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313 Breakdown

 "Boss, it's enough, you have to go to the hospital," Neo finally said after they finished going through the name. Along the way, the doctor's face was already pale from treating Kevin. It was clear that things didn't seem too good.

Kevin glanced to the elders in front of him. His expression didn't change, but the color of his face changed slightly due to the loss of blood. Seeing how the doctor seemed to be flustered, he nodded his head.

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"Boss, you need surgery. There's a part of the bullet in your feet," the doctor said hesitantly. The location of the bullet was rather far deep into the flesh. He didn't dare to cut it while Kevin was still in the sitting position like this because of the blood flow. More importantly, they were in front of the elders from Ryukalin Clan. He didn't want them to kill him for wounding their leader.

Kevin nodded his head. "Let's go."

Seeing how Kevin still walked like it was nothing, the doctor felt like he was seeing a monster. Given how badly his feet bled, he expected the young man to writhe in pain. It seemed that this man would never allow anyone to see him in a bad state at all.

Neo watched from behind as he followed after Kevin. He finally remembered that this was how Kevin usually behaved. It was only in front of Kanae did he became much gentler and showed many other sides that he always hid. After seeing that side of Kevin for a long time, he was reminded once again that this was how Kevin always behaved.

No one was allowed to see his weak side. This was how he always lived his life so far. There were a lot of people who wanted to take over his position and his life, so the only way to protect himself was by not letting anyone knew about his weak side.

"Boss, I'll clean up the rest," Lou said formally.

"Do it well."

"Yes, Boss."

Neo and Mike followed after Kevin to the hospital. There was a nearby hospital owned by the Kalin Family. It was not big, but it was enough to help Kevin go through the medication that he needed.

"Mike, don't put that long face. He's going to be alright," Neo peered towards Mike. Ever since they got out of the mall, this big man has put a scary face. The previous smile has long gone.

Mike glanced up. His expression was as stern as possible. Right now, he felt nothing but self-remorse. During the time Kevin was attacked, he was staying far away in the parking place, reflecting on his own action.

If only....If only he stayed by Kevin's side, Kevin wouldn't have to get hurt this badly.

Although this incident was not his fault, he couldn't help but blame himself. As Kevin's right hand, it was his task to stay by Kevin's side and protected him all the time. And yet, he was the one who strayed far from his original task and let himself got swayed by his emotion.

"Mike, get yourself together," Neo patted his friend's back. "He's not that badly hurt. It's just little wounds."

Hearing the concerned tone from Neo, Mike nodded his head slightly, yet his expression was as stiff as before. There was no apparent change in his expression. It was clear that he still couldn't let it go as he still felt rather sad and blaming himself for the wounds that Kevin sustained.

Neo no longer said anything. He didn't know how to console this big friend of his. After all, he knew better than anyone that Mike was someone who couldn't bear to break his promise and oath.

After hours of painful waiting, everything has finished and the two of them came inside. Seeing Kevin lying on the bed with an expressionless face made them felt rather complicated.

"Boss, is there anything you need us to do?" Neo started the conversation.

Kevin nodded his head. "The one who helps us, Rei from Fiore Group, do we have any connection with him?"

Neo shook his head. He had been paying close attention to anyone their clan's member got close with. So far, there has been anyone who made any contact with those from the famous groups. Well, if there was any, it would have been obvious considering how famous they were.

Kevin recalled the scene from before. He didn't remember knowing anyone with fighting skill at that level. It was clear that Rei was an expert, a great expert at that. There was no hesitation when that young person stepped up to block the bullets for him. It was as if he was tasked to protect him, which supposed to be impossible.

"Do you have any way to contact them?" Kevin asked.

"Aside from Tommy, there are some other ways to contact them if you want," Neo answered.

Kevin nodded his head. "I want to talk to them."

"I'll get it done, Boss."

After that, Kevin shifted his line of sight to Mike. Seeing the stern expression on Mike's face, he raised his hand, beckoning Mike to come closer. Every word and gesture from Kevin were an absolute order for Mike, so he walked to Kevin's side immediately.


"Don't you say that you'll smile in my stead, why are you putting a stern face instead?" Kevin asked.

Mike flinched a bit when his forehead got hit. Facing Kevin's question, he forced a smile out. It seemed rather weird compared with his usual gentle smile, but he no longer looked as scary as before.

"Yes, Boss."

Kevin studied Mike's expression for a moment before waving his hand to dismiss them. From Mike's expression, it was clear that this man still couldn't accept the fact that he got hurt. However, as someone of important position, he knew better than anyone that he would get hurt continuously.

It was inevitable.

Mike stood by the door side as he recalled what Kevin said to him. He felt that he was still incredibly useless. He clearly didn't do his job well, yet Kevin still treated him with the usual care. This caused guilt to sprout out from the bottom of his heart because he didn't want to disappoint Kevin again.

In the past, he failed his mission by not staying by Kevin's side during an important incident, which caused the young man to suffer tremendous wounds and lost his father. Now, he nearly repeated it again.

'I can't fail again.'

Seeing Kevin got hurt was something he didn't want to see in the slightest. Kevin is the most important person in his life that he vowed to protect from the bottom of his heart, so he wanted to fulfill his task as well as he could.

A food box appeared in front of him.

"This?" Mike was stunned.

"You should eat if you want to have the strength to guard the door," Neo answered. "If you get sick, you won't be able to do anything."

"I understand."

Mike started eating while Neo was also busy munching on his own foods. His brain was working at high speed as he wanted to do the task that Kevin entrusted to him well. He would never let anyone who allowed Kevin to get hurt go.