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288 The Tamari Clan’s Position

 As Kanae had fun with Taro and Jason, Kevin was facing people from the Tamari Clan. The place they chose was near the headquarters of their clan. Although they picked a quiet café to sit down and talk in, the atmosphere was rather heavy.

Tamari Clan Head came with his people surrounding him. They were staring at Kevin vigilantly as if telling him they would never allow him to hurt their leader. Their gestures were very similar to Neo and Mike's actions as they ended up into a staring battle with each other.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Tamari Clan Head sat down in the private room. The two of them were looking towards one another. Tamari Clan Head was already quite old, so he looked rather frail. At times like this, they would usually choose a new clan head already, but the Tamari Clan was rather unfortunate. Their young master died long ago.

Without a successor, the current Tamari Clan Head had to step up and take up the position himself. It was difficult for him to move around, yet he still seemed ready to fight for his clan.

"It's nice meeting you, Tamari Clan Head," Kevin opened the conversation.

Tamari Clan Head stared at the young man before him. Although Kevin seemed young, he knew better than to underestimate this man. After the incident at the clan gathering previously, he had a little grasp on this young man's real prowess.

"It's nice meeting you too, Ryukalin Clan Head."

Kevin nodded his head calmly. "I believe that you already know the reason for my coming today."

Tamari Clan Head nodded his head. There was no need to act dumb. The five- no four big clans in this city easily knew the actions of the other clans. They always monitored each other to keep each other in check. After all, it was dangerous to let a clan have free reign.

Right now, the matter that Kevin brought up was about his own clan's gathering that would be held in a few months. That time would decide Kevin's position in the clan.

"I heard about it. You sure have a hard time, young man," Tamari Clan Head said with an amiable smile.

"Thank you for your concern, but I don't need it," Kevin said in a flat tone, yet there was a veiled sharpness. "Right now, I want to know your view of my clan."

Tamari Clan Head closed his eyes. It would be a big lie if he said that he didn't see Kevin as a threat. With their large territory and the power behind the Ryukalin Clan, it was not easy for him to accept that his own clan lagged behind. In addition, the Ryukalin clan seemed to be growing at a fast pace lately under Kevin's management.

'"To be honest, from what I've seen, you're worthy of my respect. But as we've never clashed before, I can't see you as more than that."

Sensing the other party' sharp gaze, Kevin nodded. What he hoped for the most was that the other party saw him with respect. As long as it was not hostile, he didn't have many qualms.

"I see. That's a relief."

Tamari Clan Head looked at Kevin with a piercing gaze. "From your actions towards the Zone Clan's territory from before, I believe that you're planning to subdue other clans' territories for yourself?"

Kevin was not surprised that this man managed to find out about that. There was a saying: wisdom is acquired through age and experience.

"If I say yes, what will you do?"

Tamari Clan Head didn't immediately answer. He leaned back on his chair as he tapped the table. "It'll depend on what your real goal is in taking all the experts under your wing."

Kevin looked at Tamari Clan Head deeply. "I'm sure that I don't need to tell you my plans."

"Indeed, you don't," Tamari Clan Head calmly replied. He had done thorough research about Kevin even before this meeting. What he found made him rather surprised as he didn't expect a young man like him to be so capable. At the same time, he was rather perplexed because Kevin seemed to be following in his father's footsteps.

As someone who has experienced a lot, he knew very well the danger behind those actions. For Kevin to pick this route, there were only two possibilities. He was either incredibly stupid, or he wanted to take a gamble after making ample preparations for a higher chance of winning.

Being able to vie for the position the clan head meant that Kevin was not stupid, so the first option could be eliminated. On the other hand, the second option seemed to be too far-fetched that he himself was not sure about his conjecture.

"I don't want to get involved," Tamari Clan Head said suddenly. "Unless you are 100% certain that you'll win, I won't take either side."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Kevin nodded. Picking the middle route was common for those that didn't want to be involved. However, he doubted that the government was going to let them go if they didn't participate.

"What are you going to do if they force you to choose?"

Tamari Clan Head's eyebrows rose slightly. A devious and ruthless smile appeared on his lips. "If they force me to participate, I'll make them pay a thousandfold."

The conviction and ruthlessness in Tamari Clan Head's voice made Kevin certain that this old man was still the same as when he was in his youth. Tamari Clan Head was always filled with vigor and was determined to do things according to his own judgment. He would never allow anyone to force him to do things that he didn't want to.

"I think, this shall end our conversation, Tamari Clan Head," Kevin said calmly.

Tamari Clan Head looked towards Kevin for a moment. "Don't be rash, young man. You should know by now that they will never let you off for trying to gain more followers."

"I know," Kevin answered. "But if I don't do anything, nothing will change."

Tamari Clan Head smiled. "Follow your heart, young man. It'll show you a path that you never saw before."

Kevin didn't understand what Tamari Clan Head meant, but he knew that it was a piece of advice for him. Knowing that the other party gave it out of kindness, he nodded slightly.

"Thank you, Tamari Clan Head."

As Kevin walked out of the room, Tamari Clan Head picked up the cup on the table. He sipped the coffee that he ordered before as he pondered about what Kevin said to him. This young man was truly bright and talented. He couldn't wait to see what Kevin wanted to do in this city.

'For your bravery and determination, I respect you, young man.'

If Kevin's plan showed a higher possibility of success, he would support that young man. But before that happened, he would just observe, waiting.