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Kanae kicked a large sofa to stand between the two of them. Her feet were battered up from running here and there at high speed without care about anything, yet she stood firm as if her movement just now didn't hurt her at all. Her eyes were strained as she forcefully paid more attention to the man. Should he attack again, she had to be prepared.

Mike looked towards Kanae with surprise. He didn't expect to see someone else helping them. In addition, he didn't know who this person was at all.

"Boss, will he come with us?"

Kevin glanced towards Rei. "Rei, do you want to come with us?"

Kanae didn't answer. The man was angry at them, but the sofa protected them as long as they didn't stand over the height. Internally, he cursed whoever put the sofa in the middle of the mall like that.

Kanae didn't move from her spot as she waved her hand slightly. Her posture was clear. She would stay in this place.

Noticing that, Kevin nodded his head towards Mike. "Return back to headquarters."

"Headquarters? Boss, you're wounded! We should go to the hospital instead!" Neo yelled as Mike stepped on the gas and sped up the car. He crashed to another side of the wall while silently thinking that the clan would surely berate them again for destroying the properties.

"We're going back."


Sensing the sharp glare, Neo shut his mouth for good. If Kevin said so, he would just follow after what his leader said. Despite his heart still felt rather troubled as Kevin was wounded, there was no way he could force this man to rest. There was something Kevin had to do as fast as possible.

In the mall, Kanae finally moved from her position. The moment she knew that Kevin safe; she no longer forced herself to stand in the same position. Her hands and feet were full of scratches from the bullet grazing her skin or pieces of breaking items grazing them.

"Now that he's gone, you're not going to leave this place," Kanae said as she readied her position.

The man finally stopped shooting, not because he wanted to, but because the bullets were up. His gaze hardened as he saw Kanae already sprinted towards him. Fear seeped out from the bottom of his heart as he took out his own sword to contend against Kanae.

"Don't you dare! I'm the elder of Ryukalin Clan!"

Kanae switched her position to the side as the man slashed towards her. Due to age, his movement was not so agile anymore, so Kanae immediately launched an attack towards his stomach, killing him in one move. The man's eyes opened wide in disbelief as he quietly passed away.

"So what if you're the previous elder? Right now, you're nothing but a traitor," Kanae spat out.

Shiro took a deep breath as he watched the fight. He slowly spoke up. "Rei, you do well."

"I'll return back soon."

Her eyes landed on the bodies of the people from this man's side. Many of them didn't die because of her but rather, because of the desperate attack from this man. For someone who already became a leader, yet he cared not about his own subordinates, she wondered if he truly had a heart.

She knew that sacrifices were sometimes necessary, but not like this.

"Shin, I hope you don't mind me occupying your place for the time being. I don't think I can go home like this."

Some of her wounds were placed in visible places. If her sister saw her like this, she couldn't imagine what Laura's reaction would be. It would be better if she didn't cause any additional worry for her little sister.

Shiro sighed. He was cleaning up his own equipment with remorse. "It's fine for me."

"By the way, where's Tom? Didn't you say that he's on the way here?"

"He crashes with another group of men on the other side of the building. He'll be fine, you don't have to help him."

"Alright, I'm going back."

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Ryukalin Clan's Headquarters

"Where's Neo? Don't tell me that he skips his lesson again," The Old Man asked with resentment. This annoying son of his always skipped the training session no matter what happened.

Ryan shook his head lightly. "He's going with Clan Head."

The Old Man sighed and took a seat on the chair. It was already noon, their business should be over since Kevin no longer took care of the company too much anymore. It was already the time for the young man to care about his own clan again.

"They take a long time."

Ryan ignored the old man beside him as he took a cigarette. His eyes were looking towards the snow-coated garden in front of him. The snow this year seemed heavier compared with the light snow last year. The thick snow would hinder their movement even more should they fight outside.

"I want to beat up my son again," Old Man sighed. He leaned back silently and listened to the sounds near them. It was then did he realize that there was a car coming inside.

"Who's that?" Ryan stood up. They were not allowed to drive into the inner part of the clan, so if someone dared to break the rules, it must be something really important or someone insolent.

The car stopped not far from them. They instantly recognized it as Kevin's. Although Kevin is the Clan Head, he was not allowed to park his car in the inner part too. This was part of the rules. If the men found him broke the rules, what would they say?

The two wanted to reprimand their young clan head when they saw Kevin got out with bloodied body. In a matter of seconds, they arrived by Kevin's side to check on the young man's condition.

"Boss, are you alright?" Old Man scanned Kevin up and down.

Kevin nodded his head. "Just call the doctor and in the meantime, call all the elders to meet me in the hall. Whoever didn't attend will receive punishment."

Hearing the dark tone from Kevin's voice, the two of them knew that the situation was grave. Because Kevin rarely changed his expression, those around him learned to detect even the slightest intention from the man's every action. This caused them to notice the anger behind the seemingly calm tone.

"Yes, Boss."

This time, the two of them immediately moved out to call the other elders. Most of the core members were inside the clan as only a handful of them were out. Some of them have post outside, but they usually returned back to the headquarters at least once a week.

The doctor hurriedly came over the moment they called for him. He was startled when he saw Kevin's condition and immediately tended to the young man. Seeing how badly hurt this boy was, he felt that the boy's mental strength was too strong. There was barely any change in his expression.

'This is going to be hurt.'

As he tended the wounds, Kevin sat down on his chair calmly. His eyes were watching the men in front of him as the atmosphere around him turned cold. Facing his cold attitude, everyone knew, their clan head is angry.