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322 You’re Making People Worry

 As the elders dispersed, Kevin glanced towards Neo. "Clean up the matter, don't let anyone get away."

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"Those who made contact with him in the past few days, interrogate them."

"Yes, Boss."

Lou stood by the side as he listened to Kevin gave his order. He felt remorse for leaving Kevin alone before because he tried to pursue that man before he could get near. Unfortunately, his action backfired because Old Man followed after him, leaving Kevin with nearly zero protection.

Thankfully, nothing happened as Kevin was still safe and sound.

Looking at the uninjured Kevin, Lou noticed that their Boss suddenly stayed quiet. His eyes were looking to the front as a slight frown appeared on his forehead.

"Boss, is there anything wrong?" Lou's mind spun hard. Was there something they missed?

Kevin glanced up. "Neo, bring me coffee."


The people inside the room were stunned. Even Tommy was looking at Kevin strangely. In this kind of situation, what kind of idiot would seek coffee? It wouldn't be able to help treat injuries too.

Neo quickly stood up and headed to the counter. "There's only coffee for people who guard you here. Is that fine, Boss?"


In the VIP room, there would be some dishes prepared for both the injured and the one who stayed to guard. One of the most common drinks was coffee, so it was easy to find one in the hospital.

Lou leaned to the back as he watched Neo handed over the coffee to Kevin. "Boss, do you need me to take some of your coffee here."

"There's no need," Kevin replied. "The next time should be after I return back."

"I understand, Boss."

Tommy has turned his attention back to his wounds, but his ears were still listening to their conversation. He knew that Kevin drank coffee once a day, but he never paid any close attention to it. Was there anything special with drinking coffee all day?

All he remembered was the fact that it would make it hard for him to sleep because it numbed the nerves.*

At the same time, Tommy was busy listening to the device that connected him with his teammates. They were currently regrouping with one another, but it seemed that the condition was not too good.

"Tom, how's the condition of your captain?" Kevin suddenly asked. He placed the empty cup on the side.

He nodded his head. "There's no need to worry, he's mostly fine."

From the pale expression he had, the others knew that it was not entirely the truth. However, Tommy didn't pay heed to their conversation anymore. Right now, there was something more important for him to listen.

Kanae arrived in the clinic after she had sprinted long enough. Shiro also returned back to the clinic and saw Kanae with alarm.

"Do you have any injuries?"

"No...I think..." before she could finish her words, Kanae turned her body to the side and vomited.

Shiro hurriedly patted the girl's back until she finished. After that, he didn't dare to wait any longer before taking the girl inside the clinic and assessed her condition.

"Rei, what happens?" Jason's voice sounded panicked.

"She vomits, Oro. Are you safe?"

"Yeah, I'm good. After more people from Ryukalin Clan come, I sneak away from the hospital, so there's no need to worry so much. How's Rei condition?"

Shiro was tending on Kanae's wounds as he frowned. There were barely any deep wounds on her body. Although from what he saw about her fight he knew that she barely had any wounds, her expression seemed rather pale.

He chose to treat the wound on Kanae's shoulder first. It was the worst one as blood still flowed out. As Kanae held the urge to vomit again, she gripped the edge of the bed tighter. The treatment from Shiro caused searing pain to emerge from her shoulder.

"A bit more, Rei," Shiro said calmly.

Kanae nodded her head. "I think I want to vomit again."

"Your stomach doesn't get hit, right?" Shiro quickly inspected her stomach. There was barely any blood there and her skin didn't change color. What could have happened to the girl? He felt that he would need to renew his medical skill as soon as possible.



"I think I eat too much."

The other three: "...." You're making us worry so much!

They were already prepared themselves to head into another life and death battle should something bad happened to Kanae. In the end, it was only because of the girl's foolishness. Really, they wished they could spank this girl because she made them worry so much.

In the end, Kanae vomited once again before she felt much better. Right before the fight happened, she sneaked some foods and ate in the hospital. This caused her stomach to be rather full. Added with her extreme movement, her stomach gave a strong reaction now.

"You shouldn't eat so much before a fight," Shiro sighed. If this girl didn't tell him about that, he had nearly wanted to bring her to a nearby hospital to have a better doctor check on her.

"I know, but I don't know when I'm going to fight, so I just think about filling my belly," Kanae grinned.

"Don't try it again..."

"I'm not doing that on purpose. It's an accident."

Jason rolled his eyes as he listened to their conversation. If Kanae didn't say that the cause of her vomit was foods, he was going to drive back to the black street and forced her to the hospital. Right now, he was in the car, heading back to his own place.

"Young Master, there's a meeting."

"I know, I'm heading back," Jason answered the call with irritation. Thankfully, the location of the meeting was not that far or he wouldn't be able to make it here.

"Young Master, please hurry."

"Be quiet."

Jason looked at the phone with a dark expression. Right now, they were only treating him with importance because of his position as the next successor. Their goal was only to get close to him for his inheritance. Towards people like them, he barely paid any heed.

Besides, he already knew that this meeting was nothing but a façade to prolong the time. Their business was already settled and this meeting barely held any importance. Still, as the next in line for the family head's position, he had to come.

'They're annoying.'

When Tommy heard that Kanae only vomited due to the food she ate, he nearly facepalmed. That girl surely knew how to make the others worry about her. His body was already tensed up from the moment he heard her voice.

"Is there anything that I need to do here?" Tommy turned his head towards Neo.

"No, you can go back for now. We're just cleaning up the rest of the mess here," Neo answered.

"That's good. I'll return back in the afternoon. Before that time, my friend is watching this place from afar," Tommy stood up and brushed the dust from his clothes.

"Take care of yourself, Tom."

"Thank you for your concern."

Tommy walked out of the room while the other two still stayed inside. Kevin recalled the fight he saw before as he nodded his head with a satisfied feeling. The battle that Rei showed to him proved that he truly suited with the title of the Legend of the Street.

This title only belonged to three people, each of them was the respective leader of their group. At the same time, they could be said to be the strongest people on the street that were known aside from Clan. Even those from gangs might not necessarily able to contend against either one of them.

"Neo, the three strongest groups on the street, have they affiliated with other clans?"

Neo was startled, but he quickly answered. "The two strongest groups, Fiore Group and Lore Group are free groups. They don't get close with a particular clan except when there's a mission. On the other hand, Hunter Group seems to be getting closer with Merion Clan."

"Merion Clan?" Kevin frowned. Among the current four strongest clans, Merion Clan was at the very bottom. Why the Hunter Group chose to pick this clan? Well, it didn't really matter much for them as he didn't really have any intention to recruit them. All they have to do was monitoring them for now.


"Try to get close with Fiore Group, they're interesting."

Neo smiled wryly. He knew that his boss was already captivated with the fighting prowess that Rei showed before. He nodded his head. "I'll do my best."