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329 Role in the Mission

 The location for the gathering happened to be in a secluded island not far from the mainland. Although the location provided them with many advantages from attack, it was also a dangerous place. If they didn't stay careful enough, this might become their grave.

This particular island has a lot of coral and rocks under the water. Their location was hidden, and no one would be able to find them if they were not familiar. In the past, numerous ships had crashed because of those rocks. Because of that, this was the best layer of defense against incoming ships.

Unless they knew the safe route, no one would be so stupid as to try getting close to the island except if they want to sink their ship.

Kevin arrived in the island using a large ship. It was easy for him to find the safe route as he has the map aside from the numerous people that worked for him. He looked towards the other two beside him. "What do you think about the people who accept our mission?"

"There are a lot of good fighters," Neo answered. His facial expression changed into that of a smirk. "But if they can't even surpass our defense to infiltrate the island, they're not qualified enough to come here."

"Will they give a mark if they arrive here?" Mike asked curiously.

Neo nodded his head. "I already arrange it. If they can't even come here, they can forget about trying to protect Boss. There's no way they can outdo the others that easily."

"Let's head inside," Kevin pointed to the mansion not far from them. The gathering would happen in one of the buildings on this island but not now. There was plenty of time he had to rest.

"Boss, do you want to meet with some of the representatives?"

"I already call those whom I want to meet."

"I see."

Aside from the core member of Ryukalin Clan, a lot of people were coming to the island, including those who accepted the mission. Many of them didn't manage to pass the first layer of the defense, earning them a ticket straight to the ocean. This caused many of the fighters rueful as the qualification that Kevin set to them was too high.

In the servants' section, they were also recruiting more people to help with menial jobs. Every applicant had to submit their report and their life story, making the process quite long and meticulous. Those with a questionable background wouldn't be able to pass.

Aside from that, they were also asked questions regarding their background to prevent them from lying.

"You say that you come from the south part of the city, what is the specialization of that area?"

"In the recent time, the south part is specializing in tourism and attraction to gather more people coming. Before that, this place is more of a historical place as there are a lot of places from historical event in the past happen."

"What is your reason for applying for short work here?"

"I heard that I can get a lot of payment within short time, so I come to apply here."

"Why do you need a lot of money?"

"I need to pay tuition for my family. We're living poorly and it's hard to earn a living by working decently."

"Don't you know that working here is dangerous? A little guy like you won't be able to survive for a long time," the man looked towards the young person in front of him with a frown. Even if this kid managed to answer everything correctly, he might get trouble if he hired a kid.

"A little danger is nothing. I'm a resilient person," the young person answered with a smile on her face.

"Alright, little guy. Here's your pass and post."

"Thank you, Sir!"

After taking the pass and the paper from the man, Kanae read the content of the information. As she mixed both the truth and fake things into her report, it was easy for her to memorize them. All she had to do was acting to make sure that she appeared to be an ordinary boy here.

Her acting might not be top notch, but since she has been living poorly for quite some time, it was easy for her to match the profile and answered the question.

"Where's your belonging, little guy?" the second man asked.

"Here," Kanae handed her bag. It was a rather small bag as it only consisted of clothes and some basic necessities.

The man inspected the content for a few minutes before returning the bag to Kanae. He didn't find anything suspicious from what Kanae showed to him, so Kanae passed the guard quickly.

While lining up to wait for her room, Kanae's gaze swept around the island. It was not a large island as she could see the sea not far from them. However, the island was protected with large corals around them, making a huge natural fortress around. There were several buildings on top of this island with the big hall located at the very center.

The building for the servant was naturally located near the edge of the island. It was the most uncomfortable place, but no one dared to complain. With their status, it was obvious that they wouldn't get any good place.

"This is your room key."

Kanae took the key and headed to her room. Upon seeing the room with the window facing the sea, she nodded with satisfaction. She always liked the view of the ocean, so getting this room was surely the best.

Leaning into the window, she acted as if she was interested in the view. Her body blocked the hidden camera from seeing her expression.

"Tom, have you gotten on the island?" Kanae asked.

Tommy noticed that his phone vibrated. He carefully placed it outside the range of the camera near him. "I'm inside the island, but my place is quite far from the luxurious building."

"It's fine, I'll head there."

"Are you sure?"

"We need to submit our name to him, right? I have to make sure that the name of Fiore Group is not forgotten," Kanae smirked.

"Rei, be careful," Jason's voice rang out from the phone. "I'm staying not far from the island. It's going to be hard to move around with so many guards around you."

"Who says that I'll be the one to deliver the letter? I already give it to them," Kanae rolled her eyes.


Kanae smiled slightly. When they came here, there were also several of the people who were tasked to serve the people in the main mansion. She conveniently glued the letter into the back of one of the men. From the way she placed it, it would only take a few minutes for the glue to wear off and dropped to the floor.

This way, she could deliver them with ease.

Jason sighed as he listened to Kanae's explanation. "You're the best when it comes to tricks."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I only apply what I learn."

"I believe that you have learned tons of underhanded tricks under Master Rudy."

Kanae smiled wryly. She couldn't refute that because she knew that her master was famous because of his resilience and infuriating tactics. In the battle where Master Rudy was at disadvantages, that cunning old man would use every means in his disposal to guarantee his win.

"Anyway, are you sure that you can stay in that place continuously, Oro? Won't your parent ask you to move," Kanae's eyes landed on the nearby cruise near the island. It was an expensive cruise and even an idiot would know that it belonged to Wells Family by the huge emblem by the side.

Jason nodded his head. "I'm the one conducting the meeting, so it's up to me about the location of the cruise. More importantly, you two have to be careful."

"I understand."


As the two of them chatted through the special phone, the letter already arrived in the main building. As Kanae had predicted, the letter fell down to the floor not far from Kevin's room. Neo, who was watching the camera, quickly noticed the letter on the ground.

"Mike, there's a paper near the door outside. Can you take it?" Neo asked.

Mike opened the door and crouched down. He picked up the paper and handed it to Neo. "Do you drop it?"

"No, I'm not the one dropping it," Neo answered. He unfolded the paper as their clan logo appeared on the first half of the paper. In the second half of the paper, two words were written neatly.

'Fiore Group'

Neo smirked. "Tell Boss, our first quest already infiltrates the island successfully."