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291 It’s My Faul

 After getting out of the mansion, Sheila held her phone with rage. She felt that she always lost when she was facing with Kanae. Not even once did she could pay that girl back from all the humiliation that she suffered.

She made a call. "Sir, the one who lives in the mansion is truly the siblings."

The one at the other end of the call, Frank Nali, was rather annoyed when he heard the news. He sold the mansion to some random people. Who would have thought that this man has a connection with the two siblings? After all, he did to make sure that they wouldn't get it anymore, it was all for naught.

"Get them to report it to the family!"

"Sir, it's not possible. The mansion didn't belong to them, but to other people. They only get them through some means."

Frank nearly smashed the phone he was holding. If it was not because they still held the name of Nali, he wouldn't hesitate to use every means to bring them down. Right now, he couldn't do it.

If he tried to frame them, the name of Nali Family would go down. If he tried to take them forcefully, the scene would make the media hungry for more. If he tried to spread the news about them, the name of Nali Family would be tarnished completely.

No option was visible for him. This made Frank rather vexed. If only the mansion belonged back to Kanae or Laura, he could make use of his connection like before again. Since the two of them were still underage, it was indeed possible for him to take the mansion again.

"Sir, is there anything that I can do?" Sheila asked in a concerned tone.

Frank frowned. His brain was working at high speed, yet he didn't know what to say. "Is there anything they say to you?"

"They tell me that the Nali Family should never come again, or they will make a charge to the police," Sheila answered. She made sure that she emphasis the words 'Nali Family. This would surely make Frank extremely pissed off. After all, this man always cared for the family very much.

What she guessed truly happened. Frank was beyond angry when he heard what Kanae said. This was the second time this happened. The first time happened when they made a compromise for Kanae to live on the back of the mansion. She threatened them with the threat of trespassing too.

Now, she repeated it once again. Facing this girl, Frank felt that his patience grew thin.

'A few more months, I just need to wait for a few more months.'

Soon, it would be Kanae's birthday. When that time came, he would make a grand announcement that Kanae was not part of his family anymore. This would surely be one of the best ways to counter this girl.

"You can return back, Sheila. Your job is finished."

"Thank you, Sir."

Sheila closed her phone with a smile on her face. It seemed that Frank was not so hard to handle compared with her in-laws. This would make her time in the Nali Family became more interesting. She couldn't wait for more interesting events to happen.


Kale Company

"Neo, what do you want to tell me?" Kevin asked when they returned back to his office. Mike was also following from behind and made the coffee for Kevin as usual.

Neo took out his laptop and handed it to Kevin. "Boss, I make a throughout research about Kanae and her past."

Hearing the name 'Kanae', the room's temperature dropped immediately. Looking intently with his dark iris, Kevin was feeling displeased. He didn't want to pry too much into the life of other people, especially Kanae.

However, Neo paid no heed to the suffocating atmosphere. "I found out that the Nali Family has been hiding the information of their member and every incident that they got involved to."

Feeling that something was off, Mike put the cup down on Kevin's table as he looked towards Neo with bewilderment. "What do you mean incident?"

"I mean exactly as it is," Neo answered carefully. "Boss, do you remember the incident that happened three years ago on 31 December?"

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It was a date that Kevin would never forget in his entire life. It was the day he lost his father, one day right before his 15 years old birthday. That day that changed his entire life as he had to step up to become the clan head and face those who wanted to take his life.

Kevin nodded his head. "What is it?"

Neo carefully paid attention to Kevin's expression as he continued. "That incident also involves Kanae. She lost her parents in that incident."

By the time his words reached this point, he couldn't speak further. The consequences of what he said were as clear as day.

Without that incident, Kanae would have a complete family.

Without that incident, there was no need for the girl to work so hard day and night.

Without that incident, she didn't have to face the entire Nali Family who wished for nothing but her death.

All of them started in one incident.

Kevin was extremely surprised to hear about that. Finally, he understood Neo's reason for having a troubled face. If Kanae knew that he was the one who made her life miserable, would she still accept him? Every logical person would know that the answer would be a resounding 'no'.

At this time, he felt very conflicted. He knew his life was dangerous, but he wanted to have her in his life. He always battled himself about this feeling. Now that he knew how his presence and his clan made her live this kind of life, could he bring himself to get her closer to him?

He wouldn't be able to see her sad and live a difficult life. At this moment, he realized that he knew this too late. He already fell hard for her to the point of no return.

"I see. It's my fault," Kevin said in a cracked voice. His usual calmness has disappeared. It was replaced with self-condemn, deep regret, and longing feeling.

Neo noticed the change in Kevin's voice, but he couldn't say anything. What could he possibly say? It was not your fault? It was impossible for him to say it. The three of them knew very well that the incident was caused by their clan.

No, not only their clan, it was specifically because of Kevin.

With Kanae lost her parents in that incident, it was the same as telling Kevin that he murdered her parents. At the same time, he was also the one who drove her to live a life full of hardship for the past three years.

Kevin's eyes looked to the table as a complicated feeling resurface. What a joke. He was the one who caused pain to her, yet he wanted to be the one who made her happy. How ridiculous it was?

He felt that Heaven must hate him so much to give him this feeling for her.

Her, someone he wronged so badly in the past.

Even he was not sure what was Kanae's view of that incident. Whether that girl would chase after the murderer of her parent was also unclear as he never tried to find out.

"Why her name doesn't appear in the list?" Kevin asked. After the incident, he made sure to compensate the citizen's family members who got involved. At that time, he had to face their condemning and despairing faces. It was a memory he wanted to throw away and also the biggest reason he never wanted to involve the citizen ever again.

He didn't want to break any families and saw their broken heart anymore.

"The Nali Family hides her name from the list. As they're one of the big families, they don't want anyone to know that they got involved in the incident even as the victim," Neo answered. He tried to make sure that his voice was as calm as possible.

"It's just like them," Kevin was not surprised about their attitude. It was known that the four big families cared about their face too much. Too much that they didn't even care of their people wellbeing.

Mike felt rather hesitant. "Boss, what will you do now?"

"Nothing," Kevin answered. He couldn't possibly push her away because of his guilt. All he wanted was for her to be happy and content. Even if he couldn't stay with her, he wished for nothing more than her wellbeing. Right now, there was nothing he could do except slowly distancing himself from her.

He had to forget about her and just watched over her from far. It was not his place to stay by her side and possibly made her felt pained because of the past that she never told anyone.

Confronting her about this incident was also a big no. He didn't want to make her remember her past again. After her struggle to fight the Nali Family, he didn't want to be the one to remind her of the painful past again.

"I won't do anything."


Neo saw the complicated gaze on Kevin and chose to stay quiet. This was the first time he saw Kevin had this complicated feeling. Unfortunately, there was simply nothing he could do. He could only stand quietly as Kevin calmed himself down and accepted the fact; the horrible fact that no one wished to happen.