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295 Idio

 "I'm fine," Misae answered with an awkward smile. "The one who gets hurt is Teacher Charlie."

"Oh," Mike noticed the two of them stood close. He stood up and pulled her away while pointing to Shiro. "Doctor, there's a new patient here."

Shiro tried his best to maintain an indifferent expression as he beckoned for Teacher Charlie to get closer. Inside his heart, he was wondering if these two could be funnier than this.

"It's going to be slightly painful," Shiro reminded.

Teacher Charlie nodded his head. His eyes were looking towards the two students on the side. From their gesture, only an idiot wouldn't know that they were a couple. He had to say that they progressed quite fast as he was rather surprised to see a couple in this school.

Mike checked Misae up and down to ensure that she was fine. "What happens?"

"Well..." Misae reluctantly told the entire story to Mike. She didn't want him to worry about her, but it was impossible since she was quite reckless just now. Knowing about that incident would surely make Mike worry so much.

"You're an idiot! You can't fight well, but you stand in front of them, do you want to die?" Mike nearly yelled, yet he tried his best to suppress his tone.

Misae lowered her head. She couldn't stand seeing Mike being angry with her. "I'm sorry."

"Be more careful, alright?"


Mike sighed to himself. Thankfully, Tommy was there to protect her in that situation. He didn't know what went through Misae's mind. This girl seemed to have zero awareness about the danger. If there was no one around her, he believed that she might have gotten into trouble very much.

"Let's return back to class. I'll take you there."

"Are you sure?" Misae's eyes sparkled.

Mike nodded his head. "Neo, you stay here. I'll return in a few minutes."

"Sure," Neo answered in a playful tone. He leaned back on his chair as he saw the two of them walked away. Watching those people got trouble with their feeling was fun. Still, if the one in question was Kevin, he didn't want to see it.

As he thought about that, his eyes drifted to the farthest bed. The curtain was closed, but he knew, Kanae has woken up.

Kanae's eyes fluttered open when she heard the suppressed yell from Mike. Her brow furrowed as she thought about her condition. Upon seeing the curtain, she knew that she was in the infirmary.

"You have woken up?" Kevin glanced up from his laptop.

Turning her body, Kanae was startled to see Kevin there. She nodded her head as she felt slightly frustrated. It was now that she recalled that her martial arts were still below Kevin. This was the reason he could stay close with her without her realizing his presence.

Even right now, he seemed to be nonexistent.

Wait... nonexistent?

Her training so far has been consisting of Master Rudy forging her physical strength and training to be able to hide her presence better. In terms of strength, she has become far better. However, her practice in erasing her presence completely to face those experts was too slow. After reaching her current level, it seemed as if she faced a bottleneck.

At this time, she got the urge to hug Kevin to show her happiness. She finally found a way to erase her presence even more and possibly launched a surprise attack to the experts. However, she quickly toned down her excitement as she lied on the bed.

"What are you doing here, President?"

Kevin frowned. "Call me Kevin."

"Kevin," Kanae answered while rolling her eyes. Why did he seem to hate her calling him as president now? He was fine months ago.

"I heard that you're sick, so I come here to see you," Kevin answered calmly.

"What about your work?"

"This is a good change in the atmosphere."

Kanae rolled her eyes. This man surely has more than thousands of retorts he could give to her. She was not in the mood to argue with him again. Her body still felt rather hurt after the abuse that Master Rudy arranged for her in the training time.

Closing her eyes, she tried to erase her presence based on what she thought from seeing Kevin.

"Kanae?" Kevin frowned when he felt that her presence became weaker. He put the laptop on the bed and leaned in to check on her. Placing his hand on her forehead, he noticed that she didn't have any fever.

Kanae opened her eyes and stared at the man in front of her. Heat made its way to her cheeks. "I'm fine!"

She quickly turned around and pulled the blanket closer. That was too embarrassing! She was only trying to erase her presence, who would have thought that he would feel worried? Argh, she wished she didn't try to do it and just quietly sleep.

Kevin was startled by her sudden reaction. Did he do something wrong? Seeing her slightly pink cheek, he guessed that she must be embarrassed. Trying to act as if nothing happened, he picked up the laptop again and started doing his work again.

"It's finished. You can return back to the class," Shiro's voice was quite loud.

Teacher Charlie nodded his head. "Thank you, Doctor."

After the teacher walked away, Shiro looked towards the farthest bed. He stood up and walked there. "Kanae, are you feeling better now?"

"I guess so," Kanae murmured.

Shiro sighed. "Can you return to the class?"

She glanced to the still sitting Kevin before nodding her head. She still felt rather embarrassed by his sudden movement before. It would be better for her if she didn't stay here any longer.

"Walk carefully," Shiro reminded.

"Thank you, Doctor. I'll return back first, President and Neo," Kanae quickly bid her farewell.

Kevin was about to ask her to call him as Kevin when he noticed that she had disappeared. His brow creased. He turned his head towards Neo. "Is there anything wrong?"

Neo coughed lightly. "Boss, you shouldn't get too close to her."

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"He's Misae's boyfriend. Besides, Boss, doesn't you plan on keeping your distance with her?" Neo felt exasperated.

Kevin nodded his head slightly. Usually, he wouldn't want to get close with anyone, so he didn't bother trying to find out the usual range. However, recalling her reaction, he wanted to see it again. It was cute.

But he knew that he should try to not meet with her too much. It would only make it more painful and complicated in the future, especially if she found out the truth. He would slowly create a distance from her. It shouldn't be too hard, right?

"Boss, let's just give her a day off. It's almost the end term too," Neo shifted the conversation.

Kevin didn't answer. He merely nodded his head before walking out of the infirmary. Without Kanae here, he didn't have any intention to stay any longer. Following behind him, Neo could only sigh and quickly texted Mike that they got out from the infirmary.