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"What kind of man raising his hand towards a girl?"

The student was stunned to find his fist caught by a student so easily. He might not be a renowned fighter, but he was quite good in his class. Although his standard was still far away from the others, he has confidence in his martial arts. Who was this boy?

Tommy felt rather pissed off right now. If he was slower just by one second, Misae would be hit. Considering the power that he felt from the punch, he knew that Misae might be hospitalized if she got hit. That woman was simply too weak for any kind of wounds.

"Using martial arts against a powerless woman, you have truly opened my eyes about how the people in this society work," Tommy said coldly. He pushed the man using one of his hands calmly.

The man stumbled back and nearly fell if not for his friends' support. His eyes were looking towards Tommy warily.

"Who are you?"

"Tommy from Student Council," Tommy answered calmly. "Now return to your class or I'll make the petition to have you all repeat a grade. At that time, I'll surely welcome you all in my classroom."

Tommy cracked his fist together. His gesture was clear. He would not let them disobey him. Although he was only the guards, he had the power to file a petition as part of the Student Council.

"I will force that teacher to give us a better score! Our graduation depends on this!" the second student yelled angrily.

"Pathetic," Tommy sneered.

"What do you say?"

"I say you're all pathetic. Do you have that low of confidence in yourself to the point that you have to resort to violence? Even if I have low scores, I'll never resort to this," Tommy said icily.

His scores were surely far lower than most of the students in this school. As someone who came here with the sports scholarship, he had lower standards that he had to fulfill. Even though he still has to work hard, he would do it and not resort to this.

If he wanted to, no teacher would be able to defeat him. However, what would he get from that? It would be very unsatisfying. Besides, he wouldn't have any face to show Kanae anymore.

"You! Get him boys!" the first student yelled angrily. No one should throw insults to him!

Teacher Charlie was stunned. "Don't fight here!"

"Get him!"


"Listen to me!" as Teacher Charlie tried to speak, the fight began. Tommy easily avoided their attack as he kicked the students on their stomach. He would not use weapons, so bare hand was the best option.

"Sir, it's no use," Misae already moved to near Teacher Charlie to avoid the fight range. She was terrified before, but Tommy appearance caused her to wake up from her trance. She managed to move her feet away from the scene to make sure that she didn't trouble him anymore.

"It's a normal thing to fight here. There's no way to separate them before one side give up."

Given the size was quite big, it was the normal occurrence. Misae already knew that, so she didn't bother trying to find a teacher anymore.

Teacher Charlie frowned. He knew that fight was normal, but he couldn't bring himself to like this scene at all. He became a teacher because he wanted to make this city a better place. Yet, the students seemed to be worse than the time when he was still a high school student.

"Finally finished," Tommy kicked the last student as he looked towards them all. They were not challenging at all, so he was bored. "Anyone wants to give it a go too?"

The students immediately shook their head. What a joke, even those good fighters were defeated cleanly. What would be different if they step up? It would be more sweats for Tommy but a hospital for them.

Recalling the exams next week, no one wanted to give it a try. If they failed their exams, it would be the end of them.

"Now, scram to your class!"

With that, the students scampered around like they were chased by demons. Even those wounded seniors were helped by the others to return. If their chance to take exams were revoked on top of getting beaten up, even their parents wouldn't be able to save them.

Tommy snorted when he saw them returned back. He turned his head to Teacher Charlie. "Do you need to go to the infirmary? You scrape your arms."

Teacher Charlie was startled. He looked towards his arm when he noticed that they were bleeding. It was probably from the time when he got pushed by them and bumped on the wall. He felt a bit of pain but didn't pay much attention.

"I'll tell the class to self-study for a while."

"Let me do that. Tommy, help Teacher Charlie to the infirmary. I'll head there after this."

"Okay, please follow me, Teacher Charlie."

Teacher Charlie looked towards Misae with bewilderment. He knew about the Student Council as he clashed with them in the past, but he didn't remember anything about them having this power.

"Miss, is the Student Council really that influential?"

Misae looked towards Teacher Charlie with bewilderment. "Haven't you stayed here for quite some time, Teacher Charlie? The Student Council is given the freedom to determine some students' fate. We're tasked to make activities for them and at the same time ensuring their safety."

"What kind of freedom?"

"Well, we can host them on our own and only make the report. Aside from that, we can also ask the student to assembly if there's something important, but this rarely happens. There are still many others, Teacher Charlie. I'll need the guide handbook if I have to mention all of them," Misae smiled wryly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Teacher Charlie nodded his head. He never paid much attention to the Student Council before because he didn't like them. They were acting as they wanted. However, seeing their work today caused him to change his opinion about them slightly.

"Don't you need a teacher to supervise you?"

"Not really, the students usually follow after the strong one rather than the teacher. Because teachers' requirement doesn't allow them to be part of the underworld, many of them are not good in fighting. This makes the principal allow us to have complete freedom," Misae explained.

"I see. It's more similar to that of the university, isn't it?"

"Really?" Misae was astonished. "I don't know about that."

Teacher Charlie smiled warmly. Of course, she wouldn't know. She hadn't graduated yet, so she wouldn't be able to know the students at the university.

As they talked, they finally reached the infirmary. Upon opening the door, they saw Mike and Neo were standing there. Mike's face changed immediately when he saw Misae.

"Misae, are you hurt?"