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324 Deeper Part of Black Stree

 The party ended after the dance session. Some of the students still stayed behind because they wanted to enjoy the food, but most of them already got home earlier.

"Sis, are you going to come home today?" Laura asked.

"I'll see about it later," Kanae smiled wryly.

Laura nodded her head. "I'll just head to the company now, okay. You don't mind if I spend the night there, right?"

"Just make sure that no one else is in the same room as you and you lock down everything."

"I understand," Laura replied hurriedly. She knew that Kanae might list out every single thing she had to do if she didn't stop her sister quick enough. After all, Kanae cared for her safety very much.

"Take care of yourself, little girl."

"You too, Sis."

Kanae walked to Kevin and the others again. She noticed that Kevin was still waiting for her patiently.

"I already ask the board directors to gather in the company," Kanae said slowly. "They're waiting for you to give the direction of the company after your absent."

"I know," Kevin smiled warmly. Neo already informed him that he and Kanae arranged for a meeting today because Kevin already recovered. They needed to make sure that the employees were not worried about their president, so they gathered them today.

"Let's head to the company."

The four of them arrived in the company rather quickly. Kevin quickly attended the meeting with Neo while Kanae and Mike stayed outside the room. They waited for the meeting to be over.

"Mike, will President still stay here later?" Kanae suddenly asked.

Mike arched his eyebrows. "This is his company, why shouldn't he be here?"

"Well, you all come from Ryukalin Clan, so I think you're going to be busier there later since the clan will experience a lot of changes," Kanae answered hesitantly. This was not her place to ask, but she was rather curious, so she couldn't help it.

When he heard about it, Mike froze. He didn't expect Kanae knew about their real position in the Ryukalin Clan. Although he knew that this girl was exceptionally smart, he thought that she would never know about it. Well, on second thought, it was impossible.

With what had happened to Misae recently, Kanae was bound to know about Mike's position. In addition, Alice would be able to explain much more regarding the rules of the clan to let them knew better.

"I think we won't stay here as much as before anymore," Mike finally answered.

"I see," Kanae answered. Did it mean that she wouldn't be able to meet with Kevin for a long time again? Wait, why did she concern herself with this matter so much?

Ever since she saw his real side that he never showed to her, she has been full of question. For her, he seemed to be a kind man that would never hurt her in the slightest. However, in front of the others, he seemed to be a cold and unfeeling man.

While she was still deep in thought, the door opened as the meeting was over. Kevin looked towards Kanae with a gentle smile. "There's no work today, you can go home earlier."


"Most of the small construction halts their progress because the snow is falling harder this year. As the result, we don't have much work too. You can take a few days leave to rest."

"I see," Kanae nodded her head.

Kevin pondered before he slightly raised his hand and touched her cheek. The girl was startled by his sudden touch as her round eyes were looking back with bewilderment.

"Your cheek is cold. Make sure to wear thick clothes during this time."

"I understand. Thank you, President."

After staring at each other for a few seconds, Kanae bid her farewell and returned back down. Kevin was looking towards her with gentle eyes as he wished that he could have her stayed by his side for a long time.

"Boss, is it fine to send her home?" Mike was rather confused. There were still a lot of work in the company, so Kanae's help would be very much appreciated.

Kevin nodded his head. "I'm not going to stay here for a long time after this. It's time to do some cleaning and hand over the managerial position to others. Besides, I need to start training a lot again to make sure that I don't lost my touch after staying low for a long time."

"Boss, please don't instantly challenge someone like Master Rudy again," Neo recalled the sudden decision that Kevin made. If their Boss decided to challenge another monster, he might need to prepare his heart first.

"There's no one as strong as Master Rudy in Ryukalin Clan."

Neo rolled his eyes. "My father."

"He's still slightly weaker," Kevin replied. "Besides, the Old Man focuses too much on his muscle."

Neo had to agree with Kevin. His father was too keen on building a lot of muscle because it was his talent. Looking at his own hand, he sighed secretly. He was grateful that he didn't inherit his father's gene too much.

"Who do you want to be in charge of this place?" Neo decided to change the conversation.

"Neo will monitor from afar, and Taka will be the one to make sure they do their work," Kevin answered.

Neo recalled the young man as he nodded his head. Although Taka was only an errand boy in this company, he was part of the Ryukalin Clan and one of the inner members, so he was quite strong. Having him in charge of this place was more suitable than the others.

Well, of course, only for the menial labor and not about the important documents. It will only bring him a headache if someone with Taka's intelligence ran the company.

"I understand, Boss."

Kanae walked out of the company with a red face. She was embarrassed by Kevin sudden movement to touch her cheek. Whenever she recalled that, she felt heat would come over to her cheek, making it as red as tomatoes.

It took her some time to clear up her mind and headed back home. She changed her clothes and reached Master Rudy's place in a matter of minutes.

"Rei, you've already arrived," the young man smiled. This time, he was wearing thick clothes with a small bag ready on his back. His weapon, both sword and bow, were ready on both sides.

Kanae nodded her head. "Is there anything special today?"

Master Rudy smiled. "Going by your schedule, it seems that you're still a student. Right now, it is your vacation time, right?"

Kanae was startled that Master Rudy guessed her age range correctly. Although she never hid it, it didn't mean that she would allow anyone to guess them easily. Knowing her age range would make her identity in danger.

"Yes," Kanae finally answered.

"That's good. Do you want to visit the old annoying men in the deeper part of the black street?" Master Rudy asked with a wide smile plastered on his face.

Kanae was stunned to hear the sudden invitation. It was her dream to meet with them and exchange some pointers. However, she didn't have the confidence that she was already at the level where she could beat them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Are you sure about it, Master?"

Master Rudy nodded his head. "Someone like you learns faster when you're facing with life and death situation. Facing those old annoying men is going to help you increase your ability faster."

Kanae thought about it. It was indeed true that she grew much stronger ever since she stepped into the black street and got involved in numerous fights here. Before that, her training never gave her too many results. Since the chance was presented before her, she would surely take this chance.

"I want to visit them."

The young man sighed when he saw Kanae's resolve. "Good luck, not even one of them is a pushover. You're going to meet with a lot of battle ahead."

"Thank you."

"I'm going to come along, but remember that I won't be able to help you. I will only treat your wounds," The young man showed the first aid box that he had prepared. They had guessed that Kanae would accept the proposal that Master Rudy gave out.

Kanae smiled. "Don't worry. I don't expect you to help me either."

"You brat!"

"Also, I'm not going to lose that easily!"

Master Rudy laughed when he saw the determination on Kanae's eyes. This was the reason he liked this disciple of his very much. She has a great yearning to grow stronger and didn't afraid of the risk. Behind a great risk, a great opportunity lied.

"You should prepare yourself for the hell that you're going to face, Rei."

"Yes, Master."