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317 An Idio

 Kalin Family's Hospital

"Boss, the Fiore Group accepts the missions, but they will only send Tom for the time being," Neo reported to Kevin when he got the confirmation about their coming to the hospital.

Kevin nodded his head lightly. His eyes glanced at the door as he knew that Mike was still standing there. "Find a way to drag him away."

"Boss, it's easier to say that rather than doing it. He won't move even the slightest bit ever since yesterday."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When he heard about Mike's condition, Kevin knew that he would have to move personally. Unfortunately, he was not allowed to move his body at all right now. If he dared to do it, the other core members would strongly against it because he had just finished the treatment.

If not because of the numerous pairs of eyes watching him, he would not hesitate to pull off these devices out and walked out of this room. He had had enough of staying in the hospital.

"Tom has arrived," Neo checked the camera when he noticed someone came. From the headband and famous scar mark, he could confirm that Tommy has indeed arrived in the hospital. He thought to himself that the decoration was unnecessary because they could recognize Tommy easily.

Tommy wore a dark face as he approached the hospital. Ever since he got the call from Jason, he already got the urge to beat up the entire people in the Ryukalin Clan. They already caused Kanae to get hurt and now they wanted them to protect the one who caused it.

If he had to choose, he would prefer to beat up Kevin during the time he was still wounded. Even a punch would make him felt better because he knew that Kevin wouldn't be able to move too much.

The men gave way to him as Neo already instructed them. Seeing the youth walked nonchalantly, they got the urge to beat him up too. Respect us you little brat!


They came from the biggest clan in this city, so they hated it so much to see a puny little boy acted arrogantly in front of them. However, he was their Boss's friend, so they endured.

Tommy spotted Mike standing by the side of a door. Knowing Mike's position in the clan, he could guess that the room belonged to Kevin.

"Mike, what are you doing making that stern face?" Tommy asked as he approached them.

The people nearby nearly fainted when they heard how Tommy called Mike. Did he just call Mike using his name directly? As Mike has a rather high position in the clan, they always addressed him with respect. After all, one word for Mike could end their life easily.

Yet this youth... he called Mike nonchalantly as if they were friends. Did he want to court death?

Mike glanced up and looked towards Tommy with a frown. "What are you doing here, Tom?"

"Don't you know about it already? Your Boss asks the Fiore Group to come with the mission to protect their Clan Head."

"If you're the one who protects him, you will only get in the way."

"Oh?" Hearing the insult, Tommy's eyes narrowed. "You want to try? I won't get beaten up easily anymore now, Mike."

Mike cackled. "Really? You're still as weak as ever, Tom."

The others were looking towards each other with sweats poured out. Seeing these two experts were about to have a bout, they wondered if they should meddle in. Considering either side's prowess, they wouldn't be able to do anything. What should they do?

In the next moment, they sensed powerful pressure from inside the room. The pressure was invisible, but it caused fear to spread out to every corner of their body. This caused the two people who were ready to face each other retracted their intention.

'He's even stronger than Kanae,' Tommy frowned as he assessed the pressure. Even Kanae couldn't make it this nerve-wracking no matter what she did. It felt as if he was placed right in front of the death's door. Was it the difference in experience or power?

Mike calmed himself down. "Where are the others?"

"You have the nerve to ask after you make Rei wounded in the place of your Boss?" Tommy roared. "They will not show themselves here, don't even dream about it!"

"Rei is wounded?" Mike was astonished. He only remembered a youth who was standing in front of the barrage of bullets not long ago. He thought that the young person managed to counter them all, but it was wrong.

Tommy snorted. "Do you think Rei is a monster? He has a lot of wounds from the bullets, so he won't be able to come here. Do you think I'll let him become your Boss meat shield again?"

For the people who listened on the side, having the ability to face bullets head-on already caused them to categorize Rei as a monster. Who in the world would have the courage to face that kind of person that couldn't be taken down by bullets?

Not many people could stay alive if they have to face against a barrage of bullets. Trying to hide and evade would be the best they could do. Only monsters would be able to cut off the bullets that came straight to them.

Mike stayed silent. Seeing Tommy immediately got angry at the mention of Rei, he knew that Tommy valued Rei more than his own wellbeing. The sight of Tommy roared in anger made him recalled how he usually behaved whenever Kevin got wounded. Whoever caused Kevin to get hurt would not get away unscathed.

"I hope he can recover fast," Mike murmured.

"He better recovers fast, or I'll hunt your clan until the end," Tommy said angrily.

The other people around felt that Tommy was asking for a death wish. Saying those words inside their territory, did he want them to beat him up to death? He was truly a foolish person.

Inside the room, Neo already face-palmed when he heard what Tommy said.

"Boss, can I stop him?"


The one-word answer from Kevin made Neo sighed again. He really wanted to stop Tommy from making stupid remarks like that. If not because Kevin forbid him to get out, he would surely get out of this room and gave Tommy a thorough lecture. That idiot needed to learn how to use his brain better.

Mike looked towards Tommy. "Why don't you appear to help him?"

"Do you think I don't want to do that? I'm already in the vicinity and only a few dozen meters away from him, but I caught up in unnecessary troubles. If I can, I'll surely rush up to help him and prevent him from getting wounded. Even if I have to exchange my life for him, I'll willingly do it," Tommy roared.

Whenever he remembered that incident, he was feeling vexed. He was only staying a few meters away from the center of the incident, yet he was unable to move because he was caught up in a battle. Even though he knew that he might not be of much help because of the lack in power, he wanted to be there.

At least, he wanted to stay by Kanae's side and shared the burden of the fight. Watching her fight from afar without any ability to help pained him much more than got hurt along with the girl.

Already in vicinity

A few dozen meters away

I'll willingly exchange my own life.

In a way, Tommy was similar to him. This was the first time Mike realized that because he never saw Tommy as someone who would value someone else so high. He never thought of Tommy as someone serious. This brat always created troubles here and there. He didn't even seem to care about his grade or anything other than sleeping and fighting.

This was truly the first time he knew that there was someone whom Tommy cared the most in the world.

"If you're that frustrated, why are you still leaving his side?"

Tommy frowned. "What is the point of staying by his side continuously? The others are better in protecting him than me, so I'll head out first to train and become stronger. When I'm strong enough, I'll return back and protect him better than before. I don't want to let him get hurt in front of me again."

Kanae sent him away to do the missions of their group because she wanted him to grow stronger. He didn't want to waste this opportunity because he knew how weak he was compared with her. Besides, there was no use lamenting what had happened. It would be better for him to focus on the future.

Mike smiled slightly when he heard that. It was correct; there were still a lot of stronger people around here who could protect Kevin. With his current state, he wouldn't be able to do anything and might instead become the burden.

He glanced at Tommy. Help always came from the most unexpected person. Arguing with this idiot helped him to see things much more clearly than before. Even if he didn't want to admit it, the simple way Tommy used to see things around him could be applicable for other people. That was what helped him to understand his position better.

"Thank you, Tom."

"What?" Tommy was perplexed. He was only venting his frustration and anger to Mike. Why did this man suddenly say thank you? Was there anything wrong in Mike's brain?

"Please guard Boss in my stead. I hope the Fiore Group can protect him well. I'll return back to the headquarters to train," Mike smiled. This time, the smile was no longer forced but the genuine smile he always had.

Tommy didn't understand, but he nodded his head as he stood near the door. He had to guard this place alone today, so he would just stay near the door to make sure that everything was okay.

Inside the room, Neo was still listening to their conversation. He found it hard to believe that Mike would listen to the word that Tommy uttered so seriously. No matter what he said, Mike didn't budge from the place. But when Tommy roared in anger, Mike started to move and regained his spirit.

Neo looked towards Kevin and opened his mouth. "Boss, do you plan for this?"

Kevin didn't answer. He merely took out his laptop and started working. By his side, Neo had to be satisfied with his Boss didn't answer his question. He could guess that Kevin must have done something, but he couldn't pinpoint how Kevin could know that Mike would listen to Tommy.

Kevin's mind was too high for him to understand.

Neo sighed internally as he continued to do his own work. He would be better off to not think too much or he might not be able to see Kevin as human anymore.