "She's quite a beauty herself, so you might face a lot of competitors who wants her to be theirs."

Tommy frowned. He never thought about continuing their relationship further than that. It was true that he enjoyed the girl's company over the time he spent in the school, but this thought never crossed to him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

His mother's figure appeared on his head, making his brow creased deeper. He didn't want to experience the same thing with his mother. Pursuing one person relentlessly to the point he became unable to live without that person would only destroy him.

He hated that thought.

"I don't know," Tommy answered with a low voice. He did like her, but he wouldn't overstep the bounds and allowed himself to be fully preoccupied with the thought of that girl.

Jason didn't say anything else. He continued searching for those members of Ryukalin Clan. Except for the hidden protector, most of them were easy to find. Some of the hidden clan head hid their identity, but many of them chose not to and let others knew that they were part of the Ryukalin Clan.

'10, 12, no 15, there are too many experts in Ryukalin Clan.'

He always knew that Ryukalin Clan is the strongest clan in this city, but he didn't expect that their number of experts were this much. Should they have a fallout with this clan, he was pretty sure that even if the other clans helped them, they would stand no chance.

At the same time, the Ryukalin Clan was facing with an internal dispute, which halved their prowess. Still, if they faced with a strong enemy outside, there was no one who could guarantee that they wouldn't band together.

'You can offend anyone but Ryukalin Clan,' Jason chuckled. Just a few weeks ago, the same words were given to their group because of Kanae's prowess and insane mission. Now, he gave the same evaluation to this biggest clan.

"Talking about Hidden Clans, there's one more thing that you might want to know," Jason was still busy typing on his laptop as he recalled something. "Especially both of you, Tommy and Kanae."

"What is it?" Tommy asked.

Kanae focused her attention on the listening device. Because she was placed close to the leaders, she didn't dare to speak as it might let them know that she has some other missions here.

"Clans take pride in keeping their direct lineage bloodline powerful, so they have to search for those who have great power for marriage or something like that."


"...Tom, should I smack you on the head?"

"I'm just asking!" Tommy nearly shouted as he was annoyed with Jason. From the man explanation, this was the direct conclusion he got.

"No, they're not aiming for that," Jason rubbed his forehead. He would remind himself to give a lesson to Tommy later. "What they're searching are those who have far relation or other special ability."

"Special ability?"

"In short, both pairs are powerful," Jason chose the simplest explanation possible for Tommy. This idiot would make him grow exceptionally impatient if this continued.

"Is that applicable for hidden clans too?"


Jason recalled the information he got not long ago. There was news that the hidden clan head's daughter would be paired with the main clan's next head. Unless they have close blood relation such as cousins, grandniece, or something like that, this practice would be used.

He was uncertain of the relationship inside the people in the clans, but he knew that a lot of hidden clans were already eligible. Because of the passage of time, the blood relation grew thinner or their hidden clan head has changed.

Jason planned on telling the two of them of this matter, but he didn't know whether the current Ryukalin Clan would use this practice or not. Even though every powerhouse was keeping each other in check, they were not doing in-depth check for private matters like this.

As Jason was busy checking on Ryukalin Clan, Neo was watching the people around in displeasure.

"Boss, there are a lot of people who didn't respect you," he said with sullen tone.

Kevin's expression didn't change. "It's to be expected."

Mike was looking towards one person with interest. "Boss, Tom is staying among the servants."

"Who else do you see?"

"The one who accepts our mission numbered many, but those who manage to come here only one group and one gang," Neo answered. He already got the confirmation sheet from these two, so he could say for sure.

"It's more than enough," Kevin answered calmly. He didn't expect those second-rate people managed to come here. Their famous name as the strongest clan was not for show. If many ordinary people could come here as they liked, it would be rather shameful for them.

"Also, the other side might invite more experts here," Neo gave his speculation with a grim expression. Those experts who sided with Kevin were not too many, so he couldn't fully rely on them.

The three of them stopped talking as one of the hidden clan head stepped forward to greet Kevin. It was not necessary, but there were some people who did it out of courtesy or have other intention.

"It's a great pleasure to be able to meet with you, Clan Head," the man bowed down formally.

Kevin waved his hand. "What is it, Hidden Clan Head Nico?"

The man named Nico straightened his position. He smiled towards Kevin. "Clan Head surely remembers the rules about those with the position of Clan Head need to have fiancée or married when they take over, right?"

It was a written rule for their Clan Head to have a partner because life as part of the clan was dangerous. It was made this way to ensure that they would still have a new successor by the time the Clan Head passed out due to incidents or so on. After all, it was not rare to have a young clan head passed away.

"I remember."

Nico's smile turned wider. "In the past, your father promised me that you'll be the fiancé of my daughter. Are you willing to fulfill the promise, Clan Head?"

"I'm willing," Kevin answered calmly.

"It's decided then," Nico chuckled. He was worried that Kevin wanted to take back the promise since his father had passed away. However, it seemed that his worry was unfounded. "Many thanks to Clan Head."

Kevin nodded his head. "Since Alice has become my fiancée, it'll be better for her to stay not far from me."

"It'll be as you wish, Clan Head."

On the side, Kanae nearly toppled down to the floor. Even though there was nothing hitting her, she felt her knee went weak. If not for her fast reflex, she might have truly fallen to the floor. She had never expected this to happen. With her post being near them, she could hear their voice very clearly and the realization stunned her.


Why did it turn out to be Alice?