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319 An Ambush

 It didn't take long for Kevin to sleep. His peaceful and innocent face looked extremely handsome as Kanae got the urge to touch it. He seemed to be really in peace when he slept, something he rarely showed to anyone around him.

"Don't disturb him, he rarely sleeps lately," Neo warned in a low voice.

Kanae nodded her head. "I won't disturb him. Thank you for telling me about his condition, Neo."

"You're welcome," Neo answered. He knew that Kevin was kind of stressed out because of Mike's problem to the point that he purposely made Tommy came while being angry. Kevin might not admit that action directly, but he knew that it must be something this young man schemed.

Not only that, there were a lot of problems in their clan because of Kevin's unstable position. With him getting wounded nearing the time for their clan's gathering, it would only make the other felt insecure. If they couldn't win the vote, it would be hard for Kevin to stay in the clan.

Many would surely try to kill him even from the internal member.

Having a lot of problems burdening him, Kevin was unable to rest even with his wounds. Neo wished for Kevin to relax a bit and the best way he could think of was having Kanae came here.

It might be selfish of him, but he wanted Kevin to rest. He already knew about these two and the impossible thought of them getting together, yet he still used this chance to ask for Kanae's help.

"I'll return back now," Kanae stood up and walked to the room. She quietly got out of the room saw the clan members looking towards her. They were curious about her identity especially because she stayed inside for a long time.

Seeing their heated gaze, she wondered if she did something wrong. She only stayed by Kevin's side for a few minutes, but they already looked towards her with suspicious gazes and all.

"Boys, you should go back to your business. Don't disturb our Boss's guest," The Old Man warned.

Kanae smiled when she saw The Old Man. "Old Man, it has been a long time since I see you."

"It is indeed," Old Man nodded his head calmly. "Shall I escort you out?"

"Thank you very much."

Lou was still standing calmly with Tommy by his side. When Kanae came, Tommy tried his best to stay calm and controlled his emotion. This caused them to think that he didn't care about the girl at all.

Even when the others were looking towards Kanae weirdly, he leaned back on the wall and yawned.

"You're very dedicated to your job, aren't you?" Lou asked in a low voice.

Tommy shrugged. "I'm a representative from Fiore Group, so I have to do my job, right?"

"You're not suspicious of her?"

"If even your Boss allows her to come in, I'm not in any place to say anything," Tommy yawned once again. Due to the fact that he got angry last night, he barely has any sleep at all.

Lou studied Tommy's expression for a moment. "You should sleep. I doubt there's going to be any attack tonight."

"My friend is watching this place in a few more minutes, so I'll leave later," Tommy answered.

"I see."

Kanae arrived in the lobby safely with the Old Man stayed by her side. She glanced at the Old Man. It would be better if she allowed them to know that she had realized Kevin's position.

"Is President belong to Ryukalin Clan?"

Hearing that question, Old Man tensed up immediately. He didn't recall Kevin passed any instruction about this, but he felt that he was not supposed to tell her about this. "Why do you think that way?"

"Misae says that Mike comes from Ryukalin Clan, so President should be from Ryukalin Clan, right? His surname is similar to the name of the clan."

The Old Man smiled wryly. The young girl was pretty sharp. "Yes, that's correct."

"I see," Kanae nodded her head. Actually, she already knew about this from a long time ago, but the identity of Kanae shouldn't have known about it. Or at least, this was what the others thought. This would be her way of telling them that she knew about it.

"Tell President to be careful, I heard from Alice that the Ryukalin Clan is going to undergo a lot of troubles. I hope he'll be fine."

The Old Man's body tensed up slightly when he heard the name. He restrained his emotion as nodded his head with a smile on his face. "I'll tell that to him, take care of yourself, Kanae."

"You too, Old Man," Kanae waved her hand as she walked out towards the street.

Seeing the girl, The Old Man felt more complicated. He stood there for the next several minutes before he returned to the room. He and Lou would take the turn to guard the place during the night.


"I never thought that you would come to visit him," Tommy commented early in the morning the next day. He was sitting on the tree near the hospital because he felt irritated at the gaze those clan members gave to him. This place was rather a safe place, so he chose this place.

"I just want to," Kanae answered.

"Will you come here again today?"

"Yes, but not like yesterday," Kanae replied.

Today, she planned to skip the school and came to the hospital, not as Kanae but as Rei. Dressing up as a young boy, she came to the hospital. With her hair tucked behind her black uniform, she looked no different than ordinary high school boy if one ignored her height. Using a hat to hide her face, she wandered around in the lobby.

Acting up as if she was waiting for someone, she sat down with the newspaper in her hand. Her special phone was still connected with Tommy and the others.

"You know that you don't have to come here personally, right?" Tommy said with astonishment. He peered to the window and saw Kanae sat down very clearly. Although it was their mission to protect Kevin, having him in the vicinity alone should be enough.

"Your skill is still not up to par."

Tommy's face darkened. "I'm not that weak anymore, Rei."

"You're still not the elders match. If another one of them try to kill the clan head, you won't be able to stop him," Kanae answered.

Towards that statement, there was nothing Tommy could say. He knew his skill extremely well, so he knew that he didn't have any chance to face off against those powerful elders. The only thing he could do was running as far as possible after he met with them.

It was the only way he could stay alive when he met them.

"What makes you think that they'll attack again?"

Kanae recalled her visit to this place yesterday. Many of them were looking at her suspiciously, so she tried to assess their inquiry from the way she has been training with Master Rudy. Many of them just suspicious of her, but she detected malicious gazes from several of them.

Their gaze was not only directed at her but also to the person she met yesterday, Kevin. She knew very well that they wouldn't want to let him stay alive, so they might have schemed something for him.

The Ryukalin Clan is not as peaceful as it seemed.

From the way the subordinates in Ryukalin Clan acted, Kanae knew that the Ryukalin Clan was still in the process of accepting their clan head. Probably because of his age, Kevin has not been involved directly in the clan, thus his name has never appeared.

Considering Kevin's personality, he wouldn't want to stay here for a long time. The best time to strike would be today, so she chose to skip school today and came here to help out.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I think, his position is still shaky here," Jason answered in Kanae's stead. "There are a lot of people who wants his life."

"His position is shaky? I never think that cold ice block will have this kind of problem," Tommy commented.

"He will never show it," Kanae replied. She was not sure too, but there might be some reason why the members of the clan didn't want Kevin to be their leader. She had never investigated the clans so much, so she didn't know.

Jason sighed. "The sudden change of clan head changes everything in Ryukalin Clan. At least, that's what I know."

Tommy thought of what Jason said. He had heard about the Ryukalin Clan changed their clan head because their clan head died in an incident. No one knew the date for sure because the Ryukalin Clan controlled the mass media. All they knew was Ryukalin Clan had lost their leader, so the one replacing him was their former leader only son.

"I'm already in position, do you spot anyone suspicious, Rei?" Shiro asked.

"A lot of people come here today, so I think they blend in the crowds," Kanae replied calmly. Her eyes were looking towards the people around her as she sat on the corner calmly.

"You're right, it's so crowded," Tommy hopped down from the tree and walked inside. He easily made his way to Kevin's room using his special status. Looking at the numerous people on the hall, his eyebrows arched.

He stopped in front of the door. "This place should be off-limit to the guests, right? Why are there more people nearby this place?"

A man near him smiled. "You're smarter than your looks."

He pulled out his gun as Tommy's gaze hardened. It was time for a fight.