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321 Ruthless

 *Pant* *pant*

Kanae stood on her place as she saw that man got killed by the two shoots. Her heartbeat was still too fast as the adrenaline rushed to her entire body. Although she felt glad that the man already died, her task has not finished yet.

Turning her head slightly, she looked straight to Kevin's eyes. The two of them were staring at each other. Neither one of them said anything as they looked deep into each other eyes.

From Kanae's viewpoint, his gaze was as deep as the ocean. That seemingly indifferent expression was hiding a mysterious past and strained feeling that he never dared to show outside. Something was holding this man back as he couldn't allow himself to be fully released.

From Kevin's viewpoint, her eyes were staring at him clearly without any fear or anything. All that he could see was concern. In addition, those clear dark irises felt rather familiar for him. He felt as if he already met with her somewhere before.


"Boss, are you alright?"

Using the sudden commotion, Kanae turned her body and leaped out of the window nearby. Because Kevin was still on the bed because of his injuries, he didn't have any power to stop her movement. He merely stared as she disappeared into the shadow.

Neo nearly cursed out loud when he saw the movement. There were already three people jumping out of the window today. How many times should he repeat that this was the fourth floor?

They're all monsters!

The Old Man followed after Kevin's gaze as he assessed the fourth floor. Although the condition of the place has become a mess, it was still within an acceptable range. Well, most of the destruction was his fault too.

"Boss is fine," Neo interjected. "How's the situation down there, Old Man?"

"We manage to take care of the monster," The Old Man looked towards the corpse of a man in front of them. "He's more powerful than this man over here."

Neo frowned. He never thought that there would be more than one people with special abilities sent to take care of Kevin. From their action, it was clear that they viewed Kevin as someone valuable because they dared to bet this much just to take his life.

Kevin nodded his head. He turned his head around to see a wounded young man beside him.

"Tom, do you need any treatment?"

"I'll be fine, I don't want to trouble you treating me," Tommy smiled and waved his hand. Although it was hurt for him to endure the harsh beating from before, he couldn't possibly let them cure him as it would endanger his real identity.

"No need to be so reserved. I'll only give the first aid," Neo took out a box from a nearby cupboard.

Tommy sighed. "Fine, but don't make it too painful."

"I can't promise anything."


The Old Man watched their interaction with doubts. From the way they spoke to each other, he got the feeling that these two already knew each other very well. This made him rather curious about Tom's real identity. How could he come to know these three?

Unless.... he came from Nolen School C.

As his thought reached this point, the Old Man narrowed his eyes. If Tom was truly someone from their school, it would mean that this young man was truly young. It could even be said that he has tremendous potential if he was truly that young and already this strong.

"IT HURTS! You're a bad doctor, damn Neo. If you can't do it, you should just say it!"

"Don't move around so much, you idiot! Stay in one place!"

"And let you torment me? In your dream!"


Old Man and Kevin: "..." so childish.

Kevin chose to ignore the two of them as he took out the I-Pad near him and browsed the cameras in the hospital. His eyes darkened when he saw the tattered condition of the hospital.

"Old Man, is there any other member from Fiore Group?"

"Yes, Oro come for a short while on the first floor. He helps us a lot to eliminate the monster before we come here," Old Man answered.

Kevin rewind the cameras as he checked them. Upon seeing Oro's movement, he had the feeling that he recognized those movements. Although they seemed rather different right now, he knew that he already saw them somewhere before.

Could it be the members of the Fiore Group were those whom he knew?

If it was true, who?

Kevin glanced to the arguing duo. They hadn't stopped in the slightest. "Neo, stop arguing."

"Yes, Boss," Neo grunted. If it was not because of Kevin's order, he wouldn't mind clashing words with Tommy again. This idiot got into his nerves rather quickly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Call the elder who arranges my stay in this place," Kevin ordered.

Neo was startled when he heard the order, but he quickly bowed down respectfully. With ease, he quickly called the other elders and arranged for them to come as fast as possible. Of course, the one who arranged Kevin's stay here was included.

Tommy grumbled by the side as he corrected the bandage on his arm. His eyes were watching as a few middle-aged men came into the room. All of them bowed to Kevin when they came.

"Who's the one in charge of my stay here?"

One of the elders has his face paled considerably. He quickly bowed and banged his head to the ground. "This lowly one apologizes to you, Clan Head. It's a mistake in my part to not oversee the matter well."

Kevin's gaze was extremely cold. Even though Tommy was only staying by the side, he could feel chill running down on his spine. After seeing Kevin's capability in shooting, he had no doubts that this man should be extremely strong. Not only that, the bone chilling gaze and aura this man exuded sent them to fear him tremendously. This caused him to feel fear when he stayed near him.

'I really shouldn't be here.'

"Do you know your mistakes?" Kevin asked.

The elder nodded his head frantically. "Yes, I know it's a mistake in my part that I'm not careful enough with the planning and guarding the secret."

"You're an elder, so I believe that you know the punishment for not doing one's job well at this stage."

The cold and unforgiving tone caused despair to fill up the elder's face. He had stayed in the clan ever since his youth, so he knew very well that a mistake at this part would grant him a ticket right to hell. If it was a slight mistake, he could get away with small punishment. However, the one at the stake was the Clan Head's life, so the only punishment he could get was death.

"No... please have mercy, I...."

"If you can make a mistake when you're already experienced like this, I believe the clan is going to be destroyed by the time I return back from the hospital," Kevin replied coldly.

His words were no different than a death sentence for the elder. As fear and despair filled his eyes, the other elders dragged him out to enact the punishment. However, Kevin was not finished.

"Since this is an important matter, I believe the one in charge is not only one person."

His chilling words stopped the other elders' movement. One of them raised his head. "Clan Head wants to?"

"Punish them all according to the rules."

His words didn't give them any leeway. The elders looked towards each other before they bowed their head in acceptance. They knew that this time, the incident already blew up and their leader was angry. As it was truly his place to give punishment, no one voiced out their complaint. The one in the wrong was too clear for their eyes to see.

Tommy looked as the elders bowed down to Kevin. He wondered if it was because of the man's words or his position. Nevertheless, this was the first time he saw up close the ruthlessness of the people who lived in the clan.

Only two things matter: power and authority.