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282 Coincidentally, I Need to Test My Skill

 Shiro's Clinic


"Who is it, the clinic is close..." Shiro's words stopped the moment he saw the person who came in.

Tommy was drenched in blood from his head to his feet. There were traces of fight from his torn clothes. His eyes were dull as he struggled to move his body bit by bit.

"Tommy!" Seeing his teammate in horrible condition, Shiro sprang up from his chair and helped Tommy up. He carefully put the boy on the bed as he checked the boy's pulse and wounds.

Sweats covered Shiro's forehead as he checked on Tommy's condition. There were too many wounds. He swiftly moved his hand to stop the bleeding for some of the serious wounds while cleaning them up. Nothing could stop him as he focused his entire attention to treat Tommy.

Tommy lied down and let Shiro did whatever he wanted. At this point of time, he no longer has any energy left in his body. Just to come here, he had to use up his entire energy and dragged his wounded and lifeless body. There was simply nothing he could do anymore.

His eyes watched as Shiro carefully treated him. "So...Sorry..."

"Don't talk! You're wounded very badly, and talking might make it worse," Shiro cut off his speech. "Just tell me, which part is hurt the most?"

Tommy didn't answer. He merely closed his eyes as tears came out from the corner of his eyes. In the end, he was always like this: dragging his own team down. Yet, they never said anything and accepted him as who he was. The only thing they asked was for him to train even harder.

His breathing turned hard when Shiro stitched his wounds. It was kind of painful, and he had to bear it with gritted teeth. Really, getting wounded was truly inconvenient.

After hours of treating and stabilizing Tommy's condition, Shiro finally rested. This was not the first time he worked for several hours, but he felt extremely tired. Granted, his physical body was not as strong as the others. Even if he wanted to, he had to train his body harder to match up with them.

"Tom, can you move your body?" Shiro asked as he looked towards Tommy.

"Not really," Tommy answered wryly.

"As I expected, you can't. Four of your ribs broke, your stomach was pierced, and many places of your flesh are torn apart. I'll be rather amazed if you can move in this condition," Shiro nodded his head.

Hearing the appraising tone from Shiro, Tommy rolled his eyes. Don't treat me as a research object you annoying doctor!

"What happens?"

"Do you know the Red Gang?" Tommy asked.

Shiro nodded his head. He was rather knowledgeable about this matter compared with Tommy. From the report Jason gave them, he knew that this gang was already on the waiting to be eliminated list of Ryukalin Clan. It seemed that this gang was getting out of hand, so the clan couldn't stand them.

Still, they haven't had any good reason to do so, which was the biggest reason they still delayed the matter.

"My mother infuriates them, and I kind of protecting her."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Tommy's mother was a forbidden subject for them. Shiro frowned deeply when he heard that. After all, he knew very well what kind of life Tommy had up until now under that woman. It was a life that he himself wouldn't want to experience at all.

"Why are you protecting her?" Shiro asked. By the time the words came out, he felt rather stupid. The answer was plainly obvious.

"She's my mother," Tommy answered calmly. His eyes looked rather despondent as he gazed to the ceiling, trying his best to recall his best memories with his mother. Yet, nothing really came to him.

The last time his mother showed slight warmth to him was when he reached five years old. It was at that time his father left them and his mother changed drastically. The beautiful time with her disappeared and replaced with countless abuses.

Being blamed for things he didn't do. Almost getting killed by his own mother. Beaten up and chased out from the stores. His childhood was filled with many kinds of experience he didn't wish to visit again. It was simply too scary.

"You know, you're already an adult. There's no need for you to keep up living with her anymore."

Tommy wanted to nod his head, but his neck felt rather hurt, so he didn't bother trying. "I know. It's just, I can't leave her."

The sight of his mother staring at the mirror with longing and sad gaze pierced his heart deeply. He knew that his mother was overreliance to his father. Even after more than a decade, nothing can stop those feeling. It was sad, yet it was also the truth that he couldn't deny.

In the end, he just couldn't bring himself to hate his mother. All he felt was a pity because his mother loved the wrong person and that was what caused her downfall.

"Anyway, I need to call Rei about you. You should rest."

"No! Don't tell her!" Tommy raised his voice suddenly, but his action caused his wound to ache and he fell into a coughing fit.

"I have to tell her. She deserves to know what happens to us."

Tommy's eyes were filled with guilt as he breathed heavily. "No, don't tell her. She already did more than she had to for me. I don't want to make her fall into danger again."

"If I don't, you know that she will be angry," Shiro smiled wryly as he picked up his phone and dialed the girl.

It was at this time that Tommy felt worse. He kept on relying on Kanae for everything he did. Why did he so useless? Tears fell down from the corner of his eyes as he thought to himself.

"Rei, where are you? Tom is wounded badly."

"What?" Kanae sounded surprised. "I'll be there."

Shiro closed the phone as he sat down. He looked towards Tommy. "If you don't want to keep dragging us down, you should learn how to use your brain, Tom. It's no use if you don't."

"I already use my brain," Tommy answered with hoarse voice.

"I know," Shiro answered back. "You should focus on recuperating. She'll be here soon."


"Where's Tom?" it didn't even take Kanae five minutes to reach this place. She was panting like crazy, yet her eyes were filled with concern.

"I'm here."

Kanae's eyes swept Tommy's body as she frowned deeply. The wounds on Tommy's body was simply too heavy. It would take a long time for the boy to heal if this was the case.

When her thought reached this, rage filled her body completely. No one was allowed to treat her friends like this!

"Who did it?"

"Rei! Promise me that you won't do anything rash," Tommy pleaded. He didn't want Kanae charged alone just like before. He wouldn't be able to forgive himself if something happened to her.

"Tell me the reason first," Kanae asked angrily.

Shiro sighed and told Kanae everything that happened. Upon hearing about the Red Gang, she frowned deeply. Apparently, she had already learned about their group.

"What a coincidence, I need to test my skill after enduring hellish training," Kanae's eyes glinted with ruthlessness. "This gang will be perfect for me to practice."