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283 Legend of the Stree

 "Rei, don't be ridiculous! Red Gang is one of the biggest gangs in this city. If you charge unprepared, you're just heading to your grave," Tommy persuaded while trying to move. His action caused his neck to itch and sent him into another coughing fit.

"They're in our list to battle too and even if they're big, it doesn't mean they're powerful," Kanae said as a matter of fact. "I'm just pushing the schedule upwards by several weeks. There's nothing you should worry about."

"I'll protect you from afar. Oro is currently busy, so he won't be able to help you out. Is this fine with you, Rei?" Shiro asked.

Kanae nodded her head. Her eyes were filled with rage and determination. The only thing that could make her angry was when someone close to her getting hurt. The three of them were surely included in the list, which was the reason why Kanae didn't want to see them getting hurt at all.

Since the Red Gang dared to hurt her member, she would pay them back. Additionally, she hated those who used drugs the most. Eliminating them should be for the best.

"Shiro, why are you supporting her?" Tommy asked in bewilderment.

Shiro shrugged. "Is there anything you can do to stop her?"

Facing that question, Tommy couldn't answer. It was true. There was nothing he could say to persuade Kanae. Once this girl was set to do something, she would do it until the very end. Her determination was too strong to be hindered with any shallow reasons.

"Be careful," in the end, this was all Tommy could say.

Kanae changed her clothes and prepared her swords. This time, she would be doing a massacre towards this gang. Although it was not her motto to do things so ruthlessly, she couldn't forgive them for hurting her friend and destroying the lives of many people.

The second reason was not as strong as the first one in her heart. After all, she was leaning more to the reason that related to her as a person rather than something like that.

Finishing her preparation, she returned back to the clinic and made a call to her sister.

"Laura, I'm going to be late tonight. You can rest earlier."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Laura groaned as she listened to her sister's request. "Sis, you've to rest properly! I leave the food for you in the refrigerator; you only need to heat them up. Don't you dare mess up the kitchen!"

"Alright, you're the best, Laura."

"If you want to reward me, return home earlier and accompany me!"

"I will do my best."

Kanae turned her phone off and looked towards Shiro. "I'll be going first. Do you know the location?"

Shiro nodded his head. He watched as Kanae strode away as he recalled that conversation. It seemed that the powerful Rei was nothing in front of Laura. He had to make sure that he got closer with that girl too if he wanted to have a bit of control over Kanae. Well, just a bit was fine as he wanted to brag in front of Tommy and Jason.

It took Kanae some time before she reached the hideout for Red Gang. The place was covered rather well, which made it hard for ordinary people to find this place However, for Kanae, it was extremely easy. Looking at the guards at this place, she readied herself.

Taking a deep breath, Kanae stared to the front. It was still October, so there was no snow. However, the temperature has started to drop slightly, and many people wore thicker clothes. Even the guards were no exception. This made their movement slowed down slightly.

Stomping on the ground, Kanae traveled fast to reach them. Before they knew what happened, they felt pain and fell to the ground lifelessly. After that, Kanae moved to other places and eliminated them one by one.

Kanae moved towards the building. Several men finally noticed that something was wrong. They saw Kanae and charged towards her, but she didn't move back. Her nimble footwork and sword immediately finished them off as they fell to the ground in mere seconds. Even until the end, they didn't know what actually hit them.


"Who is that?" a man was pointing a gun towards Kanae.

Kanae paid no heed to the gun as she charged towards him. He shot the gun, but Kanae evaded it to the side and sprinted immediately. Her knee hit the man right on his stomach as he lied flat on the ground.

Finishing this, Kanae traveled inside and saw the group of wounded men inside one of the rooms.

"Young Master is really reckless. He let a young man wounded him that badly."

"Forget about it, the young man is no more anymore. We already make sure that he receives the best treatment ever," the other man laughed heartily.

His words caused Kanae's self-control to snap. She could bear with them fighting, but she couldn't bear hearing them hurting her friends like that. At this point, she didn't care about anything else as she made her move to the group of men.


A man fell down to the floor. The others quickly readied their weapons, yet several of them fell in the next second.

The man who talked before saw a shadow coming towards him and hurriedly put a guard, but he still felt pain in his stomach. At that moment, he seemed to recall something as he watched how powerless he was even when he was supposedly one of the strongest bodyguards.

Moving like a ghost,

Leaving no trace except bodies of the enemies,

No one ever see him as his movement is too fast,

When you see him, you should just run because he's the legend of the street.

That was the phrase people on the street described for the strongest members of the three most powerful groups. They were invincible and whenever they appeared, no one would know what had befallen them or who. The movement of the person that was similar to that of a ghost in front of him reminded him as such.

"A ghost has appeared," he muttered to himself before he fell down to the ground.

Kanae's movement was no different than a ghost for them as they couldn't follow her speed at all. She passed through the place as though it was no different than an ordinary road.


"Who are you? How dare you come here!" a middle-age man was pointing a gun towards Kanae. His eyes were red in anger as he saw his men fell to the ground like grass. The smells of blood filled the entire area.

Kanae didn't answer and merely moved her body and reached the man's side in a second.


The bullet headed towards Kanae, but she evaded to the side lightly. Her hand moved forward and slashed through the man's stomach in mere seconds. The fight ended even before it began.

Time passed by and the smells of blood grew thicker. When Kanae already eliminated the core members, she walked out from the place. There was no need for her to attack the ordinary members. Most of them didn't even know what the core members were doing.

"Get away!" a young man was pointing a knife to Kanae. His hand was trembling as he already saw what Kanae did, but he didn't want to give up that easily.

Kanae passed him a glance. "Little boy, tell the other member of your gang: if you still dare to attack Fiore Group, you should be ready for our retaliation."

The young man was stunned. When did their gang attack the Fiore Group? Was their leader turned stupid that they chose to attack the acclaimed strongest group in this city?

Before he could ask again, Kanae had disappeared from her place.

He gulped down the words he wanted to ask. His eyes wandered to the mess of this place. From that day on, the name of Fiore Group rang loudly, and many people put the name in the list of people they could never offend.