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326 You’ll Surely Achieve Your Dream

 In the end, they ordered some foods to eat for dinner. As it is Laura's birthday, the two of them spent their time in each other company for a long time. Laura finally fell asleep in the living room.

"If you're tired, you shouldn't force yourself too much, you brat," Kanae laughed when she saw Laura already slept peacefully. Seeing the peaceful expression on her little sister's face, she didn't have the heart to wake the girl up.

Carefully, she circled her arm below Laura and picked the girl up gently. Her movement was extremely slow and tender as if she was afraid to hurt the sleeping girl. After she had ensured the position, Kanae made her way to Laura's bedroom.

Their bedroom was placed near each other. Upon seeing the room filled with numerous paper and books, Kanae sighed to herself. Many of those books were about sweets. It seemed that her sister was taking the matter of the company very seriously aside from the fact that she knew that her sister loved sweet ever since they were young.

Putting her sister on the bed, she made sure that the blanket covered Laura's body. Her hand caressed the girl's head a bit, which made Laura moved her body due to the sudden interruption. Laura's eyelid moved slightly, but it stayed closed. Kanae spared a few seconds to watch her little sister before she walked around the room.

Many of the items were placed neatly. She glanced towards the bookshelf by the side. It was filled with numerous recipe books about sweets and so on. There were also some business books, so she knew that her sister has started to learn about them too.

'You're very hardworking, Laura,' Kanae picked up one of the books as he muttered in her mind. The two of them kept silent of their personal hardship and only shared some of them. It might not be the best, but they didn't want to make each other worried.

Some things were better left unsaid.

'I'll make sure that you can achieve your dream, Laura.'

She walked out of the room carefully as she scanned the mansion. Because she hadn't been here for some time, it was the time to check them up again. There might be some people who wanted to take advantage of them. Upon careful inspection, she found more than one listening device again.

It seemed during the time she was away, they already placed more devices to check on them again.

'They sure don't give up easily. Well, don't blame me for being ruthless again,' Kanae thought internally as she crushed the device on her hand. Thankfully, Jason had sent her the list of the new listening device models that some people might use, so she could recognize them easily.

With ease, she destroyed most of the devices, leaving only one in the small room. Placing a recorder by the side, she played the record of their useless conversation years ago once again.

Her lips curled up in satisfaction. She hoped they loved her present for them.

On the other side of the line, the man nearly vomited when he heard the sounds of girls joking around again. For the first time in his life, he felt that his job was not fun but annoying.

"Hey, are you alright?"

"Can you make a call to our client? I want to give up on this job."

"Why? I thought you already work hard to plant them a few days ago."

"That's true," the man sighed. He thought that he could hear an important conversation, but what he heard all day was gossips. He was already nearly driven to crazy when he heard them previously for months. Now that he started to hear their gossips again, he held the urge to throw everything in front of him.

The man beside him looked confused. "If you're tired, you can ask the others to replace you for a few minutes."

The man laughed dryly. He had done that a couple of times months ago. However, no one wanted to replace him in listening any more. They always prided themselves when they managed to hear an important secret from the device, especially if it was a deeply hidden secret.

Unfortunately, the biggest problem he has was the listening device didn't capture anything important. All he heard all day was either gossips or nothing at all. This nearly made him annoyed.

If it was not about sweets, it would be the new film episode.

If it was not about their lesson, it would be about their teacher.

If it was not about their annoying friends, it would be about an interesting film.

If it was not about the foods they had eaten, it would be an argument of the food they would eat.

Who in the world would have the patience to listen to them every single day? They could probably guess the relation these two had with their friends, but the point was, the friends they were talking about came from Junior High. It meant they were talking about the past.

What was the point of knowing useless childish dispute between Junior High students? It was only annoying teacher, annoying friends, and many others that were not important.

Heavens! He truly didn't understand how these girls could stand talking about these useless matters for hours. Thankfully, they didn't stand in front of him, or he would have the urge to smack them.

At this point, sounds of laughter came from the listening device. He buried his head on his palm. Heaven, who did he offend to have him endure this torture?


Shiro's Clinic

Kanae slipped out of the mansion and made her way to the clinic once again. Seeing that Shiro was still busy tending Tommy, she calmly walked inside. Her eyes landed on Tommy, who was bruised all over.

"What are you doing to get that many wounds, Tom?" Kanae asked suspiciously.

Tommy sighed. "Don't ask it. I get trapped in the snow when there's a battle between two gangs. As a result, I have to fight the two sides."

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"I just twist my leg a bit. With some rests, I'm going to be alright."

Shiro looked towards Kanae with a frown. He pointed to the other beds. "Sit down, you're also wounded hard."

"Not really."

Kanae sat down as Shiro checked her arm. He frowned when he noticed that Kanae got a fracture on her ribs plus numerous bruises all over her body. From the way this girl walked around just now, no one would have guessed that she had these many wounds on her.

"With this kind of body, I'm amazed you're still alive."

"Why does it sound you're cursing me to die?" Kanae rolled her eyes.

Shiro shrugged. "You're fighting against those from the deeper part of the underworld, right? Your skill is not up to par yet, so you're bound to get a lot of bruises. If this keeps on, I won't be surprised if I hear that you die in their hand."

Kanae didn't retort back. She had only visited a few of them before Master Rudy instructed to her that it was enough. With her current skill, she was still not the match for the truly powerhouse of the deeper part of Black Street. She could contend against some of the weaker ones, but not all of them.

Tommy snorted. "Idiot doctor, do you want her to die so early? You should just go and accompany her to that place, so you can treat her."

"And lost my life?" Shiro's face darkened. He pressed Tommy's hand who got bruised.

"AAWWW! OUCH! You idiot doctor! What are you doing? It's hurts."

"If you don't spout nonsense, you won't get hurt."

Tommy frowned. "Demonic doctor."

"Willful brat."

Kanae: "..." can you stop your argument?

In the end, the treatment for Kanae lasted longer because these two couldn't keep their mouth to themselves. They didn't seem to be willing to back down as they exchanged words to each other.