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307 Mission

 In a matter of minutes, Kanae already arrived back in the mansion. She quickly changed her clothes to the black male high school uniform. It was the usual outfit when she walked out as Rei, but today, she used this as her disguise.

She took out a black jacket and wore the hood to cover up her face. Because she would act like a naughty high school boy in the mall, it would be best if no one knew her face. The hood was hanging low, covering most of her face from the view.

"Oro, have you arrived in the designated place?"

"Rei, I'm sorry. I have an urgent meeting with my client," Jason's voice sounded rather annoyed and regretful.

"Can't you postpone it?"

"It's a sudden meeting, so I can't ignore it. And no, the meeting might decide a lot of things in Wells Family."

Kanae frowned. She recalled that Jason was indeed working quite a lot, so she should have guessed that he wouldn't be able to make the time to come. Although she felt rather disappointed, she would not lash out to him. Unfortunately, a certain someone felt irritated at his answer and didn't afraid to lash out loudly.

"YOU CAN'T COME AGAIN?" Tommy shouted in anger.

"Calm down you brat. You're destroying my eardrum like this."

"I can't calm down, you damnable annoying Mr. I'm always late. Should I add your nickname to Mr. Unfulfilled promise?"

Jason was annoyed. He quickly shifted his phone position as he signed the next paper on his table. Before the meeting, he had to make sure that he had understood the content of the presentation. Tommy was making him annoyed.

"Brat, when we meet, I'll beat you up."

"Oh yeah? See if you can do that. I'm already much stronger after training for a long time."

"You two, if you don't shut up, I'll shoot the two of you," Shiro cut their conversation with a threat. They were in the middle of an important mission and yet, these two still bicker as usual. Not that he didn't do it occasionally, but this time he was not in the mood to bicker.

"Sorry, Shiro, it's that brat's fault."

"Who's the brat?"


"Alright, alright, I'll stop," Tommy grumbled annoyedly.

On the other end of the call, Jason sighed as he read over the content of the paper. "I'm hanging up. If you need me, make a call and I'll do my best."

"Got it, Oro."

"No more bickering, Tom. We're in the middle of a mission," Shiro warned Tommy. He was not in the mood to entertain Tommy with the latter's joke and all. Right now, their mission was simply too important.

"I understand," Tommy grumbled and moved from his position towards the mall. "I'm getting inside the mall."

"What's your getup today, Tom?"

"I'm wearing my usual clothes. Shirt and jeans, but I don't wear my headband."

If he wore it, the entire mall would know that Tom from Fiore Group was there. After all, the headband was the trademark of Tom. Of course, he needed to add the scar too, but today he didn't. A scar on one's eye was rather rare, and he hoped to appear low-key today.

"If you have to appear, make sure that the headband covers your eyes. Oro is not handling the camera today," Shiro added.

"Roger that."

By this time, Kanae already arrived in the mall. Her eyes scanned the surroundings as she searched for the people she had to follow. Before this, she had memorized their appearance and get up. She quickly found them, walking leisurely as if enjoying the mall.

As she swept her gaze, she also saw Tommy, who was walking around lazily and looked around.

"Tom, you have to appear more natural."

Tommy nearly fell to the floor when he heard Kanae's comment. "I already appear rather natural, right?"

"Your walking posture is quite stiff," Kanae answered.

"Where are you, Captain?"

"Not far from you, but I'll be going now. You should just guard the place."

"I got it."

Staying silent, Kanae followed after the men in a moderate distance. She had to make sure that they didn't know that they were being followed as it would make it harder for her to make her move.

The man slowed down his pace, trying to check if someone was also adjusting to his pace. Kanae narrowed her eyes, she knew that they were trained very well.

'I have to hide.'

She turned her feet to the store beside her, looking around with interest just like any other High School Boy.

At the same time, her mind was working hard. To find out whether someone was following or not, they could try to slow down or move faster. At that time, they also looked around to find out whether someone was adjusting their pace with them. If there was one, it meant that they were being followed.

This was one of the basic ways to know if you were being followed or not. Of course, if it was a camera, this way wouldn't work.

Kanae noticed that they had walked quite far. She quickly got out of the store and followed after them. Not long after that, they waltzed into a certain café. She saw them talking to other people inside. The people around them blocked the view of them, so no one should know what they were doing inside.

"Captain, there are a few snipers around," Shiro informed. His voice was rather grave. "I think, there are other negotiations around here too."

Kanae's eyes sharpened when she heard that information. If there was another different negotiation nearby, she would have to pay extra attention in case they spotted her or her action. It would do her no good if they caught her in her act.

As she thought about it, the negotiation was over. She quickly walked towards the store in a relaxed way. The men looked over to her for a while, but they didn't have much interested in her. After all, she looked like an ordinary naughty schoolboy who skipped school.

As the important man walked out of the café, she walked behind him. Her hand was working fast as she snatched the paper from the envelope on his hand. Her knife moved to break the envelope without any sound and her other hand pulled them out as swift as possible.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

All of them happened below one second.

Kanae quickly hid the paper behind her jacket and the knife on her right hand returned back to its place. As it was the weapon she had used for a long time, she had perfect control over them.

"Brat, get away from here," one of the men grew irritated as he saw Kanae walked near them. He made the gesture as if shooing a dog away.

Kanae raised her hand as if surrendering. She quickened her pace and turned on the next corner towards the emergency exit. There was no camera in this place as she already destroyed them on her first visit to this place not long ago.

The man looked towards Kanae with suspiciousness. "Boss, should I go chase that annoying brat?"

"Let him be, we have more important matters. Besides, this place will turn into a bloodbath very soon. I don't want to get caught inside."

"Yes, Boss."

Kanae took out the paper from her clothes. Upon seeing the number 'five' on top of the paper, her gaze hardened. She scanned the content for a moment to inspect if she got the right one.

After she had finished, she took out a lighter and burned down the paper. It was right at that moment; she heard the sound of a gunshot.