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309 Attack and Figh


Kevin quickly moved behind the sofa as he sheltered himself from the barrage of shots directed towards him. His right hand was holding a small gun that he always brought with him. The moment the barrage stopped, he moved up and aimed the gun towards them.


Neo followed suit and they quickly docked back again after a few seconds. This has turned into the contest of time.

"Boss, the sofa won't hold out that long."

"I know," Kevin answered calmly. "Focus on getting them down."


Neo glanced towards the watch on his right hand. It was a special device they had to call for help. He already told Mike to be prepared for a battle, but it seemed that man was not ready to answer yet.


The bullets were up. Kevin quickly moved towards the man in front of him. He lowered his center of gravity as he punched the man's jaw from below, knocking him in a single move. Before his friend could react, he already moved from his position and kicked the man on his stomach.

'Boss is as mighty as before.'

Neo reloaded his gun and quickly pointed towards the other men. With a swift movement, he shot six bullets in one go, killing precisely the number of bullets he had. After that, he hid behind the sofa again and reloaded his gun.

He couldn't fight with his bare hand, so the only option was fighting with the guns.

"Neo, dock!"

From the corner of his eyes, Neo saw a man swung a knife towards him. He jumped to the side and the knife barely grazed his right arm. The blood dripped to the floor, dying the perfectly white floor with the red paint of blood.

"You're pretty quick," Neo commented as he finished reloading his gun.

The man moved and slashed towards Neo, but this time, Neo was prepared. He shifted his body's position and put the gun on the man's chest before shooting them. After that, he shot towards the other five men around him. Without the protection of the wall, they were nothing in front of his gun.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

At the same time, Kevin also finished the men behind him. Their fighting skill was not that great as they relied more on number. Still, it was not hard for him to defeat them quickly.

Suddenly, his body tensed up. Every fiber of cell in his body was telling him to move away. Someone stronger than him was close.


Kevin barely avoided a man slashing towards him. His left shoulder was grazed as he stabilized himself. His eyes gazed at the man in front of him with cautiousness. From the speed alone, he was not the match of this man.

The man had long and silver hair. His eyes were bloodshot as they stared at Kevin wildly. It was as if he was a beast and not human.

"What is this-?" before Neo could finish speaking, the silver-haired man already appeared in front of him. The speed this man showed caused fear to sprout from the bottom of his heart.

He rose up his hand to shoot the man, but the shot missed.


Kevin blocked the attack from the man with his gun. The knife was pointed straight at Neo's neck. If he was any second slower, Neo would be dead.

Pushing the man back, he stabilized himself. "Neo, move back!"

"Yes!" Neo quickly moved to the side.

The man leaped up again towards Kevin and the two of them exchanged blows with each other. With his gun, Kevin tried his best to block the attack. He didn't bring any blade or sword today because they were rather troublesome. His sword was rather big in size and bringing them would attract attention to him.

It was then that he noticed a man already brought a machine gun.

His gaze hardened as he moved from the man. The knife slashed through his back and followed by that, the barrage of bullets started.


"Boss, are you alright?" Neo noticed the blood from Kevin's as he stayed low on the ground. Any higher and the gun would shoot him.

"I'm fine," Kevin frowned. With the wounds on his back plus the gunshot, which accidentally hit his calf, he wouldn't be able to move like before. It was painful, but his expression didn't change in the slightest.

Neo was rather worried. He looked towards the silver-haired man and found out that the latter already death. His friends didn't seem to care about this man at all as they let this powerful fighter dead just like that.

"Where are the others?" Neo gazed at his watch with frustration.

"They won't come," Kevin said in a low tone. He didn't dare to move from his position as the gunshots still happened not far from him.

"But you're the clan head, Boss."

"Neo, you're a smart person. I'm sure you understand what happens here."

Neo shut his mouth with aggravated expression. Of course, he understood. Because Kevin's position was still rather unstable, there would be people who disagreed with him being the clan head. There might even some people who secretly plotted for Kevin's death.

Although he didn't wish for anyone from the clan to do that, that was the only plausible explanation for what happened today. No matter what, he couldn't change it.

Finally, the barrage stopped. The two of them stood up, and they saw the sea of people in front of them.

The man at the front smirked. "Welcome Clan Head, I hope you're satisfied with my welcome."

Neo's eyes widened. The man at the very front was one of their own clans' elder. This meant that the one who plotted for Kevin's death was truly someone from inside the clan. His hand clasped into a fist as he felt anger boiled up. He couldn't stand the thought of them betraying their clan!

Kevin watched the man in front of him as he sighed. His body was growing stiff, and he didn't have much strength left to fight. The fight with the silver-haired man and the barrage of bullets caused him to be wounded. Still, if he had to fight, he would not show any hesitation no matter how his body condition was.

Neo glanced at the watch. From the camera that he planted on Mike's watch, he could see that the latter was currently driving the car. It shouldn't take long for Mike to arrive in this place and brought them away. So until that time, the two of them shouldn't die.

"I'm very satisfied," Kevin answered. "Now I know who I should eliminate from the clan."

The man laughed. He pointed his gun towards Kevin. "That's only if you have the power to leave this place."

Neo's face paled. If they shoot now, they will surely die.