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328 Erase My Name from the Record

 Government Office

It was supposed to be an ordinary day for him in the office as the people here worked lazily. Waking up early and answered the demands of their customers.

"It's another problem with their passport? You should just handle this one," the man said to the woman beside him.

The woman groaned. "You're just too lazy to move, aren't you?"

"You know me the best, Honey."

"Don't call me that way," the woman hissed. "Take care of the other customers. I'm going to handle this one."

The man nodded his head with a satisfied feeling. As the one who had worked longer, he had more say in this matter. He quickly put up a professional smile to the other customer.

"Welcome, is there anything that I can help you with?"

"Yes, please. I wish to have my name out from the record of my family."

The man was startled when he heard this request. It was rare for anyone to ask having their name erased from a certain family's record. It was not impossible, but who in their right mind would resist the temptation of inheritance? The story would be different if she came from a poor family, though.

His thoughts darted around to many possibilities as he nodded his head. "I understand. Please write down your name, reason, and the other necessary documents."

The girl handed out a stack of papers. "They're all here. My name is Kanae Nali."

"So it's Miss Kanae" the man's voice trailed off when he heard her surname. It was one thing for ordinary people to ask for their name written off from their family, but it was a different matter when it came to the four big families.

Who in their right mind would refuse the inheritance that single name could provide them? Just because of a name, they could easily live an easy life in the future.

The man felt that he was dreaming. There must be something wrong. Why did this girl want to get out from the Nali Family so much?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Miss, are you sure that you want to get out from Nali Family?"

He would not feel this troubled if it was a small family, but this family was completely different. Thousands of people wished that they were born in this family, and yet this girl simply thrashed the name as if it was not important.

"I'm sure," Kanae answered calmly.

Hearing the calm and resolute tone, the man nodded his head. He was only doing his work, so he had to finish this work. However, his heart felt heartache at the thought of the money this girl would refuse by getting out from the family.

"When do you wish for this to be finished?"

"If it's possible, I want it to finish in two days because it's going to be my 17 birthday."

17 years old? The man was stunned to hear that she had only reached the legal age and yet she wanted to get out of the family. He couldn't understand the thought of those from the big families at all.

"I understand. I'll send the confirmation to your email by 31 December. Is that fine, Miss Kanae?"


Finishing the matter, Kanae walked out of the office. She heaved a sigh of relief of the fact that she could get out from the Nali Family soon enough. However, getting out of the family was not the end of her trouble as it would only mark the beginning of them.

Her hand reached out for the special phone in her pocket. Since it was connected to her glasses, she wouldn't need to take it out if she wanted to talk with them.

"Oro, has the Ryukalin Clan issued their mission?"

"Yes. How do you know that they're going to issue mission to protect them during the gathering?" Jason asked with a tone of astonishment. He was staying at his home and checked the black market when he stumbled into the mission. This mission provided them with a lot of money, but it was going to be extremely dangerous.

"I have the inkling that they're going to use more experts as a precaution," Kanae answered calmly. After the attack to Kevin before, she knew that they have a lot of people who aimed for Kevin's head, including those from inside. Since they didn't know who they could trust inside, they might want to try searching from independent help from outside. This was the very reason she knew that they would surely post a mission.

"So, we're going to accept it?" Tommy asked with surprise. "I thought that you wanted us to get away from the Ryukalin Clan, Captain."

"I say that in the past," Kanae answered. "But I can't let them in danger, can I?"

Shiro sighed when he heard Kanae's tone. Couldn't she just say the real reason? However, he didn't mind it at all because he also wanted to be present during that important gathering. That single gathering was going to change the face of the underworld very much.

As someone who stayed in the underworld's area and lived by their rules, Shiro wanted to make sure that he could stay alive in this place. It might be dangerous, but he wanted to participate.

"Whatever your decision is, I'll support you, Rei."

"Yup, even if you wish to accept the most dangerous mission there is, I'll follow after you, Rei," Tommy added.

Kanae laughed. "If I pick the most dangerous mission, I doubt you're going to survive, Tom."

"Don't belittle me! I'm stronger than you think."

"I believe you."

"You don't sound you did, annoying Shin."

"Stinky brat!"

Kanae: "..." the same pattern again?

"Anyway, let me explain the content of the mission. The gathering will take place on an island on the northeast of the city. In that island, many experts from Ryukalin Clan is going to gather around together. Considering the security, it's impossible for an attack to happen unless it's from inside."

The other three frowned when they heard it. The meaning was clear, they have to guard Kevin and the others from someone inside the clan. However, it was unclear whether it would be an outside party sneaking in or someone who came directly from the clan. That was the hardest thing to determine.

"This is not an ordinary mission. Even those beside us might attack us in the next moment before we can realize who attack us," Jason warned.

Kanae smiled. "That's why this is going to be an interesting mission, isn't it? Are you all ready?"



"Who do you think you're asking this to?"

Jason smirked. "Tom, take care of yourself. You're not going to survive if you don't."

"You Mr. I'm always late, do you think you are any better?"

"Oh, I'm not like a stinky brat who always fails his mission."

"Who fails? I don't fail them!"

Kanae rolled her eyes as she silently prayed. After arguing with Shiro, now Tommy argued with Jason. Couldn't this brat fix his attitude?

In the end, it took them a long time to make a clear role for their mission in the clan gathering.