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310 Rei from Fiore Group

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Kevin forcefully moved his feet to dodge. Before he could fully move, he heard the sound of metal clashing and slashing sound. The sound was rather powerful and forcefully cut the bullets.

In front of the two of them, a boy (actually a girl) was standing firmly. The black clothes caused them to be rather surprised because it was quite a rare outfit in the middle of the day. In addition, the person was wearing a hood which covered her face very well.

'There are more than what I can cut.'

The person in black, Kanae, frowned slightly. Her left arm was grazed by the bullet because of her sudden movement to this place. Although she was not supposed to interfere as most of the people in the mall already got out, she couldn't help it and her feet already brought her to this place.

Why did she suddenly choose to help?

When she heard the gunshot, she couldn't help but get curious. The moment she saw Kevin fought with the men, she was surprised greatly. Who would have thought that the one who had a negotiation in the same place was someone from Ryukalin Clan?

Kevin was handling them rather well in the beginning. But it changed after the new group emerged. With Kevin's wound, there was simply no way he could fight as well as before. Even if he forcefully fought, the pain would still hinder his movement no matter how much he ignored the pain.

It was as this moment, her feet moved on their own. She didn't really understand, but she couldn't bear the thought of seeing him die. Because of that, she jumped right in front of him and protected the two of them from the bullet.

"Who are you?" the man at the front looked towards Rei with cautiousness. From the movement that Kanae showed, he knew that this young person was not weak at all.

Kanae didn't answer. She merely stared at them as she raised her right arm, showing the peculiar sword for them to see and also prepared for another barrage of shots.

"Rei from Fiore Group!" one of the men yelled out in surprise.

When they heard that, they quickly turned their head towards Kanae. No one ever knew the real appearance of Rei because she always appeared and disappeared rather quickly. They couldn't believe that the one standing in front of them right now was the real deal: The legend of the street.

"So, you're Rei," the man's narrowed his eyes as he scrutinized Kanae. From the built alone, it seemed that Rei was not big at all. This made him rather wondered, how could this small person be the legend from the street?

"If you don't want to get hurt, you better move away from that place. We have some unfinished business with our clan head."

Neo was stunned when he heard their proposal. He quickly thought about a way to counter it. "Rei, can you please stall them? We'll reward you handsomely if you decide to help us!"

Kevin's eyes didn't leave Kanae in the slightest. When he saw her cut off the bullets that were directed to them, he was fascinated. It was a speed and movement that wouldn't lose even to him. This caused him to want to take Kanae into his own side. Of course, right now, it was only a small desire as his prioritize was getting out of there safely.

Rei didn't answer. She merely stood there. The two sides were locked in a deadlock as no one knew what to do. At the same time, Kanae was listening to Shiro explaining the situation to her.

"Rei, there are too many people for you to handle by yourself. It'll be hard for you to fight them while protecting the two people behind you. They can shoot them quickly and nothing you can do to stop them."

Kanae sighed. She whispered. "Shiro, can you tell me about their formation?"

"Rei, you're really reckless. Tommy is not far from you, he's currently heading up to help you out. They completely surround the place, so it's hard to say for exactly how their formation is."

"That's good."

When he heard the relieved voice of Kanae, Shiro got the urge to beat up the little girl. He felt rather annoyed when he saw her moving on her own outside of their mission. This girl was the one who always tried to keep their movement limited to a mission, but this time, she was the one who broke the habit.

As for her reason, he himself was not entirely sure, but he could guess. This was also the source of another headache for him as he felt that every single person he knew were experiencing the spring of their life.

Unfortunately, each of them was something impossible.

"Rei, you better move, they're going to attack you."

"I know," Kanae's voice barely faded down when she moved from the spot where she stood. Her agile and sudden movement caused no one to be able to react. The speed in which she moved far surpassing ordinary human being.

The only person who could see her movement was Kevin as he watched from behind. Because of the wounds on his body, it took a lot of effort just to stand. This allowed him to focus his attention to the fight in front of him as he saw how beautiful Kanae moved.

In but an instant, Kanae reached the first person. Her hand moved upwards and slashed at the person, dyeing the ground red with blood. Her feet stomped on the ground as she twisted her arm and her sword reached another person. It was done in mere seconds as the men fell one by one because of her sword.

The first person to react was the person who stood at the very front. "Move!"

As the elder in Ryukalin Clan, he had seen for himself countless geniuses from two generations. Each of them was very powerful. However, this was the very first time he faced one of them head on and the feeling he thought he had lost resurfaced:


As he battled his way in the clan and experienced numerous fights, he thought that he had lost the sense of fear. However, facing this youth, he felt fear as he saw with his own eyes how his subordinates fell one by one.

'Who in the world is this youth?'

Unfortunately, no one answered for him as he forcefully put himself in fighting position. His eyes glanced towards the big gun on the back as he moved towards the big gun and aimed towards Kanae.


Series of gunshots followed as he desperately tried to kill Kanae. He had the feeling that if Kanae still alive, he would be the one to die.



As he shot without care, his men also became the victim to his gun. Kanae moved away from her position the moment she sensed danger. She purposely led him away from Kevin as the gun didn't reach the two wounded guys at all.

"Boss, Mike is here!" Neo suddenly pointed to the side.

Kevin's gaze finally moved as he looked to the side. Their car was speeding towards their place and crashed the glass.


"Boss!" Mike yelled from inside. "Get in!"

The two of them quickly moved into the car. The man finally realized that the two biggest preys he aimed were getting away. He moved the point of the gun towards them and shot rapidly.