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330 Gathering

 Kevin looked towards the paper on Neo's hand with a calm expression. "They're the first one to come?"

"It appears to be so," Neo answered. "Do you want me to do a clean checkup to the people who already arrived on the island?"

"There's no need for that. I'm sure that more people will come here soon," Kevin answered calmly.

Neo nodded his head. There were a lot of extraordinary fighters who accepted the mission, so he would not feel surprised if they came here one by one. Although there were many mediocre people too, the experts numbered quite a lot.

"Boss, your quest has come," Mike informed.

"Let her in."

"Yes, Boss."


Finishing the talk with Jason, Kanae closed her special phone again. She turned her head to the bathroom as she walked inside. Looking at her appearance in the mirror, she nearly laughed once again. It was not her real appearance as she didn't dare to come with her real face.

For this mission, she and Tommy prepared a special face mask that would hide their real countenance. This face mask made her looked like a young man while Tommy's face mask made him looked like an adult. This perfectly hid their countenance.

However, they have to be careful when doing their work because the face mask made them unable to sweat. If they do a menial job that required a lot of work, their identity might get found out.

Washing her hand and the face mask, Kanae got out from the bathroom again. There was still more than enough time for her to rest before the gathering began, so she lied down on the bed and closed her eyes to sleep.


"Shin, are you already in position?" Jason asked after he had closed the communication with Kanae and Tommy. Due to the two's position, they couldn't talk for a long time with each other.

Shiro yawned. "I'm already in the designated place, Young Master."

Jason's face darkened. "Do you have to mock me during time like this, Shin? Just focus on your job."

Shiro shifted his position as he looked towards the island located hundreds of meters from his location. There was no suitable location near the island where he could stay, so they settled with him being the sniper at a faraway location. As for the place they chose, it was a tall building.

As Shiro couldn't possibly bring his gun openly, he sneaked into the secluded place of the building and watched the island. The place was rather annoying for him, so he was feeling displeased.

"I'll be happier if you can open the access to one of the rooms here, Young Master."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Like I say, you can't do that. The window at the higher floor can't be opened, and I can't risk you making a hole just to place your gun. It's too conspicuous!"

"You should have prepared a bed in this place. It's rather annoying,"

"Shin, don't test my patience."

"Mr. I'm always late, I'm not testing you, I'm just annoyed that you three get beds while I have to lie down on hard concrete all day long!"

Jason couldn't refute that. Their position in this job this time required Shiro to stay in the most uncomfortable place compared to the others. This caused the man to feel rather annoyed at the discrepancy of their post.

"Just endure it. I'll give you some of my share of the money."


"..." Why did he feel that all the teammates in his group were all money lover? However, he knew that it was precisely their condition that drove them to build Fiore Group in the first place, so their love for money was inevitable. His case was rather special, though, as he didn't need money as bad as the others.


Time passed ever so slowly as more people came to the island. Kanae was lying down peacefully when she suddenly heard Jason called her.

"Rei, can you hear me?"

"What is it?"

"Master Rudy comes to the island."

Kanae nearly abruptly sat down when she heard about Master Rudy came to the island. She already knew that Master Rudy was one of the Hidden Clan Heads, but she didn't expect him to come here. It seemed they gather required those from the hidden clan too.

'This is rather unexpected.'

Now, she had to be more careful in her action as Master Rudy was one of the few people who knew her rather personally. This would allow that man to recognize her faster than usual people.

"Try to avoid getting into contact with him."

"I understand," Kanae murmured, barely opening her mouth at all. The corner of her eyes was looking towards the camera at one of the corners in her room with cautiousness. She had to be careful to not make them suspicious about her.

Among all the people she knew, Master Rudy was one of the people who met with her personally for a long time. There was little doubt that she would be able to deceive him. Of course, she had to try as she didn't want them to find out about her real identity so early.

"Also, there might be some things that you have to be prepared for," Jason's voice sounded hesitant.

"What is it?"

Jason thought of how to deliver the news to the girl as he sighed silently. "There are several ways to gain followers. If you're not powerful enough, you will have to think of other ways."

Kanae really wanted to arch her eyebrows. She didn't understand why Jason suddenly talked this. "What are you talking about?"

"Some of the means that they use might not be something you accept."


As Kanae was confused by Jason's sudden topic, she heard the bell rang. It was the signal for the servant to gather. The preparation for the gathering has begun.

With a swift movement, she climbed down from the bed. Cleaning up her appearance a little bit, she made herself looked more presentable before walking out with a large stride. Her eyes scanned the surroundings as she watched the other servants got out from their room.

"Gather here!" a man yelled.

As though they were trained soldiers, the servants quickly made their way to the point that man pointed at. They were trying their best to not make any mistake as every single mistake might cost them their life. This place would not allow them to make any mistake.

Kanae's eyes caught Tommy standing not far from her. Although the latter has changed his appearance with a face mask too, she still could recognize him easily because of his build and his habit. This realization made her frown as she didn't wish her identity got leaked out.

"We'll divide your work right now. Come forward and take the plate. It'll randomly assign you for your work."

Tommy was standing near the man, so he quickly rushed to take the plate along with many others. When he got it, he quickly read it and nearly cursed out loud.

"I get food serving."

He purposely said it in disappointment tone, not loud enough to let them hear, but enough to allow the others knew. This position would make him move around a lot, and he might not have the time to pay attention to suspicious people. However, this was also a good position because he would be able to travel a lot.

It was Kanae's turn. She took the plate and looked at the words written on top of it. Her eyes shook when she read the words there.

"I get the core member drink serving place."