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290 Sheila Nali’s Visi

 "Neo, what happened to you? You seem like you're extremely tired," Kanae was startled to see the listless Neo walked out. From his expression, it seemed as if he didn't have any sleep at all during the night.

Neo smiled bitterly. He was spending the night to search about Kanae the entire time. He had to make sure that the information he got was true. After all, it was rather shocking that no one knew about it when it was actually involved them.

"I'm just trying to become better at my work."

Kanae looked at the other party suspiciously, but she didn't try to pry deeper. "It's already time for us to go. I think Mike will be a better driver compared to you."

"At the current me, it's indeed the best option."

As they got into the car, Neo was still looking at his laptop. His eyes were tired, yet he couldn't bring himself to believe the news that he got at all. He didn't want to accept it. It was simply too disastrous.

Hours passed, and they soon arrived back in the office. Kanae got out the first. "I'll go home first. My sister already worries about me."

Mike smiled. "Just go, we can clean up the rest by ourselves."

"Thank you all."

Kevin glanced towards Neo. "You have been looking at me for some time now, Neo. Is there anything you want to talk about?"

Neo's face held a complicated gaze as he thought about what he found out. Clearing out his mind, he made his resolve. Kevin had to know about this, no matter how much he cared about him, he had the right to know. So, before everything was too late, he had to tell Kevin.

"Boss, can we talk upstairs?"

Kevin could guess that the thing Neo wanted to talk about must be something secretive. This place wouldn't be suitable to talk about things like that. He nodded his head.



Kanae and Laura's Mansion

When Kanae returned back to the mansion, she saw an expensive car was parked right outside the gate. She frowned. Their small family didn't have anyone rich that they were close with. The only one that she knew was Jason. This car didn't belong to him.

Taking out a key, Kanae walked into the mansion. She faintly heard her sister's voice from the hall.

"Like I say, we get the mansion back. There's nothing that you can do to us even if you belong to the main branch of Nali Family."

"Everything that belongs to a member of the Nali Family has to be made known to us!"

"Let me repeat myself. The owner is a different person that we got acquainted with. The owner of the mansion doesn't belong to Nali Family," Laura sneered.

It was a story that they agreed together. The owner of the mansion would be some unknown man without any relation with the Nali Family. This would be the best reason they could give to avoid them trying to take the mansion back for them just like in the past when they claimed that this mansion belonged to them.

The girl in front of her, Sheila Nali, was feeling rather pissed by the attitude that Laura showed. It seemed that this girl didn't care about her at all. By status, she was already higher than the two of them in the Nali Family. Yet, they didn't seem to care in the slightest.

"How do you convince the official to hand over the mansion?"

Laura shrugged. "I don't know, why are you asking me?"

The legal procedure required much more paper, one of them was the mansion's deed. Before the deal, Frank's assistant was planning on scamming the one who bought, but with the legal paper ready and the copy of the land deed, he couldn't do anything.

Even though he was suspicious of how the mansion's deed could be in the other party's hand, it was too late. He could only hand over the mansion to them.

"How do you get the money to buy this mansion?" Sheila continued with her interrogation.

After the incident on Sakura's birthday, she got a higher position as the inheritor of a massive business. Using this and the task she got, she climbed her way to become an important member of the Nali Family. She did this as covertly as possible to not invoke Sakura's suspicion.

This time, she was tasked to know more about the two siblings. Frank got the news that the two of them lived in the mansion again, so she came to make sure. The news was correct, but it seemed that these two were hiding something.

Whatever it was, she wanted to find out more. If she could present important information to Ferdinand, her way in this family would be much easier.

"Shall I repeat myself? The owner is not me," Laura answered calmly. It belonged to Kanae, but she didn't voice it out.

Sheila frowned. This girl was surprisingly hard to talk with. She thought that Laura should be easier to talk to since she was far younger. Yet, this high school student didn't seem to be so easy to be pushed away.

However, she didn't come here without any preparation.

"Why is that man be so kind as to give this mansion to you?" Sheila asked again.

Laura frowned. "How should I know? The mind of a rich person is always so hard to guess. I guess, a rich lady like you should know that, right?"

Sheila's face turned ashen when she heard that insult. How dare this little girl insulted her right on her face! She truly wished that she could just slap her for good because it was clear that she didn't have that easy way in the household.

"Are you sure that it's not because of your sister selling herself? In this city, it's easy to find a rich and perverted man," Sheila smiled sinisterly.

Laura would never mind if Sheila insulted her, but she couldn't take it when someone insulted Kanae. In her eyes, her sister was someone she respected and cared the most. No one was allowed to insult her!

Before she could lash out, a cold voice sounded from the front door.

"Oh? I thought that's what you do, Miss Sheila. If my memories don't serve me wrong, the man who stays by your side in the party and you claimed to be your husband, have a reputation for being a drinker and womanizer," Kanae retorted with a calm voice, yet it was tinged in icy tone.

Sheila's eyes narrowed when she recalled that man. It was an ugly man in her eyes. She hated him a lot and felt disgusted with him. But since she could get a lot of money just by sleeping with him, she felt that it was worth it.

"I'm the one who does the asking. Lowlife like you doesn't deserve to ask someone like me," Sheila sneered.

Kanae laughed. Who does Sheila think she was that she could do something like that? The princess of this country? It was a foolish thought that this girl has about her own status.

"Let me tell you this, even if the one who stands here is Sakura, I'll treat her all the same," Kanae answered calmly. Now that she already got what she wanted, she didn't have to treat them with much hospitality anymore. Besides, Frank couldn't do anything to her anymore. She had prepared everything to counter any kind of scheme that man could possibly do.

"You!" Sheila was angry. Kanae's words were the same as telling her that she was still lower than Sakura. Although in terms of status it was correct, she hated the feeling to stay under someone very much.

"Please get out. My place doesn't welcome anyone from Nali Family. If you dare to come again, I'll call the police with the charge of trespassing," Kanae pointed to the door.

Sensing the cold aura from Kanae, Sheila was unable to refute back. She was getting close to make Laura angry and possibly slip out important information. Now, her chance was ruined. With despondence feeling, she could only walk out.

Kanae turned her head to Laura. "Are you alright?"

Laura nodded her head. "Yes. Welcome back, Sis. Are you hungry? I'll make your favorite foods."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"...Why are you acting like a housewife?"

Laura laughed. "I'm just happy with how you treat that annoying woman. It gives me a satisfying feeling."

Kanae was amused. "Let's just eat. I'm already hungry from clashing with that woman."

"Okay! Wait for a minute. I'll get them ready very quickly."

After Laura disappeared, Kanae's eyes turned rather cold. From Sheila's attitude, she could guess that this girl already changed a lot. There might come the time when they clash again in the future. At that time, the fight wouldn't end as quickly as the one in the past.