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320 Harmonious Collaboration

 The moment he took out his gun, Tommy stepped inside and used his hand to hold the man's hand. With a swift movement, the gun was pointed to the ceiling, and he used his other hand to land a clean punch on the man's neck, instantly caused him to pass out.

"Get him!" another one shouted.

Tommy immediately shifted his balance and kicked the man in front of him. Some of the men were trying to attack him, but several others blocked their way. The situation was rather chaotic as he didn't know who were his friends or foes.

The guards all dressed the same.


The loud sounds from inside the room caused his steps to turn stiff instantly. He nearly got punched if not for his excellent reflex. In the next second, he quickly got away from the door as he felt that he would die if he didn't.


The door opened and a man was sent flying out. The broken door crashed right to the group of men who stayed in front of the door. Seeing their condition, Tommy felt grateful that he had trained his senses from the continuous fight and mission they gave him. This allowed him to sense danger faster than normal people.

He glanced inside the room and saw the Old Man and Lou inside. The Old Man has just kicked the man out while Lou was guarding the window with Neo by his side, holding a gun. As for Kevin, he couldn't see him because the curtain blocked his vision.

"Tom, can you hold them off?" The Old Man asked with a stern voice.

Tommy nodded his head. "Not a problem for me."

Lou was looking outside the room with a frown. There was one particular man who seemed to be out of ordinary as he dealt blows easily with their man.

"He's fully using his potential," Neo commented when he saw how that man easily dealt blows.

"You should just say he's a monster."

"If Boss is not hurt, he's also a great monster," Neo smirked.


"Even if I'm wounded, I can fight using guns," Kevin said expressionlessly.

Neo smiled wryly. In the next moment, he felt the air beside him moved. He quickly glanced and saw that Lou already jumped out of the window towards the nearby tree. He nearly yelled when he saw that.

Do you all have to show your superhuman strength? This is not the first floor! This is the fourth floor!

It was then that he heard a blast from behind him. The Old Man already tore down the wall next to him and started fighting too. Seeing how they all fighting with extraordinary strength, Neo sighed to himself and took out his gun. Well, he still could fight even if he was not as strong as them.

The Old Man stopped when he heard the yell from below. He headed to the window and saw Lou getting overwhelmed by the strange powerful man in front of him. He frowned. Lou was one of the strongest members here, what kind of man could possibly overwhelm him?

"It doesn't matter, I need to help him."

Without thinking much, he jumped off from the fourth floor too. With a swift movement, he arrived by Lou's side and kicked the man.

"What are you doing here? Get back to the room!" Lou roared.

"What? You're getting overwhelmed."

"There's another one like him. He's a bit weaker, but he's still pretty strong. With Boss's current condition, it will be hard for him to defeat the monster. You should get him before he reaches Boss."

The Old Man's face paled immediately when he heard what Lou said. He turned his body to return back, but the man already blocked his way. From his gesture, it seemed that he wouldn't let either one of them returned to the fourth floor.

"Old Man, please tell me that they arrange more people here."

"Lou, I want to say that, but the elder who's in charge doesn't allow them to stay guard here too many."

"What? They're even trying to sabotage Boss this way?"

"You know that they're trying to limit his movement even in the clan. Now shut up and fight!"

"Then, you better move and break your way!"


Tommy was looking towards the man in front of him with fear. This was not the first time he saw someone fighting with ease when faced numerous people, but the man in front of him scared him more than anyone else. The way he moved caused fear to seep deep into his body. Tommy wanted nothing else but run right now because he knew that he was not the man's rival. His puny strength was nothing for him.


"I miss again," Shiro grumbled. The man's reaction was too fast that his shoot from this distance became rather inaccurate. The shoot barely scratched that man's body.

"Shin, please do something!" Tommy yelled as he readied his sword and blocked the man's blow. The blade connected with each other, but his body couldn't handle the force. With a loud thud, he crashed to the wall behind.

*cough* *cough*

"Shin, if you.... don't shoot, I'll die..."


"There's no need for that, I'm here," Kanae blocked the next attack.

Tommy smiled slightly when he saw Kanae stood in front of him. It was weird, but her small back always gave him a sense of security. This caused him to feel rather relieved, and at the same time, annoyed at his own uselessness.

Neo watched from behind as he handled the men. Seeing the man moved so quick from the broken walls, he felt rather terrified. The sounds of metal clashing reverberated afterward, causing the other men to feel chill, yet they didn't dare to look. If they did that, they would lose their own life.

Kanae held her own against the man, yet she knew better than anyone that the man's strength was still higher than her. This caused her to feel more guarded as she moved her body to match up with his speed.

"They're monster," Neo suck out the air with astonishment. This was not the first time he saw Rei fought, but his evaluation didn't change in the slightest.


Kanae moved back a step, her shoulder was pierced by the man's blade. She frowned slightly as she twisted her body and used her elbow to land a blow. The man reacted to her attack, but it still hit his arm.

"Shin, can you shoot him?" she asked in a low voice.

Shiro frowned. "Not when you're so close and move in that speed. The two of you are too close with each other. I can't get a good sight in this distance."

"Where's Oro?"

"He's making his way up by destroying everything in the first floor."

"He's late again?!" Tommy yelled angrily. He already stood on his feet as he handled the other men in the hall.

"Neo, get out of the way," Kevin suddenly ordered.

"Boss?" Neo was startled, but seeing that Kevin was pointing a gun towards the hallway through the broken wall, he immediately moved. Following the point of the gun, he realized that Kevin was aiming at the man who fought with Kanae. His eyes grew larger. Could the shoot reach its target?

Kevin narrowed his eyes as he watched them carefully. Although their speed was fast, he could follow them just fine. He had to be careful as he didn't want to hurt Rei.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


The man got shot right on his right shoulder. The man screamed loudly and Kanae used this chance to charge in. She swung her arm and made a deep wound on the left shoulder down to his chest.

Feeling threatened, the man stomped on the ground deeply and pushed himself away from Kanae.


Two shoots made its way to him, one reaching his head and the other one reaching his heart. Those two shoots immediately killed the man.

"What a harmonious collaboration," Tommy murmured.