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293 Incident with Teacher Charlie

 A class without Kanae was always boring. Misae missed her desk partner that would always sleep. Although Kanae barely did anything, her presence reassured Misae that she could ask anything to the girl beside her. Now that Kanae was absent, Misae felt rather bored.

"Will Kanae return back?" Misae sighed.

Tommy smiled wryly. "I don't think she would."

Considering how Kanae looked like when he saw her before, he doubted that she was going to come here. She seemed too tired. As for what she had experienced before, he didn't want to know. Anything it was, it should be something inhuman in his opinion.

Misae sighed. "It didn't help that the others are away for a meeting."

Laura and Alice were checking their budget with the principal. Because Alice was uncomfortable to face him alone, Laura tagged along. As for Misae, she didn't have any interest to see that man. It would be better if she stayed here to see through the class.

This made her even more bored. Without anyone to talk to, she had to focus on the lesson.

"Why is the teacher don't come yet?" Misae frowned.

"It's supposed to be Teacher Charlie Class. I think everyone is secretly happy that he's not here," Tommy smiled bitterly.

Even though they knew that it was nearing midterm, no one ever liked this teacher. Their scores have been plummeting drastically, which made them hated the teacher very much. Besides, the boring class was something that no one liked at all.

"I don't like him too, but my scores are going to suffer," Misae sighed. She didn't even reach the minimum passing grade for Teacher Charlie's lesson. If this continued, she didn't know what she was going to do.

Since Kanae was busy with her work, she could only ask Laura for help. Thankfully, these two were exceptionally smart. Sometimes, she envied the smart genes that they had.

"There's commotion outside," a student who sat near the hallway window suddenly announced.

"Where is it?"

"I want to see it."

In but a moment, the students stormed out from their sitting place and got out of the room. Seeing their enthusiasm, Misae felt rather perplexed. It seemed that a break was much more interesting than study for them.

"Shall we come along too?" Misae turned her head to Tommy.

Tommy shrugged. "If you want to come, then it's fine with me."

All he wanted right now was to sleep, but he couldn't possibly let Misae walked alone. Knowing this person was rather scatterbrained, he knew better than to let her see a fight alone. If she did something stupid, the students would surely invoke the wrath of Mike and Kanae.

He shuddered as he imagined that. The combination of the smiling devil and the legend of the street caused him to feel fear.

"Let's go."

"Wait up, don't walk so fast," Tommy was too engrossed in his thought that he didn't realize that Misae had walked quite far.

The two of them got out from the classroom and saw the students were crowding the hallway. What in the world happened?

"Hey, teacher, can't you give us a better score?" a student was yelling.

"What are you all talking about? School is the place to study, and I won't purposely change your score. It'll depend on your ability."

Another student scoffed. "How long have you stayed here? Don't you know that it's a normal practice here?"

The teacher, Teacher Charlie, frowned when he heard that. He was born here, but he could never accept such a practice. "Do you want to live a life as a wastrel for the rest of your life? It's important to study more and achieve depends on your result."

"He's so stubborn."

"Do you think he can change his opinion?"

"I'm not sure myself."

"What's even the importance of history? There's no need for us to learn so seriously of such unimportant matter," the first student yelled indignantly.

Teacher Charlie's expression hardened. "Not important? Young man, do you know the consequences of not knowing the history of your own country? If you don't know anything about them, you will never understand why a country is heading towards the way they're.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

History helps to define how culture was born. Do you think you can understand why there's a dispute between the clans if you don't know their history? No! It's impossible to know without searching deeper. By analyzing things that happen in the past, you'll learn why they're choosing this way or that way. It's an art that relies on everything that happened in the past.

The skill of analyzing the past can be used for a lot of things! It's an important skill to have if you want to be useful in the future!"

Most of the students scoffed when they heard what Teacher Charlie said. After all, no one was truly interested in learning history seriously. Some of them wanted to be a fighter, others wanted to be an ordinary worker, and the others wanted to be an entrepreneur. Who would want to learn history seriously?

Tommy sighed when he heard that. He knew that history was important as Kanae has been filing his head with the history of the streets during the time they met. It was important because they could make use of the knowledge, they had to govern the street in the secret.

Teacher Charlie noticed their expression, and he rolled his eyes in indignation. These annoying students would never understand the real importance of history!

"Now, excuse me. It's time for me to teach my class."

The first student was rather angry. "Oh no, you're not going anywhere. We won't let you off if you don't give lenience to our score."

Seeing the stubborn students, Teacher Charlie frowned. What should he do to convince them all?

"Move back to your class, this is the Student Council's order!"

Tommy was stunned to hear that Misae suddenly spoke out. For real? This girl didn't only have scatterbrain, she literally didn't have any decent forewarning about the danger. If she came out right now, she was basically giving herself away.

What a complete idiot! She could barely fight, and her position in the Student Council was only secretary. It was important, but the students here compromise of mostly third years. They wouldn't care if they got the blacklist as it would only affect half a year.

'Mike, I lit a candle for you. You'll surely have a tough future.'

"Student Council?" the first student saw that Misae already stood in front of them. He felt rather pissed off. Right now, his graduation depended on his score. Who would give care to this organization?

"F*ck you!"

As he said that, he lunged forward to punch Misae away from that place. Facing the incoming attack, Misae stood rooted in her place.

Her feet didn't want to move as she felt terrified.


"What kind of man will raise their hand to a girl?"