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323 School End Year Party

 Nolen School C

Kevin chose to attend the party since he already recovered. Mike and Neo were nagging about his condition, but he didn't want to lie down when he could walk around. Towards this man stubbornness, they simply didn't have any way to respond.

This time, the Student Council also used the hall again. The hall was decorated with a lot of attributes, making it seemed rather lively. As for the MC, the Student Council President was the one who took the position.

"You've already recovered?" Tommy asked with a yawn when he saw Kevin coming.

Neo nodded his head. "He has. How about you? You seem rather tired."

"Whose fault do you think this is?"

"You're the one who accepts the mission," Neo shrugged.

Tommy balled his finger into a fist. Ah, how he wanted to land a clean punch to this annoying man in front of him. His words made him rather annoyed as he truly wanted to beat this man up.

The others were unwilling to stay close with Kevin too much as they didn't want to risk their identity got out. Since Kevin already knew about Tommy, they let this boy became the one who stayed with them the most. As a result, Tommy barely had any sleep.

Thankfully, there was no other attack directed to Kevin for the past few days, so he didn't have to exert himself.

"You all come!" Alice smiled brightly when she saw them. With light steps, she reached their side quickly. "How do you think about our event today?"

"It's good."

"Compared with last year?"

"Last year is better."

Alice pouted. "You're truly a perfectionist."

"You should say that it's narcissistic rather than a perfectionist."

"Hahaha, you're right!"

After they had a good laugh, Alice turned her attention to Tommy. She smiled sweetly. "Tommy, let's head to the center of the hall, there's going to be a dance event again today."

"Ah, okay," Tommy smiled back warmly.

Neo shook his head as he saw the two of them walked away. "Spring is indeed the best time, but winter comes even earlier this time."

"What are you talking about?" Mike looked towards his friend with a confused expression.

Neo pointed his chin towards the other side. At the direction he pointed, a young woman wearing a beautiful red dress was standing near the counter. Her makeup made her looked more charming than usual despite only using them in a moderate amount. As someone who had fallen for her, Mike's heart tightened even more.

Feeling his heartbeat increased, he knew for sure that he couldn't erase his feeling that easily. He still wanted to stay by her side and protected her from the outside world. This clueless girl was truly a charming young lady that he liked so much.

"Don't you want to greet her?" Neo asked.

Mike shook his head. "I'm afraid a few days is not enough for her to forget about her trauma with clans."

"What are you going to do, waiting for her or search for a different one? There are a lot of girls from the underworld who will fall for your... charm."

Neo was about to say Mike's handsome face, but he quickly changed his mind. Even though he knew that it was the truth, he would never want to admit it by himself that he was not as handsome as Mike. For him, he was someone with an extremely handsome face!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

No one can compare to him!

Except his Boss....

Mike smiled wryly. "I don't know."

This was the first time he got into a relationship with someone else, so he truly didn't know what he should do. Right now, his heart wanted nothing else but her acknowledgement, but he tried to forget about them. He has an important position in the clan, so he had to focus on his work. There was no way he wanted to make the same mistake as before.

Neo shrugged. "Boss, Kanae is over there."

When he got no answer, he turned his head to the side. Seeing the empty space, he smiled wryly. Even after knowing that kind of thing, Kevin didn't let it affect their relationship too much. Still, he could see that his Boss was keeping his distance slightly further.

"Did he not worry about her past?" Mike asked.

"He did," Neo's eyes looked towards the two people not far from them. He had seen Kevin's complicated expression a few times at the mention of Kanae's name. "However, I think he didn't want to let it affect him."

"I see. Do you think it'll end well?"

"I don't know," Neo replied. "Besides, you should worry about another woman right now rather than worrying about Boss. As long as Kevin manages to strengthen his position and change the rule, they can stay together."

Mike rolled his eyes. Saying was easy, but doing it would be close to impossible. He knew very well how hard it was to claim absolute control of the clan. It was extremely hard, close to impossible, but if Kevin succeeded, no one would dare to question his action anymore.

"Let's just hope that Kanae will never know about the detail of the rules for the gathering," Mike added.

Neo was stunned for a moment. He had almost forgotten that matter. Forcing a smile on his face, he spoke up. "I hope so."

"Also, their past."

"That's.... true."

Neo felt like burying his head on the ground right now. There were so many things that they had to keep from the girl because letting her knew every single one of them would only make their relationship turned strained. Besides, the pain of knowing them would be a bit too much.

Well, if they started to keep their distance, it should be alright, right?

Because of the clan's matter, Kevin wouldn't stay in school too much anymore. They wouldn't have many chances to interact with one another in the future. Slowly, they might be able to forget one another.


Kevin already walked towards Kanae from the moment he saw her. Different than usual, this time Kanae wore a simple dress. She didn't change her appearance much aside from light makeup to erase the trace that she didn't sleep much last night.

"President, you're here," Kanae smiled brightly. "How's your wound?"

"It's already better and you should call me 'Kevin'."

"Uuh," Kanae heaved a sigh. "Kevin."

"That's better," Hearing his own name being called by Kanae, a smile made its way to Kevin's face. Having his handsome face so close to her made her felt baffled. Right now, she felt thankful that she barely increased her height by an inch or she might feel more embarrassed with his face near hers so much.

"Can you move your feet?" Kanae pointed to his feet.

"Want to see?" Kevin smirked and extended his arm. It was already the time for students to dance, so his hand could be said as an invitation for her to dance with him.

"I can't really dance," Kanae said embarrassedly.

"I know, you don't have to do anything, just follow my lead."

Kanae looked towards his extending hand before putting her own on top of his. The light touch of his arm sent his warmth through his hand. Somehow, a smile appeared on her face as she felt rather happy and excited.

Standing in the middle of the hall, Kevin started to lead her in the dance. It was a slow dance where the women only had to follow after the man. Kanae watched her feet carefully, she didn't want to accidentally step on his feet.

"You should just enjoy this more. I doubt you have many times to dance," Kevin said as he moved again.

Kanae laughed. "You're right."

The two of them danced in the center of the hall. Since there were a lot of other students who danced, their dance was not conspicuous compared with the others. However, some student still secretly took a note about them as they watched from the sidelines.

"Laura, don't you want to dance too?" Misae asked while holding a glass of juice.

Laura shook her head. "I'm the vice president, so I'll just oversee the matter right now."

"Could it be, you can't dance?"

Laura was stunned when she heard the question. She laughed. "Don't compare me with my sis. I can dance just fine. It's just, I don't like to dance with a stranger."

When they were young, they got the lesson to dance because of their special relationship with the core family member. They had to attend some of the formal party, so their parents taught them to dance. As Kanae was a rather rebellious kid, that girl skipped the practice. Laura still followed the practice, allowing her to be far better than her lazy sister.

"I see," Misae's eyes traveled to the side. When she caught the sight of Mike, her hand unconsciously gripped her necklace tighter. It was the necklace that Mike brought for her a few days ago. She couldn't bear to throw it away as it reminded her of the fun times she had with him.

Laura noticed Misae's line of sight. "Let's search for some foods."

"Don't we need to oversee the event?"

"Don't worry, a light snack is better than just standing like that. My sis always tells me, the best way to spend time is by eating."

Misae was speechless when she heard that statement. Most girls would try to avoid eating too much because it would make them fat. Occasionally was fine, though.

Misae decided to not argue back and followed after Laura's lead.