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289 Forever Enemies?

 When Kanae returned back to the hotel, she saw that Taro was already there. From the man's expression, it was clear that he felt rather indignant. His dark face caused the others to wonder what made this young master angry.

"Taro, I'm back," Kanae greeted and laughed when she saw him.

Taro turned his head and glared. "You're late. It's almost time for lunch. Kevin will surely return back very soon."

"I know. That's why I return back now."

"Now you have to accompany me! You're abandoning me for that annoying person!" Taro put his hand on top of Kanae's shoulder. This way, his face was right before Kanae.

Kanae rolled her eyes when she saw his gesture. "Get off. Your hands are heavy."

"Fine, but you have to accompany me this afternoon."

"I'll only accompany you if President agrees," Kanae answered simply.

Taro retracted his hand as he saw Kevin standing not far from them with Mike and Neo. It seemed that their work finished far earlier than he thought. Well, it was a good chance to ask for permission to take Kanae away.

"Kevin, you've returned!" Taro waved his hand.

Kevin nodded his head slightly. "Kanae, it's time for lunch."


For some reasons, she felt that Kevin's voice seemed rather restrained. It was as if he was holding his feeling down forcefully. For someone who seemed like an ice block on the daily basis, she wondered what could make this man perturbed.

Kevin was practically glaring at Taro. He thought that it would be fine to leave Kanae with him since this man didn't make a pass to a nerdy type of girl. Who would have thought that the first scene he stumbled was that man flirting with Kanae? Inside his heart, he swore that he wouldn't let this flirty man get near with Kanae anymore.

"Hey, Kevin, can I join in your lunch?" Taro asked.

"No, just go with your girl friends," Kevin answered with a monotone voice, yet his expression seemed to emit a deathly aura.

Mike shook his head slightly as he noticed how Kevin's emotion fluctuated. At this time, he felt rather amused since he rarely saw Kevin got annoyed for anything other than the grave situation in the clan. He also understood why Kevin was like this. After all, he too would feel the same if he saw Misae flirting with other people...

Unfortunately, it happened on too many occasions with her hobby of seeing handsome guys.

Neo frowned slightly. "Boss, shall I order the foods now."


Taro was disappointed with the sudden refusal from Kevin. Since this man already sent death glare to him, it would be unwise to stay here any longer. His brain quickly thought of an excuse to get away as fast as possible.

"I need to make sure that my guards didn't follow after me. See you later, Kevin."

Kevin nodded his head slightly as they returned back to their room and changed clothes before heading to the cafeteria. Neo already ordered a lot of foods because there were three gluttons on the table.

"I think that I order too little," Neo's face scrunched when he saw how fast the foods were disappearing.

Kevin nodded his head. "For lunch, you should order more."

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Kanae grinned. "Thank you in advance, Neo."

"Not a problem, Kanae."

As Kevin drank the tea, he recalled the scene that he stumbled just now. "Do you have fun with Taro?"

"Taro? I only spend a bit of time with him because he's showing me around this place. I never know that this place has so many attractions," Kanae grinned as she told them her experience.

"You only spend time with him a bit?" Neo was rather confused.

"Yeah, I meet with Brother Jason on the way. He says that he has another business meeting not far from here. When I return, Taro is being childish. He's angry because I leave him to walk with Brother Jason," Kanae giggled a bit. His expression, when she walked away, was priceless.

Mike was stunned to hear what had happened to Taro. Inside his heart, he lamented that poor boy's fate. First, he was ditched by Kanae. Secondly, he was shooed by Kevin. Just how poor could his fate be?

"Oh," Kevin already heard about Jason stayed near here because of business meeting too. The Wells Family was rather large and has numerous connections, so he didn't feel that strange.

As for Jason taking Kanae away, he could guess the reason. That Taro was famous for his hobby to play with women. Given that kind of reputation, there was no way Jason wouldn't worry about Kanae.

As his thought reached this way, he felt much better. As for Taro, his value in Kevin's mind was decreased by several folds.

"Let's finish our work. We're going back tomorrow," Kevin told Kanae.

Kanae was astonished. "So quick?"

"You don't want to skip school too much, right? Besides, there are not many works in this place to begin with. The end term will start next week too," his negotiation with the Tamari Clan has finished. It would be better for him to leave this place before those enemies of Ryukalin Clan got wind about his appearance here. His position was rather vulnerable, and he didn't wish to involve Kanae into the mindless fighting between Clan.

Kanae nodded her head. "Sure. Let's get back to work."

The rest of that day was spent by them working. Kevin visited a few more places until it was nearing the time for dinner. They returned back to the hotel and ordered more foods.

"You feel like you're going to feed an entire house," Mike commented when he saw the list of the foods that Neo ordered.

"It can't be helped. You three are eating too much," Neo sighed. "If you're poor, you will surely use up your entire allowance."

"At least, for this kind of trip, Boss is the one who pays for us," Mike grinned.

"Yeah, I'll be driven to poverty if I have to pay for your meal. You're simply eating too many," Neo sighed. He paid for the foods and waited on the table.

Kevin and Kanae were already busy discussing work again. There will be another massive construction building again and Kevin wanted to seal the deal. Of course, there were many things that he needed to prepare to make sure that he wouldn't lose.

After the dinner, they returned back to their room, and Neo continued his work in his laptop as usual. He was still searching information regarding Kanae. It has been weeks, but he didn't have any result. The Nali Family was protecting the files of their members very well.

'If only Kanae comes from further family, her file won't be this hard to find."


When he saw the notification on his laptop, he immediately typed furiously. After he had secured his position, he smiled widely to himself. He's such a genius!

'Now, I want to know why they're guarding her file for so intently.'

As he opened the file, his eyes scanned the content slowly. Before long, his eyes grew larger in shock, and he sat rooted on his chair, unable to move. There was something in that file that was not supposed to be there.

'No way! Please tell me this is not true,' Neo felt despair when he read the content. If this was true, the two of them would forever be enemies. In addition, Kevin and Kanae's relationship would never work out.