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285 Moving In

 Fifth Branch of Nali Family's Mansion (Kanae and Laura's Mansion)

"Sis, are you sure that you don't need my help?" Laura looked towards Kanae, who was busy taking their belonging inside with concern. As she was the one who packed them up, she knew very well that some of them were extremely heavy, yet Kanae was treating them as if they were as light as feather.

Kanae nodded. "It's not that many too. Besides, the other equipment are taken inside using the worker's help."

Laura smiled wryly. Well, since her sister volunteered to do the job, she wouldn't ask anything anymore. With light steps, she walked inside. The outer layer, which was destroyed by the fire before has returned back to normal. In fact, it seemed even better than before.

The wall was painted with cream and light blue color, painting a picturesque view. The floor has unique patterns, added with the faint light given from the lamp, it caused extraordinary images. Towards this new mansion, Laura was extremely satisfied. She couldn't ask for more than this beautiful building.

Kanae peered towards the main hall as she noticed that the main layout was still the same as before. A faint smile made its way to her lips. She missed this place so much. It has been two and half a year since the last time she stepped her feet here.

"Sis, do you ask them to make the replica of our old place?" Laura asked excitedly.

Kanae nodded her head. "Don't you read the plan that I give you?"

Laura stuck out her tongue. Her gesture was clear, she didn't read it as she believed too much in her sister. Since Kanae already said that she wanted to make it that way, she just followed what her sister wanted to do.

"I'll return the mansion's deed to its place. It has served its purpose in front of the officials and lawyer."

"I'll unpack some of the things first," Kanae said as she picked up the big luggage.

Although she hadn't been here for nearly three years, she still remembered the place of the rooms. Her feet made its way to the room as she opened it. As the inner part of the room was untouched, this place was still the same as before.

When Sakura lived in this mansion, she didn't use all the rooms in this mansion. Kanae and Laura's old rooms were untouched. She already asked for some people to clean them up before she moved in, so no dust was left.

Putting the luggage on the side, she opened it and took out a photo frame. In the picture were her and Laura when they were still younger. Kanae was showing a goofy smile while Laura was giggling. The background of the picture was the courtyard where the two of them were playing hide and seek. This event happened when Kanae managed to find Laura very quickly. Their parent saw the scene and took a picture of the two of them.

Kanae smiled and put the photo frame on the table near her bed. It was one of the most precious moments in her life. There was no way she was going to forget about it.

'I wish I can return to the past where everything hadn't happened yet.'

It was a foolish dream that she has for years. There was no way she could return to the past, so this dream remained a wish that could never be fulfilled. Although she still thought about this occasionally, she had mostly accepted her condition as through the difficulties, she met with her true friends.

After that, Kanae proceeded to take out her clothing and put everything in the cupboard. As for Laura's luggage, she only put it in the girl's room.

"Laura, where are you?" Kanae walked out of the room after she finished.

"I'm in the kitchen, Sis."

Hearing the faint answer, Kanae made her way to the kitchen. Laura was filling the refrigerator with food that she brought. Considering Kanae's appetite, there was no doubt that the food was going to disappear in a matter of days.

"You're not allowed to cook, Sis," Laura reminded Kanae again.

Hearing the same warning, Kanae rolled her eyes. "I already know about that. You keep on reminding me about it."

"That's because you still go to the kitchen."

"I want to learn how to cook."

"...If I let you in, the kitchen is going to be a disaster," Laura pouted.

Kanae smiled wryly. "Well, you're the best teacher around. So of course, I'm going to ask you if I need it."

"I will help you aside from teaching you how to cook, Sis. You should remember how bad the kitchen after you finished using them in the past."

Well, Kanae couldn't refute that. In the end, she only helped Laura put the food into the refrigerator before heading to the study room. It was a small room filled with books. Most of the books were already outdated, though.

"Sis, now that we already get the mansion, we have to make sure that we can keep it," Laura grinned.

Kanae nodded her head. "I already thought about it before. Laura, do you have any interest in making a company?"

"Company?" Laura was startled. She did learn about businesses during her time overseas, but it was not enough for her to start a new company by herself. No matter what, she would barely be 16 years old in two months.

"Yeah, I'm thinking about making a company with you the one acting as the president. Of course, if you think that you can't do it, I won't force you."

Laura thought about the matter for a moment. Her school life was basically boring since she already mastered most of the lessons. The standard for this city was far lower than overseas. In addition, if she could help her sister by managing this company, she would do it.

"What should I do, Sis?"

"I'll ask my friend to create the company starting from a small one. You'll be the one in charge for that after he finishes the setup."

"What is the purpose of this company, Sis?"

"This is a way for us to earn a living outside the family. If this company becomes big, even the Nali Family won't be able to do anything to us. Besides, we're going to need a cover for our work," Kanae explained.

Laura nodded her head. It sounded interesting as she had long wished to get out from the Nali Family. Since her sister was going to get out first, the company should belong to Kanae.

"Sure, I'll do it."

"Great, what kind of company would you like to make?" Kanae asked.

Laura pondered for a moment before raising her head. Her eyes were glittering as she thought about something that she loved.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


Kanae blanked for a moment. She laughed. "Alright, I'll tell him about that. You're going to be the one to control all the matter regarding the company. I won't interfere at all. Is that fine?"


"Good girl."

"Stop treating me as a kid!"

The two of them stopped bantered when Kanae got a phone call. She hurriedly picked it up while wondering who else that has her number since it was an unfamiliar number.

"Kanae is here."

"Kanae, this is Neo. Do you have time for a work trip?"

Kanae glanced to Laura. Her sister was going to be alright if she asked Jason and the others to protect her, so she basically didn't have anything to do right now.


"Good, pack up and come to the company tomorrow morning. We're going for another work trip."

Tomorrow? "...Okay."

As she closed the phone, Kanae sighed to herself. Do you have to be so sudden?