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292 Skipping Class

 'Master Rudy is merciless,' Kanae felt that her body was aching all over when she came to school the next day. Master Rudy was annoyed that she often went to other places and has to skip the training. Because of that, the intensity of the training increased several folds.

Although she acted like nothing was wrong in front of Laura, she decided to skip the class. After taking Laura to the class, she headed to the infirmary.

"Hello, Miss Kanae, are you sick?" Shiro asked gently as usual. This was the front that he had as the infirmary doctor, which from Tommy's side, his way to get the high school girl students confessed to him.

Kanae smiled wryly. "I'm just too tired. Let me borrow the bed."

Shiro nodded his head. "Do you need me to do some checkup to you?"

"I guess so."

Shiro took a seat near Kanae as he pulled the long sleeves up to show Kanae's arm. Hidden beneath the sleeves was a completely bruised arm. Seeing how the flesh turned red and blue all over the place, Shiro frowned. What kind of practice did she do?

Kanae stayed silent as Shiro applied ointment to her arms. It was not as painful as it seemed because she had better pain tolerance after training for quite some times. It just looked rather scary to other people with how ghastly it was.


"Demonic doctor, I want to borrow the bed agai-," Tommy stopped midway when he saw Kanae was there. His eyes were glued to her bruised arms. Seeing how ghastly it was, he felt rage.


"It's from practice, Tommy. Don't overreact," Shiro warned before Tommy could burst out. His chin was pointing to the nearby shelf. There was a hidden voice recorder in that place. Whoever it was, that person wanted to monitor the entire situation of the school.

Tommy frowned and walked to the shelf. He saw the device and quickly took out plasters. With light movement, he closed the device using the plasters a few times before keeping them back. With the plasters holding them back, the sounds would be distorted, so it would be harder for them to hear their conversation.

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Shiro sighed. "You're just going to make them pay more attention, you stinky brat."

"What should I do then, demonic doctor? I don't want them to hear our battle here!"

Kanae face palmed as she rolled her sleeves back. These two were always having an argument with each other. This made her wondered if they could ever get along. Thankfully, they worked rather well when it came to the matter of their group.

"I want to sleep. I nearly don't have any sleep last night," Kanae climbed on top of the farthest bed. Master Rudy trained her for double the usual time, making her unable to rest when she wanted to.

"Sleep well, Kanae. This time you're not allowed to sleep here," Shiro informed Tommy.

Tommy rolled his eyes. "Why? You annoying doctor!"

"Be respectful to the teacher."

"You're not a teacher!"

The two went on and on for the next several minutes until the bell rang. Tommy was kicked out from the infirmary by the doctor as he closed the door tightly. After finishing all that, Shiro returned to his desk and did his own work.

Time passed swiftly.

"Misae, you're not with Kanae? It's rare to see you not together," Neo asked during their lunch break.

Misae swallowed her foods before answering. "Kanae is not feeling well today, so she's sleeping in the infirmary."

"I see, thank you," Mike smiled. He quickly turned around to chase after Kevin. This man was already worried about Kanae that he paid no attention to anything else as he headed to the infirmary.

Neo followed with a complicated feeling. Right now, he wished for Kevin to stay away from that girl. If she knew about it and came to hate Kevin, wouldn't the pain become much harder to bear?

Kevin quickly opened the door to the infirmary room. He saw the doctor was sitting calmly near the window.

Shiro turned around. "Is there anything wrong, Student Kevin?"

"Is Kanae here?"

"She's sleeping over there," Shiro pointed to the farthest bed.

Kevin's gaze wandered to Kanae for a moment. He was relieved to know that she was there. Unfortunately, the curtain didn't allow him to see Kanae. Well, it was good in a sense. At least, those guys wouldn't be able to see her sleeping face.

"Is she alright?"

Shiro couldn't say that she was tired because of training, could he? If he said that, the next thing he knew would be he got into the hospital for the same reason. The other guys would never let him off if he told the real reason.

"She's just tired, so she needs more sleep. There's no need to worry so much," Shiro answered.

Kevin nodded his head. He walked towards the bed and opened the curtain slowly. Seeing the peaceful sleeping visage of Kanae on the bed, a smile made its way to the corner of his lips. At least, she was breathing normally.

Shiro watched the gentle expression on Kevin's face. He immediately understood what was going on. Well, it couldn't be helped. As someone who stayed by Kanae's side for a long time, he knew very well that Kanae had a lot of attractive quality. However, he would never harbor such feeling for her. He didn't want to be sued for chasing after a minor.

"Doctor, can you not tell this to anyone?" Neo asked in a low tone.

"My lip is sealed," Shiro answered calmly. "I'll return back to my work. Please don't bother me."

Neo nodded his head. His eyes drifted back to Kevin as he walked closer to them. Moving the curtain a bit, he saw Kevin took out his laptop as he sat down on the chair near Kanae. From his expression, it was clear that he wanted to stay here until Kanae woke up.

'Boss, you're totally into her, aren't you?'

As he watched the gentle expression that hadn't surfaced on Kevin's face for a long time, he gave up on telling him to stay away from Kanae. His boss was simply too stubborn. Besides, if Kanae didn't reciprocate his feeling, he would surely stay away from him.

Wait, what about Kanae? At this time Neo finally realized that he has only been paying more attention to Kevin that he didn't know about Kanae. If she also has the same feeling, it might be harder for her to accept.

He walked back. Whatever happened, he would just prepare himself for it.