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286 Disguised Work Trip

 Kanae made the preparation for Laura through Jason. When she asked him to make the company, Jason agreed immediately with a little request.

"I want to have a high position in the company too."

"You can be the second president..."

"Is that position even exists?"

"If it's not, we're just going to make a new one. Anyway, thank you, Brother Jason."

Finishing her task, she came to Kale Company early in the morning. The others were already waiting for her. Inside her heart, she was complaining. What time do you want me to come?

"Don't be too noisy, Boss is sleeping," Mike reminded when she came in.

Kanae noticed that Kevin was sound asleep in the car. She nodded her head and hopped in silently. Her eyes secretly traced the lines on Kevin's neck. It seemed that the wound has healed completely.

The journey didn't take a long time, but Kanae took notice of the route that they took. It was completely different than the previous one. This time, they were heading towards the West, which from what she knew, didn't belong to Ryukalin Clan's territory.

Towards the decision of this man, she was rather confused. Why did he want to go to other people's territory? Didn't he worry that they might try to capture or wound him given his position as the clan head of Ryukalin Clan? Still, she didn't voice out her opinion and stayed silent during the journey.

Mike looked towards the two sleeping people behind. He shook his head slightly. In truth, they wanted to go without asking Kanae to come. However, Kevin wanted the girl to come with them. He gave the reason that it would make them less conspicuous, yet the other two barely believed him.

Although they said that this was a work trip, it was just a guise for their real reason for coming. The presence of Kanae might hinder their movement as they have to be careful to not alert the girl about their movement.

"We've arrived."

This time, they stopped in front of a small hotel. It was rather ordinary on the outside. Compared to many other hotels in the vicinity, this place was severely lacking in presence.

"President, we've arrived," Kanae woke up Kevin gently.

The man opened his eyes slowly. His dark iris looked towards Kanae as a smile was formed on the corner of his lips. "Good morning Kanae."

"Good morning, President."

"Let's get to work. Neo, you check in to the hotel. We're going to check a nearby construction site."

"Yes, Boss."

Neo walked out and unloaded their belongings. After he finished, Mike drove the two of them towards a nearby construction site. This place also used Kevin's equipment, so Kevin has more than enough reason to check this place.

"You should wait here," Mike warned Kanae to not come too close.

Kanae nodded her head. Her eyes were looking towards the building in front of her as she wondered about the building in the center of the city. The last time she went there, the foundation has been laid. How long would it take for the majestic building to finish the construction?

After talking for a couple of minutes, Kevin returned back. He repeated this process as they visited a few places. In those places that bought the kitchen utensil, Kanae could come. But for those who bought construction items, she was not allowed to come.

"Boss, it's already late," Kanae noticed that it was already sunset. The sky was going to get even darker.

Kevin nodded his head. "Let's go back to the hotel and have our dinner."


Kanae leaned back on her chair as she recalled her usual daily activities. She would skip the training again this time. Hopefully, Master Rudy was not angry that she went for a work trip during this time.

They arrived back in the hotel, and Neo already booked a table for them. They quickly sat down and ate dinner. This time, the dinner was encompassing of chicken meat, broccoli, soup, and some others that Kanae didn't pay attention to. All that was inside her mind was how delicious looking they were and how she felt hungry to eat them.

"You eat very fast," Neo sighed when he saw how Kanae ate. It was totally unrefined!

Kevin shook his head and patted the girl's back. "Slow down a bit. The food is not going anywhere."

Kanae nodded her head and gulped down the foods on her mouth. Upon seeing Kevin and the others ate with high class manner, she sighed to herself. She corrected her posture and began eating slower, yet more refined.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Neo and Mike: "..." if you could eat like that, why are you making a show out of yourself by eating like a country bumpkin?

The dinner soon ended and Kanae was rather satisfied. Kevin ordered a lot of foods, and the two of them ate the most. After that, Kanae returned to her room to sleep.

"Neo, have they come here?" Kevin asked calmly. His real purpose coming here was not to meet with his clients. They were just a cover. He needed to meet with the Tamari Clan Head. Of course, he would not force them to meet with him right after he came here.

Neo shook his head. "They want us to meet with them tomorrow in the place they have prepared."

Kevin narrowed his eyes. This could be a trap since this place was certainly unfamiliar with them. In addition, they were not allowed to bring too many people inside. Facing those people from the Tamari Clan with only three people was impossible.

"Boss, are you sure that you want to do this?" Mike asked worriedly. If something happened to Kevin, they wouldn't be able to forgive themselves.

"Yes," Kevin answered calmly. "We're going there tomorrow."

Mike and Neo looked towards each other. Since Kevin had said so, they would just follow what their leader said.

"We understand, Boss."

Neo recalled something. "Oh yeah, Boss, I manage to ask one of the biggest gangs in this territory to talk. They're located not far from here. Do you want to give them a visit?"

"Let's go."

The three of them walked out from the hotel as they headed to the narrow path not far from there.

On the other hand, Kanae was enjoying her time in the room. The decoration and size of the room were simple and not too big. However, it fitted her the most as she liked how they decorated it.

'President should not be here only for a business meeting, right?'

Going to other people's territory, there was only one possibility that Kanae could think. However, she tried her best to forget about it as she snuggled to the bed and slept.