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327 It becomes Spacious

 Days passed peacefully as Kanae rested her body and stayed at home. She only went to the company when her wounds already mostly healed. She didn't want to make the others worried about her condition. Unlike the usual days, the top floor seemed crowded with more people today. Kanae wondered if there was a meeting today.

"You arrived quite early, Kanae," Neo waved his hand energetically. He was bringing a box of cookies on his hand. "Do you want some?"

"Thank you," Kanae took one of the cookies. "Is there any meeting today?"

Before Neo could answer, Mike came out of the meeting room. The big man was startled to see Kanae here. "Kanae, I thought you won't return back so early."

"This is already 28 December," Kanae reminded him. She already skipped work for nearly three weeks. It was supposed to be only two weeks, but her body didn't fare well enough in the battle, giving her a lot of bruises and wounds. The old masters on the streets didn't give her any handicap, thus it was a hard battle. This added a few more resting days for her.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"True enough," Mike muttered as he recalled the date.

"You have not answered my question, Neo."

"Today is the last day Boss will stay here. He gives the last arrangement in a meeting just now, so many of the board directors come to the meeting room. The meeting was over around a couple of minutes ago. He's currently in the washroom, so you have to wait for him," Neo answered as he placed the box of cookies on the table in front of him.

"Today is the last day?" Kanae was startled.

Sense of loss suddenly washed her over. She never thought too much about her work in this place as she only came occasionally too. However, the thought of coming here without Kevin staying in his office made her felt a bit lost.

Why did it feel not right?

She wanted to come here to work. At least, that was how it was supposed to be. Now, it seemed that she didn't only come here because she wanted the work, but also because she would see the others.

"Yes," Kevin's voice sounded from behind. He looked at the girl in front of him with a complicated smile. After this, he wouldn't be able to see her as often as now anymore. He wouldn't be able to come here so often.

"I see," Kanae answered in a low tone. Her eyes darted around for a second. After a slight hesitation, she decided to ask the question she wanted to know the most. "Will you come here again in the future?"

Kevin didn't immediately answer. He was not sure that he would be able to have the time to spare in the future. He had to face a lot of people who eyed his position in the clan aside from settling the matter with those who killed his father.

Building this company was only something he did to aid him financially. Because of the massive repair cost, their clan suffered a lot of loss. He had to use up a lot of money to make things go well.

After that, he decided to build a company on his own. Although he didn't have any plan to continue managing the company for a long time, it lasted longer than he thought. Now that he no longer has any time, he placed the company in the hands of his subordinates.

Seeing her hopeful gaze, his eyes softened. Even if he didn't have any time, he can make time for her. "I'll come here occasionally."

"Okay," Kanae nodded her head. "I wish you the best, President."

The two of them looked towards each other for a few seconds before they retracted their gaze away. As Kevin was busy cleaning up, Kanae walked to the office. Her seat was still by the edge of Kevin's table as usual. She sat down silently as her eyes watched the man outside the room.

They were busy cleaning up the important documents and many others. As Kevin would leave this place, he cleaned up his personal belonging. Aside from his, Mike and Neo also took theirs away. This caused the hallway of the top floor to be extremely crowded.

After this, this place would become empty.

"Kanae, you can work first," Neo slipped his head from a gap on the door. "There's not much work to do, so you can finish it by yourself if you want."

"Alright, I get it, Neo."

"If you're hungry, you can call me too," Neo grinned. "There are still enough cookies in the box for you."

Kanae laughed. "Sure, I'll eat them when I want to."

As Neo slipped back to his work, Kanae started to do her work in the office. Her finger typed on the keyboard as words appeared on the monitor. She worked as efficiently as usual, but her concentration didn't last for a long time.

Her eyes darted to the seat beside her: the seat that belonged to the president of this company.

She never felt this before, but the seat beside her seemed to be very spacious. Usually, Kevin would sit there and gave her direction or asking this and that. Now that he no longer sat there, she didn't like to sit here alone. Although in the past he occasionally left the seat because of a meeting, those were only short breaks.

She felt more aware that he would not sit here anymore in the future. The realization seemed to hit her rather greatly right now.

'It becomes spacious.'

In the first place, she accepted the position because she could eat for free. That annoying president gave an offer she could never reject. How could she reject free delicious foods that were offered to her?

Things were different now. She no longer needed the money that badly as her income from the black street was already more than enough for her living. In addition, her sister's work granted them more money to spare for other things. This allowed her to eat much more freely compared with before.

As a result, she didn't have to work here anymore for her living. Yet, she felt that she wanted to come, so she did. She thought that she liked the job here, but the real reason was not because of the work.

'I miss him sitting here.'

A wry smile appeared on her lips, painting a picture of a lonely young girl. She had finally realized her own feeling when he was no longer here. The real reason she wanted to come here often was no other than the man who usually sat beside her and accompanying her during the work time. It was fun.

Really... she realized it when it was too late. Why should she realize it now? Why not before so she could treasure her time here more?

Her eyes darted back to Kevin's back outside the room as he was talking with the others. No, it was not too late. It was for the best. With their difference, it was impossible for them to be together. Those thoughts were nothing but a dream.

Kanae closed her eyes as she tried not to think too much anymore. Even if she tried to chase after him now, she no longer has the chance and time. He would live in a completely different world.

They couldn't meet at school anymore.

They couldn't even meet in the company.

Going to Ryukalin Clan's residence was clearly out of the question. There would be a lot of people around that place, guarding or just simply linger around. For a girl to walk alone in that place was clearly seeking for trouble, and she didn't feel like showing off her real identity on the street.

Their path no longer crossed each other.

Having the chance to experience all these memories should be enough for her... Hopefully.